• 08/30/2012, 03:20PM ET

If the MLB post season, started tomorrow, predict what would happen..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-851-64) vs And the Prophecy Read (42-14-5)

The new wild card round confuses me..
But I want to give it a go..

AL WILD card round
Baltimore vs Oakland = Baltimore

NL Wild card round
Atlanta vs st louis = Atlanta

AL Divisional Playoffs
Yankees beat white sox
Texas beat Baltimore

NL Divisional playoffs
Cinci beats atlanta
Washington beats the 49ers:)
(we like to have fun here:)

AL championship..
Texas beat yanks
(I know yanks may have slighty better over all pitching..
I like Harrison beating THEE THEE twice
Damn, those Texas bats! They really are the best you know!)
(and texas has to has to hold onto Josh Hamilton.. I heard a rumour of the red sox..)

NL Championship
I really really really want cinci to win..
But I heard a rumour, Nats are bringing back Strasburg for the play offs..
With Strasburg.. I just cant see Cinci beating the Nats.. Sorry..

Pitching beats offense..
Nats send the Rangers back to Texas!!!
By november 1st, Nats will still be binging off of pink champagne:)

I'll switch your Atlanta and St. Louis WC game. I think St. Louis is the better team even though it pains me to say that. They have .300 hitters all over their lineup. It seems the lowest average hitter is Carlos Beltran who is having a great year himself. The SP for the Cardinals I would also think would have to be favored over the Braves.

I'm just going to change one more and thats the Nationals and the Reds. The Nationals pitch in a very, very pitchers friendly park. The Reds play in very arguably the best hitters park in the league. A pop fly out most places is a home run at Cincinnati. Cincinnati has a great 1-2 in Cueto and Latos. Latos started the year off a little off his game but has one of the best ERA's in the past couple months.

The bullpen also heavily favors the Reds. Arolidis Chapman at the back end is a legitimate Cy Young candidate as a closer. One who didn't even start the year in that role. Sean Marshall is also a great left handed option and the bullpen as a whole is among the best in the league.

And as you said Strasburg is just a rumor.

If you want 3 changes i'll also change Texas and NY but i'd rather not.

Im 99% sure strasburg will pitch in the playoffs..Once my dad gets back from camping.. I will try and post the source that he said he read on the internet..
It would be completely insane if strasburg didnt have some type of impact in the playoffs..
I dont care if he is only pitching 5 innings a game.. Look at the Philies, one year they are great, and the next year they cant do anything right.. Yes on paper it looks like the Nats are going to be great for 5 years.. But nothing in the baseball world should be taken for granted..
The Nats will pull the trigger, its just too tempting not to..

However, if strasburg does not pitch.. Then yes.. I agree with your assessment, that the Reds will beat them.. Im really counting on the stras(the-next-roger-clemens)burg, to win AT LEAST ONCE against Cueto.. But without stras, Then I could easily see Cueto winning both his starts..

I will argue atlanta vs st louie, next argument..
Out of space..

I think if your dad would know we all would know. I just can't believe your father. Sorry. Until I see a good source other than HCF's father then i'll believe you.

Jay Bruce is starting to get on a roll and Todd Frazier has been really carrying a heavy load without Votto. Frazier as a rookie trying to replace Votto could have tried to out perform and struggle yet he seemed to shine. October baseball shouldn't faze him either. Votto also comes back and Ludwick has been good as well taking advantage of the Reds ballpark and his right handed bat.

The Cardinals have to be favored over the Braves at this point. The Cards have been playing good baseball as of late and are now back in contention somewhat in the NL Central. And as stated before with that offensive line up and the starters they have they should handle the Braves.

I'd rather see the Braves win and beat the Cardinals but the Cardinals are a more complete team especially for a one game playoff then the Braves. The only way the Braves win is if the goes to the bullpen early. Then the Braves are favored but thats a big if.

I cant find the stras source:(
i looked really hard.. A rare unforced error by frog..
it looks like stra wont pitch in october..
without the stras source, i dont deserve to win this debate..
im white flagging..
sorry guys..
i was misinformed..

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August 30, 2012  04:33 PM ET

But I have a strong feeling I got the final 4, right.. So.. Just saying..

You do realize Washington will be facing the NL Cy Young right? And he plays for Cincy not Washington.

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August 30, 2012  04:43 PM ET

But still, in that case..I still fancy cueto and strasburg to split..And even then, I really like the Nats pitching staff..

I'd also take Mat Latos over Gonzalez or Zimmerman depending on who the Nationals run out there.

We'll save it for the TD though. That is going to be one of my changes.

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August 30, 2012  05:08 PM ET

I wouldn't pick Atlanta over St. Louis right now. Not the way Wainwright is pitching.

August 30, 2012  05:34 PM ET

Frog, you do realize the 49ers play football, right?

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August 30, 2012  10:35 PM ET

yes i did say;"(we like to have fun here)"..currently the san fran G-MEN:)They are shocking the world by leading their division over a much more talented LA dodgers..

They're not shocking anyone who actually watches baseball. The Dodgers have only become more talented in the last 2 weeks. Before that the Giants were definitely the better team.

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August 31, 2012  11:25 AM ET

I'd also take Mat Latos over Gonzalez or Zimmerman depending on who the Nationals run out there.We'll save it for the TD though. That is going to be one of my changes.

It that a joke? Latos over Zimmerman is laughable. Latos over Gio is also stupid.

Without Strasburg, the Nats still have better starting pitching.


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