• 09/11/2012, 10:19PM ET

MF is Burning, NCAA football style. Shout out to PCH for the idea.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs CuntryBlumpkin (305-247-64)

1. Notre Dame better schedule Florida State and Virginia Tech.

Now that we know Notre Dame will be scheduling 5 ACC schools per year sometime in the upcoming years, I just hope they have the nads to add FSU and VT. Who wants to see ND vs. Wake Forest and Duke every year?

2. Jarvis Jones is making a case for the Heisman.

Phenomenal. Last week Jones had 9 tackles, 2 sacks, an interception, 2 forced fumbles and 5 quarterback pressures on the road in Georgia's win over Missouri. Recalls LaVar Arrington the way he takes over games. Fun to watch.

3. Matt Barkley's 6 TDs were misleading.

We all know Barkley threw 6 TDs against Syracuse. But Robert Woods and Marqise Lee were the stars of that game. Barkley was pedestrian, throwing for just 187 yards and letting his skill players do all the heavy lifting.

4. Braxton Miller should scramble less.

Miller is having a huge year and has carried Ohio State to a 2-0 start under Urban Meyer. He's also carried the ball too much; 44 times in 2 games. H'll get hurt unless he stops.

5. Savannah State should quit.

They're not competitive. At all. Outscored 139-0 in less than 7 quarters.


1. Losing Tyler Wilson isn't Arkansas' biggest issue

Losing Wilson definitely didn't help last week, and they probably would have won the game if he didn't go down, but allowing over 500 yards to a Sun Belt school is embarrassing. Even if Tyler Wilson plays the rest of the season, that defense will be hammered in SEC play. At least they will be able to take pride in beating Ole Miss.

2. The SEC East is stronger than the West

After Bama and LSU, who really scares you from the west? Mississippi St is the third best team. In the East you have UGA, SCAR, Tennessee and Florida. West is more top heavy, but the east is better top to bottom.

3. The Big 10 is extremely weak this season

Michigan St and OSU are the only B1G schools that have looked good so far, and one of them can't play in a bowl game.

4. No team from the Big East will deserve to play in a BCS Bowl

Louisville looks decent and USF hasn't been bad, but neither looks good enough to play in the Orange Bowl. Scrap the Big East's auto bid and give it to the most deserving non BCS school every year.

5. The BCS buster field looks kind of weak this season

BYU, and then who?

1. Clemson is about to get really good.

They're already good. They can score with anybody. But now Sammy Watkins is back and the Clemson offense is going to be unstoppable. Watkins plus Tajh Boyd and DeAndre Hopkins equals tons of points. Watch out, rest of the ACC.

2. Robert Marve is jinxed.

Marve, Purdue's sixth-year senior QB, tore another ACL, his third ACL tear of his injury rirrled career. Marve is a good player but his NFL chances have to be just about over with by now. Sad ending to a plucky player's career, assuming he's out for the season.

3. Tyler Wilson needs to get healthy, fast.

Arkansas probably wasn't going to beat Alabama this Saturday anyway but if Wilson comes back in time at least the Razorbacks will have a puncher's chance. Arkansas' defense isn't great but their offense is loaded and a healthy Wilson could give Bama's secondary fits, particularly if RB Knile Davis has a big game.

4. UF-TENN winner will save his job.

Not that Dooley or Muschamp were about to be fired, but whichever coach wins will almost certainly earn themself another year or two.

5. MSU over ND.

Free prediction. Bank on it.

1. Mark Richt is the most honest coach in the FCS

How many other coaches would suspend key players for a huge game, conference opener on the road in a hostile environment? How many would kick their leading rusher off the team back to back years? If all coaches had the moral values of Mark Richt, there would be no recruiting violations and college football as a whole would be cleaned up.

2. Gene Chizik is nothing without Cam Newton

Auburn as a whole wasn't a very good team when they won the title. They road the arm and legs of Cam Newton. He is gone, and Auburn hasn't been relevant since.

3. Pac 12 is the second strongest conference this season

They worked over the B1G last week, and the conference is a lot deeper than just USC and Oregon. Safe to say they have passed the Big 12 this season

4. Georgia Tech should abandon the triple option

The rest of the ACC has figured it out, and it's really just a gimmick offense. It might be a good system for a mid major, but no BCS team is gonna sniff a BCS bowl running the triple option every play.

5. There will be at least 3 undefeated teams this season

LSU/Alabama, Oklahoma, and USC/Oregon.

1. Tyler Bray may wind up being drafted before Matt Barkley.

Everyone is just handing the overall first pick in the 2012 Draft to Matt Barkley but Tyler Bray has a lot to offer. Besides posting stats that equal or surpass Barkley's (this year) Bray also has the size advantage: Bray is 6-6 while Barkley is [/i]allegedly[/i] 6-2, and we know how NFL people love size, especially in QBs.

2. Lee better than Woods?

Speaking of USC players... for all the hype bestowed on Robert Woods, Marqise Lee may be even more talented. Lee is having a huge year and that's likely to continue with opposing defenses having to focus on Woods and RB Silas Redd.

3. Spurrier deserves a ton of credit.

He resurrected South Carolina. Took a few years but he restored the program big time and the Gamecocks have been a force over the last few years. Outstanding recruiting.

4. The Heisman race is wide open.

Barkley, Geno Smith, De'Anthony Thomas, Johnathan Franklin, Le'Veon Bell, Denard Robinson, Jarvis Jones... which of these guys has separated himself from the pack yet? None.

5. Just a hunch.

I think a non-East Coast team wins the NC this year.


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September 12, 2012  05:36 AM ET

I'll take it.

The hell you all still doing up? I just got back from my cousins 21st birthday.

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September 12, 2012  07:20 PM ET

I'm down

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September 13, 2012  02:31 AM ET

Alright lets do it. No way I can beat Nerby or Prophecy so I'll post an argument and DC you.

I guess thats a compliment.

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September 13, 2012  09:09 AM ET

Had to remove the bold tags to fit the character limit.


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