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Eggs in a basket

Golden Grillz (116-117-21) vs BringThePain (9-16-1)

Willing to do this TD for other teams, but starting with the New York Giants since they're the defending champs.

Simple TD: Which player does the team's season hopes depend on that doesn't play QB?

The Giants have historically been a run first team, but in recent years using a comittee approach with Bradshaw/Jacobs and this year Bradshaw/Wilson.

WRs have been a revolving door with Plaxico/Toomer/Steve Smith/Nicks/Manningham/Cruz all making the rounds.

The DL is their strength for sure, but a lot has to do with the depth between Tuck/Pierre-Paul/Umenyiora.

LB- They managed to win the SB with Chase Blackburn at MLB. A guy who didn't join the team until week 13.

Secondary- Terrell Thomas was hurt at the beginning of last season, and has made a recent visit to the Kavorkian of fantasy sports (Dr. James Andrews)... Leaving Prince Amukamara and Corey Webster to defend the CB positions.

Prince played in 7 regular season games last season, starting in 0.

Aaron Ross is gone in FA.

While he doesn't have an Island... Corey Webster is the player the Giants can't live without... knows the coverages, schemes, and is proven by his SB rings (Philly fans)

Whats up all my TD friends. Im back. swa this TD and Im so ready for some football that I had to put my 2 cents in. So here we go!

I like your pick, definately not and obvious pick. But if we are talking about the Giants there is 1 name you think of. Eli Manning!

So the most important player on this team other than Eli would be the man keeping him upright. Thats why I say this seasons hopes for the Giants rest on the very big shoulders of the 6'6'' 319 lb, Will Beatty! Eli is the Giants and with players like DeMarcus Ware, Brian Orakpo and Jason Babin coming for him, Beatty has his hands full keeping Eli on his feet.

Keep in mind he has only started 16 games in his career so he has some work to do. As well as the fact that nobody penciled in behind him right now has ever started a game. Also, he needs to be able to get some push on run plays to get a very inexperianced backfield some room to run or the G-Men might be a one trick pony with less weapons than last year.


For those who misread- right chose Will Beatty no Eli Manning

Fun facts about Will Beatty:
- He did not start/ nor play in the Super Bowl (Dave Diehl was the LT and is still on the roster)
- Will Beatty is 27 yrs old. So while he's not old, he's not a spring chicken either.
- In his brief career, Beatty has played in 34 games in 3 seasons. Starting in 16 of them. 10 of which were last season.

While Beatty may be the LT currently, and there's no one on the depth chart behind him. It is because the replacement is currently playing LG. Dave Diehl is too good of a player to sit on the bench and wait for a guy, who has never completed a season, to get hurt.

LT is important to keep the QB especially since the NFL has become so pass heavy but focusing on just the battle up front is a narrow point of view. Coverage is equally critical. There's a reason why Asomugha/Revis demand so much money. A good CB will make a DL look great and vice versa.

While the Giants DL is the strong point as a unit. Webster is the guy that has to shutdown the star WR. I'm not saying Webster is Revis, but gets done what is needed for the Giants to succeed, and can't be replaced... Beatty has

Here is what im saying. The question was which player other than Eli does the seasons hopes rest on. And while Im a huge defensive guy and understand the importance of a good corner. Keeping Eli on his feet is the most important thing to the G-Men. Period.

Beatty is new to this job and has a huge wieght on his shoulders. He is protecting the franchise with only 16 starts under his belt. Thats a TON of responsibility. He has to step up big and fast right away.

While Webster is very important, with the Gians d-line, he doesnt need to be Revis. The QB wont have that much time. So on the scale of importance to his team he is far less important than Beatty.

Sorry for the short argument but ran out of time.


BRING THE PAIN!!? More like a mild discomfort. FM me you address and I'll send you some Midol.


Sounds like your point is, Eli Manning is the most important person on the Giants (agreed), and as result, the guy protecting him is the next most important. Sounds good in theory, except you can have the greatest LT in the history of the game, and he doesn't mean squat without the other 4 OL doing their jobs too.

Yes the NYG DL helps Webster, but Pro-Bowlers Chris Snee and David Diehl help Beatty too. They also give the Giants the flexibility to help groom Beatty into a LT, and put the best OL unit out there.

Beatty is playing a critical position, however he has a proven All-pro on the roster ready to replace him. As proof by the Super Bowl ring won with said back-up playing.

If Webster gets hurt, who is going to replace him? Amukamara is unproven, Aaron Ross is gone, and Terrell Thomas' career might be over.

Both Webster and Beatty get help from their teammates. Webster just doesn't have the depth behind him. Which makes him more vital to the teams' chances for success.

Nice doing a TD with you. Good Luck.

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August 6, 2012  01:57 PM ET

Damn. I was going to say Eli.Let me see what I can do with this, GG.

Unless you have a vaunted defense like the 49ers or Baltimore (which is borderline these days from age). You can't win it all with out a QB... Not really much of an argument.

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August 6, 2012  02:01 PM ET

This a fly by or you back for good?

Slow day. I've been around. But nothing as interested me on the TD board much lately. Sure I will be here more frequent as the NFL season picks up.

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August 6, 2012  02:26 PM ET

Anyone else remember last year when DJ was ragging on the offseason the Giants had and saying they'd finish 4th in the NFC East?I sure do.

Don't give DJ credit for something all the talking heads were saying. I think Shanahan is over rated as a HC. There's a reason he didn't do squat after Elway retired...

August 6, 2012  02:37 PM ET

Anyone else remember last year when DJ was ragging on the offseason the Giants had and saying they'd finish 4th in the NFC East?I sure do.

They didn't exactly dominate the NFC East. They were 1 loss from finishing 3'rd. Gave up more points than they scores, and were 3-3 in the division.

But, to their credit they got hot at the right time. Winning their final 6 (including the SB).

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August 6, 2012  02:56 PM ET

So we do agreee they won the superbowl right?Isn't that the main goal of every team?

Don't forget the Packers barely made the playoffs the season before too.

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August 6, 2012  02:56 PM ET

Prophecy is a Bengals fan. It's sad.

Could be worse... like Calling yourself an LA sports fan, and then using an avatar for a team that no longer resides there...

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August 6, 2012  02:57 PM ET

Not as sad as anything you do.

Leave my mom out of this.

August 6, 2012  02:58 PM ET

Not quite sure your point there...

Re-emphasizing your point of the timing of a team getting hot at the right time.

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August 6, 2012  03:19 PM ET


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