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NFL power rankings.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-73)

This topic is crazy played out but the TD board is practically dead and there isn't an actual rule per se against retread topics so here we go. For the 800 millionth time. NFL power rankings. Yippee and whatnot.

1. Falcons (8-0)

They're still undefeated. Give them some props. All good so far.

2. Bears (7-1)

Only loss was to GB by 13.

3. Texans (7-1)

Only loss was to GB by 18, and it wasn't that close.

4. 49ers (6-2)

One horrible loss to the Giants and a puzzling loss to the Vikings but Alex Smith is quietly playing some really good football.

5. Ravens (6-2)

One really ugly loss to Houston and a one-point, last minute loss to Philly early on.

6. Packers (6-3)

Getting hot right now.

7. Giants (6-3)

Getting cold right now.

8, 9, 10. Patriots, Broncos, Steelers (each team is 5-3)

All three of these teams are playing well right now and could end the season much higher in the power rankings. Same with the 5-3 Colts to a much lesser extent.

And those ten spots are the only ones I find worthy of debate. I don't care to argue Seattle vs. Indy for 11 place.

Good luck.

Let it never be said that such a fine TD should be wasted, while lesser TDs (such as mine) garner almost a half dozen votes over a period of days.


1. Falcons

2. Texans- Why? They beat the Ravens, the following team does not have that quality win.

3. Bears

4. Niners

5. Packers- Not even close to where they should be, but considering I have Jay Cutler at 3 and Alex Smith at 4. I have to put any team with Aaron Rodgers in the top 5.

6. Ravens

7. Pats - Easy Division, and getting healthy.

8. Giants - Name me a scarier team when you look at your ticket and under Visitor is Tommy Boys Red Face.

9. Broncos

10. Indy

- Cause I'm a MAN who don't do ties.

This debate boils down to:

Bears over Texans for #2
Ravens over Packers for #5
Giants over Patriots for #7
Steelers over Colts for #10

I picked all the teams on the left, you went with the teams on the right. I shall now reveal to you the erroneous nature of your changes. (or at least try to)

Bears over Texans

These are two outstanding defensive teams with mostly efficient offenses. I believe that Houston's offense is more explosive than Chicago's overall and features a few more playmakers but Chicago has a clear advantage in their turnover-causing, scoring defense. Chicago's D forces turnovers like mad and scores as much as some team's offense on any given weekend. The Bears are ALWAYS on the offensive, even on defense, and for that reason they are IMO the better team, right now.

Peanut Tillman forced four fumbles on his own last week, and that doesn't even account for Urlacher's INT return for a TD or Wootton's blocked punt/return TD. The Bears' D is so lethal right now I was tempted to rank them ahead of Atlanta, even right now with the Falcons being undefeated. Scariest team in the NFL right now, with all due respect to Atlanta's record.

Houston holds a win over the Giants (your number 7)
And Baltimore (Your Number 5)
And Denver (Your T8 team)

Thats 3 "top ten" Ranked Teams

The Bears have NO wins over ANY team you have ranked in your top 10.

That is the difference to me, Big Difference between winning the Big East and the SEC

Houston also has a win over the Fins, whom would be in my next 5 as well.

That does tend to explain just how great the Bears defense has been.

The Slate also goes over my Giants over Pats selection.

Super Bowl aside, the Pats have ONLY beaten the Broncos on your list, while the G-Men have beaten San Fran (CROSS COUNTRY) and The Colts.

The G-Men have lost to the Steelers (Your T8) and 2 conference foes (including the Eagles when they mattered).

The Pats have lost to a ranked Ravens team, "unranked" Seattle and Arizona- The Cardinals went cross-country to win the game.

Finally, the Colts beat the Packers, the Steelers beat the G-Men.

Big Ben's passing numbers have gone down 4 straight games, for you fantasy owners.

Ravens over Packers

Well for one thing GB has more losses than Baltimore. Records mean a lot. It can mean the difference between a playoff season and a non-playoff season.

But even deeper than that, GB has ZERO running game. They've been trying out guys to find a steady RB but so far no one has grabbed ahold of the job. This will present a problem at some point. There will be a time when GB needs to run out the clock or pick up a critical first down and I'm telling you right now that they have NOBODY who they can confidently use in that situation. Baltimore happens to have Ray Rice, one of the best RB's in the world.

Giants over Patriots

This one's easy. Not only do the Giants have that extra win but they're a much more complete team. Stats aside, NY has a roster built for rushing the passer and pounding the ball. NE throws a lot. NE is a one-trick pony and the Giants are a complete team, albeit a team which is playing some bad football right now.

Steelers over Colts

Come on, twitterdave. Even YOU can't think the Colts are the better team. Indy lost to the Jags at home and got blown out 35-9 by the JETS, for crying out loud.

B8tch, please.

Oh, so its just win numbers?

Who you beat has no bearing?

I guess that means LaTech is better than LSU or Alabama, right?

Explains a 3-way tie I guess.

I look at who you beat, and where, and when.

I do enjoy your complaints of the G-men over the Pats considering what normally happens when they play each other.

November 8, 2012  02:11 AM ET


November 8, 2012  02:21 AM ET


Better topic. Should the Cowboys and JJ go bald to motivate and create team unity for a successful 2nd half of the rest of the season.... if the Colts have a better record with a Rookie QB then why not?

Comment #3 has been removed
November 8, 2012  03:14 AM ET

But what will Witten hold on to as Romo is blowing him?


November 8, 2012  03:14 AM ET

The Eagles suck.

November 8, 2012  03:16 AM ET

Generic comeback but oh well. I used up all my good zingers at work today blasting all the fools who voted for Obummer.

Comment #7 has been removed
November 8, 2012  04:06 AM ET

Generic comeback but oh well. I used up all my good zingers at work today blasting all the fools who voted for Obummer.

I'm amazed that you even had any left for today after the "DJ post".

Comment #9 has been removed
November 8, 2012  04:16 AM ET

Sometimes I go back and read that just to lift my spirits. Or to turn a good day into a great one.

It is kinda like a bright ray of sunshine, ain't it?

November 8, 2012  07:35 AM ET

But what will Witten hold on to as Romo is blowing him?

His ears?

November 8, 2012  10:20 AM ET

Big Big=Big Ben lol

Don't be a hater. There are 27 other teams in the league that WISH they had Big Ben as their QB

November 8, 2012  10:21 AM ET

His ears?

How does a Frenchman hold his liquor..........

Comment #18 has been removed
November 8, 2012  08:12 PM ET

I'm amazed that you even had any left for today after the "DJ post".

And pray tell where might an interested party find such a post?

I'm a big fan.

November 8, 2012  10:50 PM ET

Water is wet. Oh wait, we're trying to zing each other and not just state facts?

Well played, sir. Well played.

November 8, 2012  10:51 PM ET

I'm amazed that you even had any left for today after the "DJ post".

Haha thanks man.

November 8, 2012  10:52 PM ET

And pray tell where might an interested party find such a post?I'm a big fan.

I think Tnerb has it saved somewhere in a group. I don't have the comment anymore since the mods deleted it.

It was somewhat epic though, I must admit. Toot toot on my own horn.

November 8, 2012  10:52 PM ET

Somebody wanna accept this and just offer a draw, please?

November 9, 2012  01:50 AM ET

Tough call, but I like the Texans before the Bears, Packers deserve to be closer to the top and surprisingly I agree that the Broncos and Colts qualify for the top 10 (albeit the Colts should be mentioned after the Steelers). Will wait for more arguments....


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