• 08/31/2012, 11:32PM ET

The Little League World Series, was a bad idea..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

I was watching the Tennessee vs Cali, national championship match, the other day..
Tennessee was up 15-5, in the bottom of the last inning..
Cali came back and scored 10 runs to tie the score..
At the time, I was thinking, oh my goodness.. If Cali actually does the impossible, and wins this crazy game.. These tennessee 12 year olds are going to think about this game till their 92 years old!!!!
Luckily tenesse scored 9 runs in the next inning, to finally win 24-16..

I wouldnt want 30 year old grown men to blow a 10 run lead, in the bottom of the last inning..
But for 12 year olds.. 12 year olds, just are not emotional mature enough to handle something of this magnitude.. If tennessee did lose, it would not surprise me to hear of guys from this team, 10 years later, in insane asylums, licking paint off the walls..

Are you from tennessee?
Cause you are the only TEN I SEE!:)

So, from the title, I can only imagine that you think that the Little League World Series shouldn't be play and the entire tournament was a bad idea to even have...

And I'm going to disagree with you completely. I think the Little League World Series is a great tournament to have.

If you look at the history of it, you can see that there were plenty of Major Leaguers who had participated. Plus, Little League is extremely popular in the United States and where an extraordinary amount of kids participate each summer.

Having a tournament for the kids is great, and makes them competitive. I know that making the all-star team in Little League is a big deal for kids when they do make it, and it means more baseball. Plus, this is where the kids can truly show off some talent at a young age and get their names out there to colleges and high schools.

Overall, the LLWS is a great idea!

To quote Carly Rae Jepsen;

"This is crazy! (but heres my number, call me maybe:)..

Come on man..
We all know why the Little League World series and the national spelling bee competition, is on tv.. Its cause there is a sick side in all of us, that wants to see a bunch of 12 year olds start crying..
Thats the truth, plain and simple..
Why do we have this sick side? Because we know, as adults, both competitions are virtually meaningless, but the 12 year olds are treating it like life and death..

12 year olds are not emotionally mature enough to be on such a grand/high risk stage..

I cant believe I just quoted Carly Rae Jepsen:)

Umm, well, there might be a sick side in you that wants to see a bunch of 12-year-olds start to cry because they didn't win a competition like the National Spelling Bee or the Little League World Series but most of humanity is not like that... Just like how most of humanity is NOT okay with driving drunk and getting a DUI.

On a side note, your multiple smily faces throughout this throwdown is incredibly creepy, especially when you're talking about 12-year-old boys & them crying.

They take the competitions they are in seriously because it means something to them. They didn't put all their hard work into baseball, spend a bunch of time and money on Little League, to just say "oh, we lost. Too bad. School starts now, yay!" No, that doesn't happen. They're going to be into whatever competition they're into. Hell, the parents are into it...and they aren't 12-years-old.

I'm still not completely sure why you think this is a bad idea... My only thought is that it's a bad idea because 12-year-olds can't handle losing in a mature way? I mean, pro athletes cry if they lose. Are sports a bad idea since pro athletes cry and treat games as life & death?

Well, obviously this is just my opinion..

If someone asks me an honest question, I give them an honest answer..
Thats just how I was brought up.. Does the truth hurt sometimes? SURE..
I dont sugar coat, I dont BS and I dont jerk people around.. I personally believe that if you cant handle the truth, then you have a weak character.. Im not talking about you.. I dont know you..
Im just making generalizations and I have kind of run out of ammo.. It happens, 3 arguments for some debates is very tricky sometimes.. I wish they gave you the option of doing 2 arguments, for some smaller topics.. But it is what it is..

There is a reason, the law of man has made it illegal for 17 year olds to join the military..
Cause they are not emotionally mature enough to handle the horrors of war and see people get killed..
There is a reason the drinking age in Europe is basically 14..
Cause 13ers are not emotionally mature enough to have a beer..
See where Im going with?

Bottom line..
If ten-I-see did blow a 10 run lead in the bottom of the last inning, (and they almost did)..
I just dont know how a 12er is supposed to get over that...

Nah, you shouldn't have to sugar coat things, and that's why I'm not sugar coating this when I said that it's weird as F to think that people watch the Little League World Series along with the National Spelling Bee to watch kids mess up and cry their eyes out because they don't get to say they were victorious in something they put so much time and effort into.

17-year-olds joining the military and 12-year-olds/13-year-olds playing baseball and competing in a Little League World Series is completely different. You aren't going to send some kid to war, who is only 12 or 13-years-old and have them be surrounded by guns being fired in their ears, people shooting at them and for them to be in that hell-like atmosphere the military is. That'd just be dumb. They put the age at 18 because it's when people are then considered an adult in the United States.

A 12-year-old will get over it when they're older... It's just a game. But at the moment, they won't because it means more to them than just a game. If you sent them to war, they'll never get it over. It's something people don't get over. It's with them forever, cemented to their brain.

September 1, 2012  12:00 AM ET

After the paint-licking line, even that random comma in the title is forgivable.

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September 1, 2012  12:39 AM ET

Been following the comments (Sports writers) on several TV shows who have stated that they shouldn't cover the series until the final game. It eats up too much air time up when other more important events in sports are taking place. In plain English.....age before virginity boys!

September 1, 2012  01:19 AM ET

I honestly... have no idea what the hell HCF is talking about...

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September 1, 2012  04:23 PM ET

I do admit, ever since my college sweetheart, the only girl I have ever loved, ran off with a rich arab, cause his appartment was obviously more expensive than mine:) I do see things in the world, in a darker light..

Froggie declares a Jihad.

September 1, 2012  04:24 PM ET

Froggies free association 3rd argument is classic.

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