• 09/06/2012, 04:09PM ET

Week 1 NFL.... Peter King is Crazy!

OlderthanDirt (88-37-13) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

I say that due to SOME of his Week 1 picks.

Here is mine DJ will follow.

New England beats Tennessee by 10

Chicago beats Indy by 7

Philly beats the Browns by 14

Detroit wins by 10

Houston wins, barely 20-17

Falcons beat Chiefs by 10

Vikings beat Jaguars by 6

Jets beat Bills by 3 (King picked the Bills)

Saints beats Redskins by 10

Seahawks by 6 over Cards

My upset pick of the week, 49'rs beat GB by 2 (King has GB by 3, way to go out on a limb)

Carolina beats Tampa by 10

And here is King's biggest screw up in my opinion, I have Steelers 20 Broncos 17 , King has Broncos winning by 7.

Toss up pick of the week, Baltimore / Cincy. Since it is at home for the Ravens , I'll take them by 3.

Lastly, DJs Raiders lose 24-17 to the Chargers.

Okay DJ, there ya go. And please, don't post that lame-****-used-up video again.....jk.....LOL

This will give me some time to pimp me and Twitter Dave's article on our Week 1 picks:

To me, I can't see the Baltimore-Cincy game being a toss-up. I think Baltimore is going to win that game pretty easily.

I also disagree with you on the Jets-Bills game along with the Packers-49ers game.

I have the Bills winning by a touchdown and the Packers winning due to their offense.

I can't trust Alex Smith to be reliable. And I really like the Packers defense to improve from their awfulness that they had last season. GB also has upgraded their running game with Cedric Benson now taking cares, making the offense just a duel threat in which they didn't have last season but were still able to win games and go 15-1.

To me, I hate the Jets' QB situation and I'm liking what the Bills did this off-season to help improve their defense, especially with the acquisition of Mario Williams. Bills are going to look good in this season-opener and take the victory.

So it comes down to a difference of two games, the upset I picked and one of the games I thought Peter King got wrong.

While I was prepared to combat DJ's plethra of stats, quotes and prattle, I guess I can break out a can of old fashion Whoop and argue two games.

Remember, I did pick the 49rs as an upset pick. Mainly due to the fact that history does repeat itself and unlike last year, I think the Pack will come out slow this year.

I understand the NFL has become an all-out passing league and that Rodgers has been one of the lead shows in this three ring circus but I fully believe the Niners are looking to regain the supremacy they once had in the NFC. I do NOT believe they are there yet, but I do believe they will come out looking to shock the world by beating the power house Packers the first week.

They made some offseason acquistions to bolster their offense and maintaining the already superb defense they had last season I think they are ready to hammer any team that has a mental let down. Rodgers and the Packers have that tendency; how else can you explain their loss to the Chiefs last year?

I will save my argument for the Jets/Bills for the 3rd argument.

When you say history repeats itself, it looks pretty good that the Packers are going to come out strong and win this week. Just look back at last season against the Saints. The 49ers have question marks on their offense and you just don't know what the hell you're going to get out of Alex Smith.

History repeats itself: Alex Smith hasn't been a good quarterback over recent years (except last season), so why can I expect him to do well?

While I can't explain why the Packers lost last season to the Chiefs, I can explain that this Packers' team has a great offense and the 49ers' defense isn't going to be able to contain it. How can you contain Rodgers and co.? I can't see Willis being such a big factor that the Packers can't move the ball.

Add to the fact that they upgraded their Center position with Jeff Saturday, and they're doing pretty damn good. While in a great position to win, the 49ers just don't have the type of offense the Packers possess. The Packers can put up 40 points with no problem. I can't say the same for the Niners and I think that'll be a big part of why Green Bay will begin the season with a 1-0 record.

You did exactly what I expect the Packers to do Sunday, you under estimate the Niners offense.

I understand you are a cheese head and the Packers are your beloved team. Win or lose this TD IF the Niners win the game Sunday you have to send me some fresh cheese curds, if the Pack wins, I will send you some jerky!

The last regular season down Mario Williams played ended in disaster. Then he went from one of the best Defenses in the league to one of the worst. Now, you say the Bills upgraded their defense and they did , as much with Anderson as Williams. But they still have the same nagging problem in the middle where they have starters that are still coming off of nagging injuries. The Jets and Ryan are good at exploiting weaknesses in the middle.

You say you don't like the QB situation in NY well how about Fitz against the Jets. He has not beat them yet. And the Jets have held him to less than a 85% rating and less than 55% completion for those games. But th

The Jets D is no slouch against the pass and Buffalo has a tendency to abandon the run. This plays into NY's plan. IF the Bills want to win this one they will have to hand off to a RB 23+ times. But they wont.

Alright, I'm down for that deal... and I'm seriously. I'll send you some cheese curds if the Packers lose.

But they won't be losing.

I don't think the 49ers have that strong of an offense. Yes, Gore, Crabtree & Davis are good, but they don't compare to the Packers.

Mario Williams has been a fantastic defensive threat for the Texans in each season that he has played and has proved that he was worth where he was drafted. He gives the Bills a good pass rush and he can also cover the flat on the outside, so no screen passes for the Jets.

And with the QB situation in New York, Mark Sanchez is a bad QB and Tim Tebow is even worse. And I'm perfectly okay with Ryan Fitzpatrick as the QB of the Bills. They have a solid receiving core with Stevie Johnson, Scott Chandler, David Jones and David Nelson. Plus, I really like what Fred Jackson can do on the ground.

I don't think the middle of the Bills' D is that bad with Nick Barnett and Kelvin Sheppard there. And they do have Marcell Dareus at DT too. The Jets' offense won't be able to move very far, especially if they try passing with George Wilson & Jarius Byrd out there and the Bills will win.

September 6, 2012  04:11 PM ET

why this did not DC DJ I am not is intended for him.

September 6, 2012  04:27 PM ET

If a Tebow lead Denver can beat Pitt, what makes you think a Peyton manning lead Denver can't?

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September 6, 2012  04:35 PM ET

That's one I am leaning towards changing.

I'd be shocked if you didn't.

September 6, 2012  04:45 PM ET

If a Tebow lead Denver can beat Pitt, what makes you think a Peyton manning lead Denver can't?

Won't be the same mental lapse with that crap again.

September 6, 2012  04:55 PM ET

Won't be the same mental lapse with that crap again.

What do you mean mental lapse?

Denver was in control all game. A blown call on a backwards pass ruled incomplete is the only reason we had a chance to see Tebow's 80 yard bomb to end the game in OT.

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September 6, 2012  05:24 PM ET


Since March anyway...

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