• 10/08/2012, 07:57PM ET

Number one pitching heroes of the post season, past 15 years MLB.. One current..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs fvkasm2x (193-58-12)

1. Curt schilling..
a true RED sox..

2. Keith foulke..
A guy who essentially sacrificed his career..
Cause francona made him pitch 3 innings in a row, 50 pitches, one game..

3. Matt latos..
Latos got hammered the night before game one of the giants game..
He is in the bullpen.. "I was drunk, she was drunk"..
Says dusty baker..
"What? You mean do something on my start in game 3?
Latos replies..
"No.. You are on in 24minutes"

Latos.. Pitching on 3 days rest..
(The true beauty of October baseball.. Acts of desperation)..
Latos arm feeling like jelly..
Latos turns from boy into a man in a space of an hour..

4. Pedro Martinez..
Vs powerhouse 99 Indians..
After getting injured in game one, divisional series..
Comes back in game 5..
As a freakin relief pitcher..
And vs an awesome Indians batting line up..
He throws no hitters for 6 innings..

5. Randy Johnson 2001 vs Yankees..
Gets 2 w's
And makes a vital relief appearance in game 7 world series

1. Josh Beckett 2003

Most notably, he struck out 11 batters and gave up only 2 hits in an elimination game and shut out Chicago. He also ended up winning World Series MVP

2. Andy Pettitte 1996 - Current

19 career Playoff wins. 173 post season K's

His career has been impressive, especially his reliability in the post season.

3. Chicago White Sox starters 2005

Buehrle, Jon Garland, Freddy Garcia, and Jose Contreras pitched consecutive complete-game wins. Four games in a row without using the bullpen? That is amazing.

4. I'll agree with Johnson

5. I'll agree with Schilling

Martinez, latos and foulke
Your 3

I prefer mine..
1. My guys were in more of a desperate situation.
To me. That is when October baseball is at its most beautiful moment.
You think francona wanted foulke to pitch 3 innings in a row? And ask Keith's body to do virtually the impossible?
You think the Red Sox manager in 99, wanted a banged up Pedro, to come into the game in the 4th inning against a red hot Indians batting lineup?
Or latos, an unproven commodity, pitching on 3 days rest, something Matt has not done a lot in his young career.
How do you think dusty bakers bad heart felt, when he made that decision final?

2. Nothing gets me more pumped up to watch October baseball then when managers ask their pitchers to do things they really don't want to do.
Sorry latos, today you are going to have to take one for the team.
Is there a chance, with your arm feeling like jelly, that today you are going to get knocked around? YES!
But in all of my 3 scenarios. The managers decided to roll the dice and go for the throat.
Now I have to watch as much October baseball as possible

Latos: All players are hurting in October. Unless we're talking something where they cannot play, guys will try to take the field. At least real gamers would.

3 days rest is really not that big of a deal. Pitchers used to do it all the time and they'd throw 120 pitches every game too.

As for Dusty Baker feeling bad about it, you obviously don't know Dusty. The man who never knows when to shut down a pitcher or yank him. Dusty is well known for using his pitchers over and over, longer and longer. A team with Baker coaching is bound to use their pitchers for extra innings or more throws "than normal." Not surprising at all.

Foulke: Homer pick by you. Heaven forbid a relief pitcher throw 3 innings of work. All this specialty crap about set up men and closers is ridiculous. If you can only throw 20 pitches before you hurt your arm, you shouldn't be playing baseball.

I notice you didn't even address my picks?

Your petite choice was a great joke!

A joke?

The guy is a workhorse. Just because he hasn't had a standout game where he breaks a record or overcomes an injury, doesn't mean he isn't a hero.

Any fan of any team can tell you that a reliable pitcher is better than a guy with lights out stuff, but is inconsistent. I want a guy who continually puts together quality starts. I want a guy who gives my team a chance to win whenever he takes the ball. I don't want to guess if he is going to be "off" today or not.

Andy is that guy. He's 19-10 with an ERA well under 4.00

His WHIP, K's and other numbers might not be eye popping, but he gets it done. A winner is a winner. A winner is a hero. Andy is reliable and a winner.

October 8, 2012  08:05 PM ET

Beckett in 03.

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October 8, 2012  08:41 PM ET

Andy Pettite

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October 8, 2012  09:09 PM ET

Orlando ???El Duque??? Hern??ndez

October 8, 2012  10:45 PM ET

Matt Cain: 2010

October 9, 2012  01:34 AM ET

Mitch Williams 1993

Jays fans will agree

October 9, 2012  01:36 AM ET

wow 2 TD's man you guys are almost as prolific as the soccer threads ...8^O}

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October 9, 2012  01:47 AM ET

Schilling's award should go to the good folks at Heinz....

October 9, 2012  01:52 AM ET

Batman's list is solid.

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October 9, 2012  06:52 AM ET

Schilling's award should go to the good folks at Heinz....


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October 9, 2012  12:29 PM ET

I'm surprised HCF's #1 isn't Hitler.

Give him time. He still has two agruments let.......


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