• 12/28/2012, 02:06PM ET

Top 10 most important players in this years NFL playoffs!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-851-64) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

Lets just do the guys that are in..

1. Peyton manning
Yeah he plays fit for the sucky sucky broncos..
Ha ha
But what if he goes 18 for 19?
Then you are going to get an anxiety attack..
Call your mommy crying..
And your team gets to go on a summer cruise..
I've never been on a summer cruise..
Didn't we meet on a summer cruise? Ha ha..

2. 3. 4. Brady/gronk/Hernandez..
I love them all!
Let me smell it!
If all 3 are healthy..
I fancy smelling our chances to an unprecedented 4th SB..
Under the belichick/Brady die-nasty..
These guys are sooooooo good, it was just a matter of time..

5. Wee wease wodgers!
Yeah the QB for pack..
Quietly having a fantastic year..

6. Turner
The offense starts with him..
He needs to keep being mike..
Smell the running yards..
I guess I'm in a smelly mood ha ha..

7. Kaepernick..
Just don't mess it up like you do half the time..

See 6. Ha ha..

9. Clay Matthews..
We all know GB has a fantastic offense..
Clay needs to be healthy for GB to go far..

10. Ray Lewis..
What an addition this guy would be!
Just for leadership alone..

1. Peyton Manning -- agree there. He's the life of the Broncos.

2. Aaron Rodgers -- he is the one that drives the Packers to where they're going. If he goes down, they'll get destroyed. The offense can't move without him.

3. Tom Brady -- again, the life of the team. Without these 3 QBs, their teams wouldn't have much, if any, success.

4. JJ Watt -- he's a huge part of the Texans' pass rush and is driving their defense to the success they're having.

5. Aldon Smith & Justin Smith -- this is a tie. They're huge in each other's success and they're the 49ers' pass rush. HUGE part of their defense.

7. Russell Wilson & Marshawn Lynch -- both players are extremely important to the Seahawks' offense. Without either 1 of these players, the Seahawks wouldn't be making the playoffs.

9. Andrew Luck -- without him, where would the Colts be? Probably another 2-win season sitting in a prime position for a solid draft pick in this year's draft.

10. Matt Ryan -- how can you have Michael Turner over the Falcon's QB who has 31 TD, 14 INT and 4400+ passing yards on the season? Ryan is more important to ATL than Turner is!

Luck isnt that important cause his team su-k-cs!
ha ha..
Its kinf of like baseball..
I pulled the plug on the Colts chances a long time ago..
Its an 8 horse race between pats, Ravens, Texans, 49ers, pack, sea hawks, falcons and Broncos..
Any player outside of these teams, just isnt that important to me..
Remember the Colts getting killed against the Pats..
Trust me, It would have been IMPOSSIBLE for Luck to be important in that game..

Ryan OVER Turner?
You do know the main reason why Ryan's numbers are sooo big, is cause Turner opens the field up for him..
Take away Turner, and Ryan immediately turns into a plain jane..

You can say the same logic with Lynch over Wilson..
I do like your Lynch pick though..
Im just not super crazy about seattle..
Yeah the Hawks are on a noice roll..
Just not crazy about coach carroll..
He is not a mastermind..
More of a ra ra kind of guy..
a motivator if you will..

sooooooo who is your 6th pick?
Mystery boy you..
Be careful who you pick..
I've got plenty more bullets in my gun:)

I'm sorry, but I can't take anything you say seriously after you shut down Luck like that and say a 10-5 Colts' team sucks. And how, exactly, are the Colts in last place? You do realize they're going to get the 5th seed right? I mean, that's not news to you, right? Luck has driven the Colts from a 2-14 team last season to a 10-5 team and is giving them hope that they can make something happen in the playoffs. When you talk about their game against the Pats, that was one loss. Luck had more passing yards than Brady and 1 less TD (granted he had 3 INT) but he was still a very important piece for Indianapolis. Did you forget the Colts' victory over GB?

No, that's not the reason Ryan's numbers are so big. Ryan's numbers are so large because he's a good QB who is leading the team to victory and has led them to 13-2 record so far. Yeah, he'd be hurting without Turner, but the team wouldn't be destroyed. Without Ryan, they don't have a chance.

