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What jersey will Maurice Jones-Drew wear at the end of the season?

Dyhard (43-23-2) vs Marlins Fan (157-78-31)

Check out the roundtable, where me and three others answered this very question!

But, I say that he'll stay in a Jaguars' uniform for the length of the season.

Jones-Drew is the only thing that the Jaguars have going for them on offense. If they got rid of him and traded him for draft picks, which is the most likely thing they'll get in return, then they'd have nothing but Rashard Jennings to carry that team. And that isn't going to work.

Plus, the Jaguars already have a tough time getting fans to attend their games. They get rid of Maurice Jones-Drew and there fans have absolutely no reason to even show up anymore unless they want to watch a team get loss week in and week out. And no fan wants to see that.

If they do trade him, it won't be until after the season concludes. I can't see them taking away from their attendance sales, risking losing even more money on the season and being a complete wreck of an organization.

They'll still be bad with MJD and get a good pick, but why risk attendance sales? Why risk keeping an ounce of respect?

He'll end the season with the Jags.

I'm gonna take this into dangerous territory by making a wild and improbable prediction. I'm gonna say MJD actually finishes the season in a New England Patriots Jersey.

The Jaguars new owner clearly isn't awestruck by MJD judging by the comments he made during MJD's extended holdout. At one point MJD's agent even hinted at a trade demand. The Jags are moving into a new Blaine Gabbert-led era and MJD is a remnant of the old guard. He's expendable, especially for the right price.

Which is where the Pats come in. Belicheck is a master at acquiring big name players at bargain prices. I'm thinking the Pats flip a couple of draft picks to the Jags to fill NE's biggest offensive hole - running back.

Its a win-win. MJD goes to a SB contender, the Pats finally get a RB who can run hard and be an asset as a receiver, and the Jags get a couple of picks to aid their rebuilding efforts.

Again, this is obviously just speculation but Dy took the opposite approach so I'm going out on a limb and predicting a scenario that not only makes sense for both teams but also fits an established precedent of the Patriots.

Good topic and good luck.

Alright, I see where you are coming from, but I just can't see the Jaguars only accepting a couple of draft picks for Maurice Jones-Drew. They would be literally forfeiting everything all year. They're going to be bad regardless, but without Jones-Drew, I'm not even sure that the Jaguars can win more than 1 game, if that.

What draft picks do you think the Patriots would send over? If I'm the Jaguars, I'm looking for two first-round draft selections along with a second-round pick in one year.

Plus, if I'm going to trade MJD for draft picks, I better be looking for a bad team that is going to get me a decent draft pick spot instead of a team that would be the team to beat in the NFL and favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Plus, you have to think about tickets. Without MJD, the Jaguars are going to bring no fans to the games. Who wants to see an offense led by Blaine Gabbert throwing to Justin Blackmon the entire time and nothing else happening? And I don't think Gabbert is a good QB anyway, so they aren't getting anywhere, especially when teams double and triple-cover Blackmon.

The Jags are going to keep MJD and avoid trading him until after the season.

No way the Jags could expect multiple first rounders and a second rounder for a 27 year old running back who has already logged 1,762 touches in his NFL career, not to mention the beating he has taken while attempting to block for Jacksonville's quarterbacks. Remember, MJD is fearless when it comes to blocking (remember Shawne Merriman?) and at 5 foot 7 he has endured quite a bit of punishment over the course of his tenure in Jacksonville.

Considering the NFL is a pass-driven League, I don't see where Jacksonville (or any other NFL team, for that matter) could expect a lot in return for a veteran running back. Maybe a few second rounders; maybe a first rounder (although I doubt it), but the overall return wouldn't be great, regardless.

And as far as ticket sales, Jacksonville is the NFL's worst market, anyway. The Jags routinely play in front of half-full stadiums and regardless of whether MJD is there or not the fans aren't going to show up.

Which actually might be a selling point to Jags owner Shahid Khan, who recently bought the team and is probably considering a potential move out of J-Ville anyway. While rebuilding is the perfect time to relocate.

So, what, exactly, do you think that the Jaguars are going to get in return for Maurice Jones-Drew? They aren't exactly going to turn over their offense for a second rounder and a third rounder.

The Patriots have five draft picks, you think they're going to trade away two of them for a player they don't even need?

The Patriots, along with the Colts, were the revolution towards the passing game in the NFL in the early 2000s and they have continued that throughout. Do you really think they're going to change the route they have been going and go from extremely pass heavy to a more balanced attack?

I definitely don't think they're going to and it doesn't make a lot of sense for them to either, especially with how they've been playing without a potent running attack.

The Patriots aren't going to just drop everything that they have planned just so they can have MJD. And I can't really see any other team trading for MJD either, especially since the NFL is so pass-driven.

Maurice Jones-Drew has no choice but to stay in Jacksonville. Nobody else is going to take him and it DEFINITELY won't be the Patriots. There is no place for him.

Well, like I already said in my second argument, I think the Jags could get a pair of second rounders or maybea first rounder, depending on which team they're trading with. They're certainly not getting a package like the Redskins gave up for RGIII. It'd be stupid; RB's just aren't worth that much.

And I'm really glad you brought up the Patriots offensive scheme. You see, all those years they won Super Bowls there was a certain player they had who played a vital role in NE's passing attack. I'm talking, of course, about Kevin Faulk.

Remember Faulk? The little RB who didn't take many handoffs but caught numerous passes out of the backfield?

He was Brady's safety valve, a checkdown receiver who just so happened to line up in the backfield.

Faulk was good for 40-50 catches a season, and if you remember NE's postseason runs from the early 2000's, you'll no doubt remember that Faulk had some big receptions over the years.

Well... MJD is like Faulk on steroids. Jones-Drew is good for between 40 and 60 receptions a year, and if you don't think Belichick could find a place for him then you are sadly mistaken.

MJD can do it all and he'd be a great Pat.

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September 7, 2012  02:54 PM ET

He would like nice as a Packer, but the Pack have too many contract issues in the coming years and probably wont even be able to afford Greg Jennings at the end of the season.

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September 7, 2012  03:49 PM ET

He would like nice as a Packer, but the Pack have too many contract issues in the coming years and probably wont even be able to afford Greg Jennings at the end of the season.

Oh, I'd love him as a Packer... Green Bay wouldn't be stopped on the offensive front. But, like you said, it won't happen. I think we'll be able to afford Jennings at the end of the season. I have confidence in that.

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September 7, 2012  04:48 PM ET

Miami Heat.

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September 7, 2012  05:07 PM ET

I have no idea if GB can afford Jennings or not but I don't think they can afford to let him goo.

Absolutely not. With Nelson & Jennings there, defenses HAVE to cover both receivers. You take away one of them, and the offense just isn't the same.

September 7, 2012  05:29 PM ET

Would love to see Jones-Drew in a Patriots uniform, but I really don't see it happening. Not enough cap space when you take into account the guy wants a huge pay day. Be idiotic to pay the guy huge money when that offense goes through Brady. Not to mention the fact the Patriots only have 5 draft picks in next years draft (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th)

September 7, 2012  07:13 PM ET

Jags. End TD.

Agreed, but let's wait for a few more arguments before we vote left.

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