• 11/06/2012, 12:09PM ET

Tagliabue has to go!

OlderthanDirt (88-37-13) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

Just another "slicky boy" move by Goodell and his mafia type organization placing Tagliabue in as arbitrator for the bounty case.

I am not trying to decide here in this TD the guilt or innocence of Vilma or any of the other players in Bounty Gate. What I am saying here is that Tagliabue has to go. He has to be kicked out of the case as the arbitrator.

There is no way in hell he can adjudicate this case in an unbiased mode. Having been NFL commissioner and still on legal panel that represents Goodell personally, I see it as a conflict of interest.

Tagliabue has to go!

think differently, you know what to do.

Haven't done a TD in awhile, so I'll give this a shot.

I don't think that Tagliabue should go as an arbitrator. Right now, I think that he's fine and is only going to be looking out for the best of the league. I don't think that he is going to be biased in one way or another towards Goodell or the NFL.

Frankly, I don't think he really has a motive for doing such a thing. While he used to be the commissioner, I don't think that he ever has plans to be the next one and I don't think he has any alliance with Goodell now.

I think Goodell selected Tagliabue in hopes that he'd support Goodell and the NFL against the Saints' players and their bounty program, especially Vilma. But I don't think that Tagliabue is going to look at this case that way. What does he get out of this whole situation if he favors Goodell or if he looks at this in a non-biased way? Nothing. Nothing happens from either way. All he's going to do is look at this in a non-biased way, give each side a fair chance and make his ruling after he hears from both sides.

I think that they should keep Tagliabue as the arbitrator.

First, when he left the NFL Commissioner slot, Paul went back to work as an advisor/lawyer for Covington & Burling. Anyone recognize this company? It is a lawyer based firm that represents such clients as MicroSoft, Morgan Stanley, NASCAR, NBA and of course the National Football League. This in itself shows an impropiety in conflict of interest.

There is no question of Tagliabue's credentials of being well versed in the operations of the NFL, but there were times that he strong armed owners and players alike when he was the commish.

The problem I have with all this is a two fold issue. First, since Goodell's campaign to soften the NFL and make it safer, he has been very fine happy doling out fines left and right for illegal hits. And since this case has come to light, for him to step aside and let someone else to be the heavy hand or bad guy is chickenshirt; without the r of course.

Second, since he DID recuse himself from the case he should NOT have brought someone in that would so obviously alienate the NFLPA. What were they supposed to think? Appearances go a long way in these cases, and an arbitrator is supposed to be independent of both sides. PT is not.


Since you remember a lot about his time as commissioner, Paul Tagliabue is absolutely loved by New Orleans since he saved the city. The owner wanted to move the Saints to San Antonio, but he stopped that. There isn't bias there. He's going to treat this case fairly.

And Vilma was actually quoted in agreeing to Paul Tagliabue as the arbitrator before the NFLPA lawyer made him change the story... l-hear-appeals

"The city fathers," Carville said at the time, "should take down the statue of Robert E. Lee at Lee Circle in New Orleans and put up a statue of Paul Tagliabue."

Before 2006, Benson announced that the Saints would play as many home games as possible at the Superdome, which needed $185 million in repairs. Less than two weeks later, Tagliabue and Benson announced that they'd play all their 2006 games at the Superdome showing he cared about the Saints.

"Paul Tagliabue was the glue that put everything together," Mitch Landrieu, the New Orleans mayor-elect.

Bias? I don't think bias will be an issue for Tagliabue.

Again, you miss the entire point of the debate.

I do remember that Paul saved the Saints from moving to San Antonio. That has nothing to do with the perception in this case however.

When you go back and remember all the old cliches that were formed in past years if you look at the underlying reason for the saying to begin with you will find there were facts and well thought out reasoning for the cliches to begin with.


To everyone outside of the New Orleans area where Paul is a God, we can see this for what it is. Goodell KNEW the Saints would not object, however; why does the NFLPA object?
Is it not obvious? He dangled the carrot in front of them to lead them down the road he wanted. That road of course is to get Paul to agree with his decision and reject the appeals.
But that all STILL does not matter. The conflict in interest alone is so flagrant, Paul should be recused from hearing the case. The NFLPA is right in their request to have a Civil Court appoint an arbitrator for the case.


