• 12/11/2012, 04:17AM ET

Rank the best W.S. champs since 1995!!!!!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Darth Maim (76-21-7)

1. 98 yanks
2. 99 yanks
3.2000 yanks
4. 04 Red Sox
5. 96 yanks
6. 07 Red Sox
7. 97 marlins
8. 03 marlins
9 05 white sox
10. 08 philies
11. 12 gmen
12. 95 braves
13. 10 gmen
14. 11 cards
15. 02 angels
16. 01 zona
17. 06 cards

Honourable mention
I wish Cleveland was on this list..
Indians batting line up from 95-2001 was a lot better than most of the teams I just mentioned..
The teams behind the braves, I start to lose respect for..
Congrats boys! You won a crapshoot..

Here is the first of my changes:

1995 Braves over 1997 Marlins

1). The Atlanta Braves won their division and had the best record in the NL (90-54) . The Florida Marlins were a wild-card finishing 9 games back of the division champion (90-72).

2). The Braves were 11-3 in the post-season. The Marlins were 11-5.

3). The Braves starting rotation had Maddux (Cy Young Award Winner), Smoltz (NL Leader in K's), Glavine (WS MVP). The Marlins were led by Al Leiter, Kevin Brown, and Livan Hernandez.

The Atlanta Braves just had a more impressive team and were better than the Marlins.

Argument 2: 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks.....

I hate the 95 braves..
And any team I ranked lower than them..
The braves are my Mendoza line..

2001 Diamondbacks over the 2002 Angels

Good pitching always overcomes good hitting and Arizona had the pitching to dethrone the 3-Time World Series Champion New York Yankees. The tandem of Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson combined for:

43-12 Won/Loss mark
665 Total Strikeouts
2.74 Combined ERA

Along with Luis Gonzalez line of .325-57-142, the team was superior to the 2002 Angels.

Other supporting facts:

Arizona won its division and Anaheim was a wild-card
The Angels were outscored 44-41 in the Series

So, even though your second argument was compelling I believe that my first two choices should be higher on your list.....

ok ok ok...

I well be first to admit..
The 2001 Diamondbacks could probably beat 2002 Angels..
Im man enough to admit my mistake..

I do apologise for such a small 2nd argument..
I had an old highschool friend, crash at my place.. And was very busy making sure he had a good time:)

I still believe that the 97 Marlins were better than a suspect Braves..

Yeah, the Braves pitchers were exceptional during the regular seasons..
And WE ALL KNOW HOW MANY CY YOUNGS, Smoltzie, Maddux and Glavine won..
But in the play offs, they were not exactly Eli Manning..

The 97 Marlins were freakin nasty..
That batting line up.. Even out slugged their way to victory, over the famous sluggers, (a CERTAIN tribe called SLUGGING-INDIANS-GALORE!!)..

So what is your 3rd choice?

According to my calculations..
we are tied 1-1..

You better have a damn good 3rd choice, if you want to get my vote:)

Final selection: 2004 Red Sox over 2000 Yankees

My reasoning starts with the fact that you have the first 2 selections as the 98 and 99 Yankees. Too much Yankee love at the top. Granted the 00 Yankees were a great team, but the storyline for the 04 Red Sox is so much better. For example:

1). Came back from an 0-3 deficit to their hated rivals and won the series 4-3.
2). Had not won the series in 86 years.
3). From the 8th inning of game 5 against the Yankees, the Sox never trailed in the next 60 innings until the end of the World Series.
4). They swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

They had Pedro Martinez, Curt Schilling, Manny Ramirez, Johnny Damon, Jason Varitek, David Ortiz on their roster; so the names were known to baseball fans.

The combination of the comeback against the Yankees, the domination of the Cardinals in the Series, and the handful of iconic players from the time period makes the 2004 Red Sox the more impressive champions over the 2000 Yankees.

Enjoy your holidays.....

December 11, 2012  07:55 AM ET

Doing some research and will post early afternoon. Good luck Froggy.....

December 11, 2012  09:04 AM ET

Obviously the '95 Braves were the best team of all time.

December 11, 2012  09:25 AM ET

Obviously the '95 Braves were the best team of all time.

Uhmmm, dude, you are bogerting again.

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December 11, 2012  01:25 PM ET

why couldn't you just post all your changes in your 1st arg Darth?

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December 11, 2012  11:31 PM ET

in first place, the 03 Marlins
in second place, the 97 Marlins
and then everybody else.

December 11, 2012  11:51 PM ET

1.) 2010 Giants
2.) 2012 Giants
3.) everyone else (tie)

December 11, 2012  11:55 PM ET

I love how 1-6 are all Yanks and Red Sox...

December 12, 2012  12:16 AM ET

1.) 2010 Giants2.) 2012 Giants3.) everyone else (tie)

At least the Braves are in your top 3.

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December 12, 2012  02:51 AM ET

1) 98 Yankees2) 99 Yankees3) 96 Yankees4) 09 Yankees5) 00 Yankees6) everyone elseLast) 04 Red Sox

Yankees suck

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December 12, 2012  12:46 PM ET

Chris Moneymaker

December 12, 2012  07:25 PM ET

Chris Moneymaker

Since 1995, the obvious answer would be Stu Ungar in 1997. But my favorite winner since 95 would have to be Scotty Nguyen.

December 14, 2012  04:17 PM ET

why couldn't you just post all your changes in your 1st arg Darth?

Had I known this TD would last the entire month of December, I would have written all 3 arguments.....

December 15, 2012  08:55 PM ET

Had I known this TD would last the entire month of December, I would have written all 3 arguments.....


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