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Which NFL QB would make the best presidential candidate?

J-Business (78-66-18) vs TnerB57 (12-4-1)

With the NFL in full swing and the US presidential election coming up, which active NFL QB would make the best candidate?

I'm going with the candidate out of New Orleans, Louisiana

He has a number of characteristics that make him a good candidate
Comes from a good family with his father being a former athlete and his brother currently an all-pro QB for the Giants

Great NFL career and perhaps one of the greatest ever

Played for the Indianapolis Colts and is originally from Louisiana and went to school in Tennessee so he'll get both the Southern vote and the Midwest

Married soon after coming into the NFL and has a wonderful wife and kids
No run ins with the law and no issues of steroid abuse

He'll get the conservative vote

Also has a decent sense of humor and wildly popular on every video game since college and pro career
He also had some hilarious appearances on Saturday Night Live
He'll get the youth vote and enough liberals to win

He was released by the Colts but never bashed the franchise or city, so he's a man of integrity and voters will respect that

I see Peyton Manning winning by a landside

MANNING for President!

Ok, good luck, J-Biz.

Peyton Manning is a fine choice indeed. He has all the attributes of a born leader.

However, my choice has all these traits, and more. My candidate does not have to be the focal point of all matters, all the time. My candidate lets the other members of his team (or cabinet, if you will) lead the way during normal operations. It is when things matter most, when the chips are down, that my candidate shines. My candidate rises to the occasion in the most critical of circumstances.

Yes. My candidate brings everything that Peyton does, and more. My candidate knows Peyton very well, and his weaknesses. My candidate is:

Your candidate may have very flashy numbers to throw at the public, but mine has the bottom line results of a proven leader: Two rings. Two Super Bowl MVPs.

And, I'd like to point out that my candidate, Eli, does not have a forehead that scares little children when he sees them on the campaign trail.

Interesting choice, but it's not practical.
For one, why would Eli run for president being that my candidate announced first?

That's like John Quincy Adams deciding to run against John Adams, it just didn't happen

Now let's look at his electability

While Eli has had some success, he's not close to being one of the more popular QB's in the league.

Also, what states and constituencies can he pull?

He's based in NY but he's not a New Yorker.
He grew up in the South but Peyton would take the vote because he's the older brother and a hero

Eli has come up big but he's amazingly had some bad seasons. He's the model of inconsistency

He may have one more title than Peyton but no one will call him a better leader

But let's talk about Peyton

He's a Heisman winner and one of the all time best QB's

He's an established family man and has taken a stand on issues, unrelated to sports

His story resonates with the people
Grew up in the spotlight of his father and became his own man
Horrible injury but worked long and hard to come back
One of the more dignified athletes of this generation

Eli's good but he has to wait his turn


"why would Eli run for president being that my candidate announced first?"

What the heck does this even mean?

"That's like John Quincy Adams deciding to run against John Adams, it just didn't happen"

Well, that would be because John Adams was John Quincy Adams' father. Your analogy stinks. These guys are brothers. Ever hear of sibling rivalry?

Also, Peyton Manning never won the Heisman trophy. You need to talk to your PR department and get your facts straight.

You mention Peyton has a sense of humor. This is an inexplicably important quality in a presidential candidate for some reason, the last couple of decades. Well, guess what? Eli has a sense of humor too:

The preceding video also brings to light Eli's profound sense of community awareness.

Peyton may be impressive on a day to day basis, but Eli delivers when the chips are down. The rest of the time he lets the very capable people he has surrounded himself with take care of business.

This is why Eli would make the better Presidential candidate.

Let's take a look at the Electoral College system and who's more electable

Peyton's the older brother from Louisiana and he played at Tennessee
19 votes

That strong Bible Belt connection will deliver
Arkansas - 6
Texas - 38
South Carolina - 9
Georgia - 16
Oklahoma - 7

Although he was a college rival, Miami showed much love when he was a free agent
So that gives him another 29

We'll concede Missippi because Eli's alum but Alabama is their rival so we also take that state

AB - 9

Peyton played in Indiana and now he's in Colorado. He played in the AFC so he doesn't lose the rivalry votes
Indiana - 11
Illinois - 20
Wisconsin - 10
Missouri - 10
Iowa - 6
Colorado - 9
Wyoming - 3
Montana - 3

We'll give Eli NY but, Philly hates the Giants and so do Virginia and Maryland

PA - 20
VA - 13
MD - 10

Cali fans don't like NY and the Giants beat the 49ers

CA - 55

Throw in the Dakotas - 6, Nebraska - 5, Nevada - 6, Utah -6 and Idaho 4
They don't have teams and consider NY smug

Total 330

Peyton gets more than the 270 required and wins the election

Electoral, schmectoral. I could also create a scenario wherein my candidate could and would garner more electoral votes, but frankly, thats way too much effort for me.

Instead, I'm gonna focus a bit on loyalty and tradition. Two areas in which Eli holds the clear edge. See, Peyton chose to attend the University of Tennessee, rather than his father's alma mater, Ole Miss. People were shocked at this decision, and I imagine that Archie was more than a little disappointed at this.

Eli, on the other hand, renewed the family tradition of attending Mississippi, as I'm sure his children will down the road. Eli was more interested in family loyalty than selfish pursuit.

I want my Presidential Candidate to be loyal and true to those that support him, as he was to his parents. My candidate will show those same aspects to those Americans that will vote him into office.

He would be a man that surrounds himself with very capable people, and will always make the right decisions when they matter most. Even against seemingly insurmountable odd (i.e. SB XLII).

Yep, Eli Manning would be a better Presidential Candidate.

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September 29, 2012  05:02 AM ET

Interesting topic. I'll get something posted in the morning or early afternoon, if that's ok.

That's cool.

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September 29, 2012  08:58 AM ET

Cool Beans!

September 29, 2012  08:59 AM ET

Can't wait to see who right chooses.

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September 29, 2012  10:15 AM ET

I wish I got this... I would have had fun with it, made it less serious.

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September 29, 2012  10:24 AM ET

Michael Vick. For obvious reasons.

September 29, 2012  11:02 AM ET

Michael Vick. For obvious reasons.

Yes with Lawrence Phillips as his Secretary of State and Rae Carruth in charge of Justice

September 29, 2012  11:21 AM ET

Whoever says Ryan Fitzpatrick because he went to Harvard... they will be punched in the face.

September 29, 2012  11:23 AM ET

I know who it ought to be but will wait til after Nerb makes his pick

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September 29, 2012  11:52 AM ET

Could Maurice Clarett be in charge of the ATF?

Works for me

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September 29, 2012  12:40 PM ET

The Hoodie


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