I'm curious as your reasoning to have 3 Patriots all in the top 5 including TWO TEs? Why are both TEs important when both have struggled with injuries all season?

Tied for 5th are Aldon Smith & Justin Smith so there's no 6th.

We just have different philosophies..

The point of your article is that you should not take anyone lightly..

I wanted to create an original list..
I even got to throw 2 QBs under the bus:)..
When most people were expecting to bask in their reflective glory..
I even chose a leader, ray Lewis..
Who is your leader? Do you even have a leader?

If you like the colts..
It's more of a cute team..

Gronk and Hernandez need to be on here..
Those are the keys to the pats success..
Do you know how many QBS would love to have Brady's throwing options..
Brady has the deadliest throwing options/targets..
And you can smell it! Ha ha..
It's not even close..
It would be the lamest TD in the world..
Yes, we are talking about the two greatest TEs in the history of NFL..
Name one even close?
Grahm is good, but he is too skinny..
Shockey was too nuts..

It's all about the players on the big 7 teams..
I respect Seattle.. And fear their streak..
But Carroll will be the demise of their team this year and in the future..

My leader? I have multiple leaders on my list: Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Matt Ryan. Any QB I have on my list, you can classify as a leader. And don't get me started with the defensive selections as JJ Watt is the leader on the Texans' D, you have Justin Smith being a leader for Aldon Smith and you have Marshawn Lynch who I wouldn't call a leader, but as a very important piece to the Seahawks' success.

How do 2 TEs need to be on there when they haven't even played the full season, yet the Patriots are still winning? And you think Shockey & Graham are some of the best TEs in the NFL? Do you not have a knowledge of the history of the NFL?

Gronk has played in 10 games this season. 3 of those games were losses in which he had 14 rec, 157 yards, 1 TD.
Hernandez has played in 9 games this season. 3 games were losses, but I won't count a game he didn't record stats in against Arizona, so I'd even credit it down to 8 games played! 16 rec, 122 yards, 2 TD.

I don't see how when they miss games, they're key to the Pats success. They aren't more important than anybody on my list. How can they be?

December 28, 2012  02:10 PM ET

How do you have Pats 2, 3, and 4.

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December 28, 2012  02:11 PM ET

I said important..

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December 28, 2012  02:12 PM ET

He's a Boston homer.

Ha ha
We gotta winner!

December 28, 2012  02:12 PM ET

Clay Matthews I think is just about the most important player come playoffs. The Packers have a top 5 defense with him, but a bottom 10 when he doesn't play. The other nine I would imagine would be QBs in my opinion.

December 28, 2012  02:12 PM ET

The spelling Queen will be here soon to point out your miss spellings....

December 28, 2012  02:13 PM ET

So playmakers aren't important?

Ha ha..
Yeah.. Kind of..
Guys NOT messing it up is important too!

December 28, 2012  02:13 PM ET

Anyone wanna do a TD arguing the best defensive player in the league? I got Clay Matthews.

December 28, 2012  02:14 PM ET

. The other nine I would imagine would be QBs in my opinion.

I just wanted a different list..

December 28, 2012  02:15 PM ET

Yeah..I just wanted a different list..

Better TD would have been the top 10 most important players outside QBs.

December 28, 2012  02:15 PM ET

Uh, Russell Wilson?

Settles offense starts with lynch

December 28, 2012  02:16 PM ET

Better TD would have been the top 10 most important players outside QBs.

I'm an inter-position TDs:) kind of guy..

December 28, 2012  02:22 PM ET

Anyone wanna do a TD arguing the best defensive player in the league? I got Clay Matthews.

I'd be down if I didn't agree with you

December 28, 2012  02:36 PM ET

I'd be down if I didn't agree with you

ha ha

December 28, 2012  02:37 PM ET

fun list Dyhard..
Good luck..
we have alot to disagree about..

December 28, 2012  02:40 PM ET

I only mentioned 5 QBs!
and 2 of them I threw under the bus!:)

December 28, 2012  02:41 PM ET

why did we have to play kaepernick when he didn't su-k--c!


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