• 11/21/2012, 11:49PM ET

What I've learned as a team-specific sports fan.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs TnerB57 (12-4-1)

Not a true debate per se but more of a sharing of life lessons. Just read this argument and you'll get it.

1. Players come and go. Teams are forever.

Obviously there are exceptions to this rule, such as the Oilers leaving Houston and the Grizzlies leaving Vancouver, but the point is, players are hired guns.

As the Marlins fan I know this all too well. Players aren't bound to a team for ANY reason. Doesn't matter who drafted them, doesn't matter who gave them their first million, players are NOT bound to a team. There is no loyalty, either from player-to-team or vice versa.

Don't bother buying a bunch of player-specific memorabilia because that player could be playing for your rival next year, particularly if you're unlucky enough to be a fan of the Marlins. BTW, anybody want a few boxes worth of HanRam/Josh Johnson memorabilia?

2. Even bad franchises can catch lightning in a bottle.

"Bad franchise" may seem a little harsh when talking about the Marlins, but let's face it - they're run by the worst owner in sports and they're cheap. And they've still won 2 World Series in the past 15 or so years. They've won just enough to give me hope every spring.

Sorry for the delay. For having a day off, I sure was damn busy.

1. Players come and go. Teams are forever.

As for the first part of that point, you can thank Curt Flood for that. I barely even pay attention to major league rosters any more, because they change so much from year to year. I could tell you where the teams are in the standings, but could not tell you much about any roster, outside of the Angels. Too much work trying to keep up. In the old days, teams stayed largely the same from year to year.

And for the second part of that point. Teams are forever indeed. I was mad as the dickens when I found out the Rams were moving to St. Louis, and swore I was switching teams. Even picked one: The Jaguars. Guess what I found out once the season started? I was still a Rams fan. Nothing I could do about that. You, my friend, will still be a Marlins fan next year. Nothing you can do about it.

As for the memoribilia thing? Just buy team gear, not player stuff. Problem solved.

I may address your second comment next, or ramble on about something else. Its a mystery.

Couple quick notes: No worries about the timer. It's the Holidays(!) and we're all a little busier than usual, I think. AlsoI know you're right about me retaining my Marlins fan-hood. I'm like a junkie; I want to quit them so bad but I know it's not happening. Ever. Last point, feel free to take this TD in any direction you like. I'm winging it, myself. Screw it; it's the Holidays(!).

3. Only the Yankees can be the Yankees.

Look, I like Jerruh (AKA Jerry Jones). He seems like a nice guy, for a billionaire. But he blows at GM'ing. Yeah, he's spent a **** load of money over the years, but his team always kinda sucks. Mediocre as hell. Plenty of talent (on paper) but not so many wins.

It's because only the Yanks can be the Yanks. (And really the Yanks weren't even the Yanks for some of their more recent WS titles, but that's a whole 'nother story for a different day...) What I mean to say is, all these teams that try/tried to buy championships (Red Sox, Dodgers, Marlins, Cowboys and Eagles to some extent - within the cap rules, I guess) are competing in an exercise in futility. Only the Yanks are the Yanks.

Jerruh taught me that the Cowboys can't be the Yankees.

November 21, 2012  11:50 PM ET

Hope the concept is clear. If not, just talk about what your favorite team[s] has taught you.

Assuming there's still at least one person left who wants to TD, that is...

November 22, 2012  01:29 AM ET

Actually a topic I migtht care to speak about. I'll get something up in the wee hours, or while I'm cooking the turkey tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22, 2012  02:00 AM ET

Actually a topic I migtht care to speak about. I'll get something up in the wee hours, or while I'm cooking the turkey tomorrow.Happy Thanksgiving!

Sounds good, my man. Happy Thanksgiving!

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November 22, 2012  03:45 AM ET

My team won a Super Bowl, but that's about the only team that's ever had any success.

November 22, 2012  07:29 AM ET

My team won a Super Bowl, but that's about the only team that's ever had any success.

This post was on its way to making sense, then veered off.

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November 22, 2012  12:20 PM ET

The Yankees have won 5 WS in my life time, though really the only one I was old enough to appreciate was in 2009. Clearly that's not a complaint, as it's still better off than what it could be. The Jets have never been successful, though, and I was born 2 weeks after the last Rangers Stanley Cup win.

I've got the Saints in 2009 after growing up an Oilers fan and they didn't do anything til after they left Houston. Still finished 1 yard away from a Superbowl win and I died a little even then. but all true fans know that the bitter makes the ultimate victory that much sweeter (yeah I know that's a horrible cliche). the fact is I don't know a single hardcore Saints fan that won't tell you how they literally cried when they realized we were going to the SB much less when they actually won

November 22, 2012  02:07 PM ET

This post was on its way to making sense, then veered off.

Well, the Brewers haven't really had any success and the Bucks aren't having success any time soon, but did do well in the 70s, I believe. so, i mean, that's not a lot of success for my teams, except the Packers -- they're the only team doing something

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November 23, 2012  07:42 AM ET

2009 didn't happen....

you're right. 2009* has the asterisk cause the Saints cheated. Oh, and they beat my Colts.

November 23, 2012  07:49 AM ET

As a Maple Leafs fan that is old enough to remember the "Harold Ballard" years, I agree that the players come and go. Sittler, McDonald, Vaive, Palmateer, Wregget, Salming were some of my favourites as a kid and they all left the Leafs one way or another. Heck, I cried the day Wendel Clark was traded after the 93/94 season..

As far as what my favourite teams have taught me.. The Colts (talking about the Harbaugh years) taught me that no matter the challenge always get up and try again. I loved Harbaugh, cause he would get smacked around be the defense every play, but still get up and call another play.

Sports have taught me a lot about life, and it's always been a big part of my life.

November 23, 2012  07:49 AM ET

*by* the defense not be the defense

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November 23, 2012  06:55 PM ET

Major league rosters are easy to keep up with outside of the minor changes that occur from year to year. College sports are impossible to keep up with, football easier than basketball. an abundance of teams in college as well as constantly changing rosters

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November 24, 2012  02:56 PM ET

Passes note to Nerb:"memorabilia."

Passes note back to DJ:

"Bite me."

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November 24, 2012  03:43 PM ET

Passes note back to DJ:"Bite me."


November 24, 2012  06:45 PM ET

Passes note back to DJ:"Bite me."



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