• 08/10/2012, 01:01AM ET

LA... we have been Dwighted...

harrisplz (20-10-1) vs TnerB57 (12-4-1)

I've been trying to make sense of this whole Dwight to LA drama...I've been trying to tell myself that Dwight is the answer for LA.

And in the end, I realized that...


I want some Laker homer to PLEASE convince me otherwise... I would actually love to be proven wrong.

So we have Nash at the helm trying to distribute the ball to Kobe, Gasol, and Dwight. Kobe is going to get his 18-22 shots a game. So is Howard. So I guess Gasol can be the angry cheerleader with the flamboyant hair style.

So we lost Bynum- in my opinion, he's just as good as Howard in the low post, if not BETTER. Bynum was a good help defender. Bynum was a good rebounder. So what the hell? Dwight I guess is a step better at all those things...

And we don't even know if this Drama Queen is going to stay in LA.

Is Mike Brown going to make Gasol shoot 3's again to space the floor for Dwight? Because I can't take another year of Gasol shooting 3's.

Here's to hoping that Dwight will get his head screwed on straight and sacrifice his ego to win.

Fingers crossed*

Here is why this is a good, no, a great trade.


The one thing missing from the Lakers last year was a legitimate point guard. That's been the problem the last couple of years. I love Derek Fisher, but he wasn't the dynamic disher that the Lakers really needed.

For one season at least, the Lakers will have the best starting five in the league. The prospect of losing Gasol as well as Bynum has been the biggest worry of mine during this entire saga. But guess what? Pau is still a Laker!

Nash has to be drooling at the prospect of the weapons he has at his disposal this season. I'm pretty sure Mike Brown has already messed himself in glee as well...

Remember, after a rocky start last year, Brown actually rounded the Lakers into very good shape, once they realized that it was his team, and no one else's. Brown may not be the ZenMaster, but he is more than capable of bringing this stellar cast together for a run at title #17.

As for head cases, lets not forget that as Bynum's successes mounted, so did his ego swell. Two prima donnas, I'll take Howard for his consistency on the court.

Good Luck!

If this trade went down last year, I would've agreed with you.

But one year makes that big of a difference!

LA pretty much has 1 year to win a title. If they don't win, I think we can pretty much presume that Dwight will test free agency and get swayed into going to another team. He's already voiced his displeasure playing alongside Kobe.

Secondly, I already liked our chances with JUST the addition of Nash. Bynum is accustomed to not getting enough touches. He won't gripe or cry like Dwight will when he gets 10 shots in a game.

As much as I love Gasol, he is a 4 man that NEEDS the ball in his hands to be effective. He isn't going to operate like Marc Gasol who doesn't need touches to be effective. I don't see how Dwight and Gasol will mesh.

And the Lakers will be running the Princeton Offense set up by Eddie Jordan. Constant motion isn't really Kobe nor Dwight's forte. Kobe likes to smother the ball and Dwight likes to plant in the post.

So like as I have mentioned, I forsee a sad Spanish man in a post-game interview explaining why he took 10 shots; all of them being 15 footers.

Please Nerby!!! Prove me wrong!! Make me believe!

Anybody with half a brain knows that this is absolutely Howard's best chance at winning a ring. Howard knows it is not "his" team, at least not initially, and has stated so in recent interviews. Howard is going to use Kobe to learn how to lead at team.

Howard's offensive numbers will actually have a very good chance to improve, since he no longer is the only weapon on the team. Opposing defenses will have a very difficult time choosing who to double team, with him, Pau, Kobe, and Nash on the floor. This four-headed offense will be very hard to stop this year.

Dwight and Kobe worked very well together at the Beijing Olympics, so both have a very good idea how it is to work together. There is no mystery for them going into this season. Success is going to have a very calming effect on Mr. Howard, and I strongly feel that L.A. is going to grow on him.

As for the Princeton offense, if Eddie Jordon has half a brain himself, he will modify his gameplan to fit his personnel. To stubbornly implement an undo-able plan would buy the man a one-way ticket out of town.

And no, I'm not going to prove you wrong. The Lakers will do that.

No doubt the Lakers will be good...

I just see a giant implosion occurring if the Dwight trade doesn't produce a championship. There's a decent chance Dwight doesn't want to share the spotlight with Kobe and jumps ship for another team.

Now let's talk about chemistry:

You seem to think that the Lakers will get along because:

1) Kobe's/Nash's leadership roles will mesh well with Dwight's poor leadership skills.

2) Dwight will be freed up from teams having to double Kobe.

But Dwight already expressed his opinions about Kobe. Dwight really, really wants to be in the spotlight. He wants to be the MAN. That's why he wanted to go to New Jersey. That's why he refused to go to Chicago with D-Rose. I don't see Dwight liking that Kobe tells him what to do and not to do.

I'm the biggest Kobe fan and even I have to admit, he's slowing down. Kobe is going to attract double teams when he's hot, but not on a regular basis. He's more of a hot and cold jump shooter now. Still hella of a player, but just a shadow of his former self.

I can bet all my money Dwight's numbers do not improve from his Orlando days.

Here's the beauty of Dwight Howard's new situation:

He does not have to be the leader of this team. He can be a leader, but there is no pressure on him to shoulder the load. He will benefit from having at least 3 other leaders around him. This can only help him, and the Lakers, in the long run.

If Kobe is a shadow of his former self, then I'm a bucket of fried chicken. He was one tenth of a point away from winning the scoring title last season, for crying out loud. Kobe is about to lead a new-look Lakers back to the finals this year. I'll stop short of predicting a title, but this team surely will be playing for one.

Howard and Pau up front will be a formidable pair, and the backcourt of Nash and Bryant will be the best and smartest in the league.

There are plenty of bright lights in L.A. to go around for both Dwight and Kobe. Winning has a way of making everybody smile.

Good TD, Harris, and good luck in the voting!

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August 10, 2012  02:42 AM ET

I never wanted Dwight.

But now I'm going to tell myself that the trade was good for the Lakers. I'm in denial.....

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August 10, 2012  09:26 AM ET

I don't see how the lakers brass thought that this alignment of players is going to mesh. they all want the ball in their hands. this could be some reeeal interesting drama in la.

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August 10, 2012  09:52 AM ET

I am excited for this.

August 10, 2012  09:55 AM ET

Kobe fines himself $1,000 every time he passes the ball.

So what'd that cost him last year.....about Five, maybe Six Grand?

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August 10, 2012  10:02 AM ET

Howard gives 100% effort, unlike Bynum. And is a better defender and rebounder. Nash is a better PG than we had last season and improves our shooting. He made 53% of his attempts and most importantly, 39% of his 3's. That was a huge weakness last season.


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