• 08/28/2012, 04:53PM ET

Phillip Rivers is an elite QB (I can't believe this is even an issue)

St.Mateo (0-1-0) vs baron. (28-12-2)

since he's started 16 games for sd he's always put up 4000+yards and 20+Tds


63.5% completetion percentage for his career
averages 242.8 yards a game
still produces with a team that has steadily declining talent
he makes recievers better
has no run game

He's no Brady, Brees, or Rodgers.

That's the list of elite QB's IMO.

You could make an argument for another '04 draftee Elisha Manning, but that's for another time and I hate his face.

Rivers is a very good QB who has shown flashes of greatness....

But the lack of playoff success - his QB rating drops 16 points and he's thrown more INTs than TDs - and peers who are just flat out better keep him from joining the ranks of "elite". Throw in he's coming off one of his worst seasons ever - 20 INTs the same amount as Rex Grossman - and right now it's hard to put him in that category.

When I think of "elite" I think of the best of the best...which would be hard to put Rivers in that company at this time. Now if we were talking Top 10 QB's that's a different story.

The chargers lack of playoff sucess is due to the fact that every year they lose talented players
what happen when he didn't have vincent jackson and antonio gates he still put up monster elite qb is is a qb you can count on every season to put your team among the best teams in the league. he makes recievers better when he haas the true talent he needs theyre in the playoffs.Their team has continuously lose top players and yet phillip rivers still produces yes he threw 20 pics but is he gonna do that every season?NO!!!!! he'll put up big numbers and imo win the AFC west

If your definition of an elite QB is one who consistently puts their team among the best...then Philip Rivers doesn't fit the bill. At least not going into this season.

In arguably the worst division in the NFL they've missed the playoffs the last two seasons, and if it weren't for going 9-7 in 2010 they would have ONE winning season in their last four. So by your own definition Rivers isn't elite.

Is he going to throw 20 INTs every season...? I don't know, and neither do you. Monster numbers are great...but you know who else puts up monster numbers, Tony Romo. Where's his elite status...?

I think of elite QB's as guys that can overcome the shortcomings on their team and still win games (most importantly playoff games), put up huge numbers, and pile up the individual accolades. Rivers has some, but not all of that. With time he may join the ranks of the elite, but for now he'll have to settle for Top 10.

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August 28, 2012  05:21 PM ET

Defining a QB as "elite" or "not elite" is just ****.Everyone has their own definition.

Defining it in less than 150 characters is even more ****.

August 28, 2012  05:24 PM ET

62.9% (7th), 289ypg (6th), 7.95 ypa (9th), 27 TD's (8th), 20 INT's (tied for 3rd MOST in the NFL), 88.7 PR (11th). Not elite. Those 20 INT's and PR hurt his elite status. His ypg is impressive, he threw the 5th most passes in the NFL to get those ypg.

my point exactly one bad season doesn't make a QB any less elite we saw what eli did coming of career high ints. He's not gonna throw 20 plus pics every season and he definetely can get them to the playoffs. his teams talent has steadily declined over the past few years thats why they haven't made it to the playoffs

August 28, 2012  05:47 PM ET

What is elite?

Top 10% of your profession?

Top 20%?

There are 32 starting QB's. Is Rivers top 3? Top 6?

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August 28, 2012  06:15 PM ET

Doesnt ESPN have nearly half the starting QBs listed as "elite"?

I can go along with 1/2 of the starting QB's being classified as "franchise" QB's, but not "elite".

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August 28, 2012  06:26 PM ET

**** no. Rodgers, Brady, Brees, maybe Stafford, the Mannings. That's already 1/5th of all starting QBs. Everybody can't be elite. This isn't Little League where everybody wins a trophy. And Romo, Ryan, Newton, Roethlisberger and Ryan are all good but a notch below elite, with the possible exception of Romo.

rivers numbers put him up there with rodgers brady brees and the mannings

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August 28, 2012  06:31 PM ET

rivers numbers put him up there with rodgers brady brees and the mannings

Maybe. But I'm left with the feeling of 'one of these things is not like the other'...

August 28, 2012  06:31 PM ET

that pic in rights argument is great !Thats the face Rivers made when he found out conny was a Chargers fan, haha!

Love that pic too - haha!

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August 28, 2012  06:34 PM ET

ha, you use to watch Sesame Street didn`t you :-)

Still do - haha!

August 28, 2012  06:35 PM ET

What is elite?Top 10% of your profession?Top 20%?There are 32 starting QB's. Is Rivers top 3? Top 6?

This is the key question. Elite is a meaningless word. It's the kind of word salespeople use to try to make you feel special and spend more money. Without knowing how we're defining elite, there's no way to say whether or not Rivers is among those ranks.


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