• 12/26/2012, 09:42AM ET

Teams that you should fear the most NFL

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs Argos. (183-101-29)


1. Falcors
2. 49ers
3. Seahawks..
(I don't fear anyone else, ha ha)..


1. Pats
2. Texans
3. Broncos
4. Ravens
(I don't fear the wild cards)..

7 teams..

You can put more if ya want..
I would put gmen.. But thank god they are dead cause they have our number.. Brady hates New York.. You decapatated us Brandon Jacobs? Ha ha.. You won two battles.. But since 2002;

"We are the best around..
And no one is going to ever keep us down!!"
Karate kid

Just for fun

1. Falcors
2. Pats
3. Texans
4. Broncos
5. 49ers
6. Ravens
7. Seahawks..

As a pats fan..
I fear the ravens and 49ers the most..
Bad match up probs for us..

I hope I did not show enough respect for GB..
And they humiliate me, ha ha..
GB is more of a cute team..
Stick to your commercials boys!

Your list is fine I guess (though no one fears the Falcons really), but my only change for purposes of arguing is Green Bay should be the most feared in the NFC.


They are 9-1 in their last 10.

They are starting to develop a running game with their new offensive line blocking well for them. They are averaging 130.5 rushing yards per game over their last four games.

They are getting healthy. Jordy Nelson is expected back very soon, giving the Packers for the first time since week 1 giving the Pack both a healthy Nelson and Jennings at WR, to go with their already lethal WR combo with Cobb, James Jones, and Finley!

On defense, they are getting Woodson back, along with Worthy and CJ Wilson. Plus Clay Matthews is healthy. Fun fact, with Matthews in the lineup, the Packers are number one in the league in sacks per pass attempt. With Matthews in the lineup, they have one of the best defences in the league. But even on the overall season, they are 10th in the league in total defense, and 7th in scoring defense.

Rodgers is still the best QB in the league, and is red hot heading into the playoffs.

ok ok ok...

I should have put Green Bay 4th on this list in the NFC..

Yes.. They are 9-1..
The Texans were the only REAL scary team they played in that stretch..
Lets not get carried away here..
Green Bay had a cake schedule..
I know some of their games were against mediocre teams..
But alot of the games were against bad teams..


mediocre wins

su-c-k-y su-k-cy wins
st louie

they got destroyed against the Gmen..
That would have been a NOICE quality win..
But they failed miserably..

Why do I like the falcons?
Cause its a weak year..
You can not look at some one straight in the face and tell them it has not been a weird year in the NFL..
Unfortunately they have to give the trophy to someone...
And the Falcons are the LEAST Lamest team out there..
Atlanta is very complete..
Very solid defense, (something that must be put into question with GB, just because they got everyone back, doesnt mean they automatically have chemistry)..

8. GB
9. Skins
10. Luck
11. Bung-holes
12. Vikes

Vikings are potentially making the playoffs, and was divisional game. The Bears are gonna have 10 wins on the season, and make the playoffs if Minny doesn't, and the game was played a Solider field, and was a divisional game. The two Lions games are both divisional, which means they are not a cake walk. The Rams are 2-0-1 in games against your #2 and #3 teams. This was hardly a very easy stretch.

Green Bay is a team that has been banged up all year. However they are finally getting healthy in the leadup to the playoffs.

They are also the leaders to get the number two seed, and play the divisional game at home, and get the bye. If they have to go on the road at all, they will be going into Atlanta, where Green Bay has already clobbered them once in the playoffs. Plus it will be in a dome, where Rodgers puts up goddy numbers, giving Green Bay a bigger edge.

Green Bay has one of the three best QB in the league. They have a top 10 defense, and with Woodson and Matthews, a top 5 defense. They have a strong running game, thanks to the additions of Barcley, and EDS to the offensive line. They are the favourites.

You sit on a throne of lies..

You don't smell like Santa..

Tell me what movie that is from..
And I walk away..

Why do I bother?

December 26, 2012  10:33 AM ET

Falcons? No one fears the Falcons. Definitely not in the playoffs.

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December 26, 2012  11:18 AM ET

Scariest teams right now are:

1.) Seahawks
2.) Pats
3.) Broncos
4.) no one else matters....

BTW...Ravens suck and are backing into the playoffs...that doesn't scare anyone...nor does Flacco, or all of the veterans that are watching from the bench...

BTW, the Falcons SUCK...easily the most overrated team of the season.

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December 26, 2012  12:23 PM ET

Seattle is 3-5 on the road. They aren't the same team away from their home stadium.

That is a beautiful golden nugget!

December 26, 2012  12:27 PM ET

Seattle is 3-5 on the road. They aren't the same team away from their home stadium.

They aren't the same team they were five weeks ago.

December 26, 2012  12:27 PM ET

I may have over looked GB, ha ha..
They should at the very least be on the lust..

In my 2nd argument I will defend falcor..

Have to go to gym now..

Will try to post later tonight..

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December 26, 2012  01:08 PM ET

Green Bay fo show.

I will put them 4th in NFC ha ha..

December 26, 2012  01:09 PM ET

I might as well stick to my guns:)

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December 26, 2012  01:41 PM ET

12. vikes/bears

December 26, 2012  01:42 PM ET

i highly doubt Gmen make it..
Pretty sure Bears beat lions next week..


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