I don't see any evidence that points to Paul Tagliabue having any bias against the Saints' players. I truly believe that one of the reasons Goodell selected Tagliabue was his previous good standing with the Saints, their city, owner and players. It's definitely a fair choice.

Goodell's right to appoint Tagliabue as the arbitrator was granted by the NFLPA, but now they're going back on what they already agreed upon and are trying to get him removed. The NFLPA are trying to execute a political power play because they failed to limit Goodell's power in the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations.

Right now, the NFLPA lawyers are trying to go around the CBA and are looking for ways to do that.

By passing the CBA, it makes the NFLPA look incredibly slimy right now.

The lawyers and judges may decide there is a conflict of interest and Goodell will have to appoint someone else. But no way should Tagliabue step down and give into the NFLPA politics. Tagliabue is the best option for a fair arbitration.

November 6, 2012  01:02 PM ET

Doesn't sound like he would be unbiased...but so what? It has never really been the job of a commissioner of any sport to be unbiased, i is their job to protect the sport. It is the union's job to protect the players.

November 6, 2012  01:18 PM ET

But it is the job of an arbitrator to have no bias. Agreed?

November 6, 2012  07:22 PM ET

Good luck, man.

November 7, 2012  05:14 AM ET

I am 31 years old. Before this whole Roger Goodell/Bountygate saga I had never once heard/seen the word "recuse" used except while I was doing jury duty. Over the last month or so I've heard that word about a million times.

It's like the NFL's version of the hanging chad.

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November 7, 2012  08:50 AM ET

I am 31 years old. Before this whole Roger Goodell/Bountygate saga I had never once heard/seen the word "recuse" used except while I was doing jury duty. Over the last month or so I've heard that word about a million times.It's like the NFL's version of the hanging chad.

It does seem to be the Buzz word of the month.

November 7, 2012  02:05 PM ET

WTF? I go to lunch while waiting on Dyhard to publish his last and come back to a 0-5 deficit. Now, it will not let me see the play-by-play right now because of the wait. However, I bet I can name at least three of the voters. My guess is its the Canadien Mafia.

November 7, 2012  02:12 PM ET


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November 7, 2012  02:24 PM ET

in the URL replace "show" with "recap" to see the votes any time.Yea, it's the hockey guys. Tough break.

That's okay. This is not the first time they ruined one of my TDs so it does not surprise me.

November 7, 2012  02:41 PM ET

Good TD HH and good luck with the voting!

November 7, 2012  03:23 PM ET

Good TD HH and good luck with the voting!

Thanks, but too late for that.

November 8, 2012  12:33 AM ET

Not a very exciting sports topic, but excellent args and very good points on both sides. Good read.

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November 8, 2012  01:33 AM ET

Not a very exciting sports topic, but excellent args and very good points on both sides. Good read.

Haha yeah.

Good job guys.

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November 8, 2012  10:25 AM ET

Everyone has bias and predjudice. It's human nature. The arbitrators job is to set that aside and look at things objectively and attempt to make a decision accordingly.

I understand that, believe me, I never once questioned Paul's credentials or his love for the league. I DO however believe that there is truth in perception; if his is perceived by the NFLPA's to be Goodell's flunky, there is some degree of truth to that. And the fact that he IS a lawyer that represents Goodell on a day to day basis, he should NOT be allowed to preside over a case where it has legal and monetary damages assessed in Goodell's favor.

November 8, 2012  10:26 AM ET

I figured it was going to be a tough one to win, but it was fun...thanks Dyhard!

November 8, 2012  02:46 PM ET

Not a very exciting sports topic, but excellent args and very good points on both sides. Good read.


November 8, 2012  02:47 PM ET

I figured it was going to be a tough one to win, but it was fun...thanks Dyhard!

No problem! Same to you, sir! Always nice to have a good, solid debate still!


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