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Andy Reid should NOT be fired

rolldamntide (0-2-0) vs ender rips (1-0-0)

this time of year we see a lot of coaches get a pink slip. Andy Reid will be one...but he should NOT.



Andy Reid has done a great job in Philadelphia but is it time for him to move on. His teams have preformed worse over the last few years and his choice of QB has has a lot to do with that. As the McNabb era ended he couldn't find a replacement or decide on a developmental prospect. He traded away his most likely replacement Kolb to cash in for the short term and placed his faith in vick. That turned out to be a bad decision as were many of his personnel moves. They were always about short term fixes and not long term solutions. He lost his patient approach that had created his success.

The team has not rallied around him through these difficult times. He has lost his ability to get them focused and motivated.There are even reports leaking that they quit on him. Watching the giant game, it is hard to disagree.

Additionally he now has alot of baggage from unlucky turns of events and his family problems . A new start would benefit him as well.
It is time to wish him well and turn the page. The Eagles need a fresh approach to make the hard decisions facing them. Reid can't be a part of that process. He had his chance this year and everything fell apart.

in case you missed it...the Eagles dont have a chance at getting replacement like Bill Cowher.
They are looking at Chip Kelly of Oregon. unproven.

Reid is one of the best of his generation. 130-93 record.
to compare: Jimmy Johnson's career: 144-80. [and Reid didn't have teams full of hall of famers!]

7 division championships

yes, vick was NOT the qb of the future. but he also had a LOT of bigtime injuries this year.

in his career he is in the top 70 percentile for win/loss ratio. That's pretty darn good.

There is a talent gap in the NFL right now. My god they are giving head coaching jobs to unproven people left and right and most are not lasting long.

The Eagles should have dumped Vick and focused on rebuilding around a new QB.

BUt they should have kept Reid. He has EXPERIENCE and he knows how to handle adversity. Philly is a TOUGH place to coach. You think Chip Kelly will last there?

What happens when he tries to mimick his Oregon offense & gets crushed? Hes a God in Oregon. Philly will eat him alive.

Then they will be starting all over again.

Reid had EARNED another chance

All your statistics miss the point. The question isnt if Andy reid has been a good coach in Philly . Of course he has; but not recently. Only one of those division championships came since 2006. NONE of those championships led to a super bowl win. Furthermore, he lost any chance he had when the team quit on him. Just like Mike Shanahan in Denver there comes a time when a new voice is needed--and he won 2 super bowls.!!
As far as comparing Jimmy Johnson to Reid , It is ridiculous . Not only did he win 2 super bowls after his first team won only 1 game; He made the correct personnel decisions to create that team and he developed those hall of fame players.
Marty Schottenheimer is more like Reid an excellent coach( 8 division titles) who didn't win in the playoffs for many reasons, some his fault, some just circumstance.
You don't know who will be hired or how they will do but irregardless it is not a good reason to keep a coach you don't want because you are afraid you wont be able to find somebody better. Does that mean you should keep vick because you may not replace him?
There are times when you must move on and try a different approach . Now is that time in Philadelphia.

The fact that Reid will IMMEDIATELY be rehired and not sent to the world of assistants tells us that he is a good coach NOW

and firing him just for the sake of getting a new "voice" makes people feel good but it doesnt fix the problems.

jimmy johnson had a team of hall of yeah, he better had won a super bowl. Reid has had to deal with very lackluster teams and yet he STILL managed to have a lot of success
Dan Marino never won a super bowl...but did Miami ever consider dropping him? No, bc HE wasnt the problem

Reid isnt the problem in Philly

Reid deserved one more chance with a new QB

good TD

Again you ignor the fact that Jimmie Johnson developed those hall of fame players. Andy Reid had 14 years yet couldn't do what Johnson did in his first 5 years and he started with players that were 1-15 his first year. How can you compare them? You yourself indict Reid by saying " Reid has had to deal with very lackluster teams" --by your own definition reid was lackluster. Who are you arguing for ? YOU continue "and yet he STILL managed to have a lot of success".... so he had success in spite of himself? With friends like you, who needs enemies...... Andy Reid needs a new situation as do the Eagles . He will get a new job with a second level franchise(no dallas for example) because as you point out there aren't many choices. The Eagles want to roll the dice and strive for the top not settle for a solid football coach who will improve a franchise but can't take them to the ultimate goal. He's had 14 chances in philly and is going backwards not forwards. As woody allen says "???A relationship, I think, is like a shark, you know? It has to constantly move forward or it dies. And I think what we got on our hands is a dead shark.???

December 31, 2012  12:49 PM ET

If you keep posting these I'm eventually going to have to pick one up and slap you around.

December 31, 2012  03:50 PM ET

Really, Really, REALLY!

After the hugh egg the Eagles laid yesterday there is no question that Reid should be fired!!!!!!

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January 1, 2013  11:44 AM ET

And in other news, water has been confirmed to indeed be wet.

Unless it's frozen, then it's hard!


January 1, 2013  08:28 PM ET

Unless it's frozen, then it's hard!A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!


January 7, 2013  09:43 AM ET

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January 7, 2013  09:44 AM ET


January 7, 2013  09:46 AM ET

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January 7, 2013  09:46 AM ET

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January 7, 2013  09:56 AM ET

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January 7, 2013  09:57 AM ET

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January 7, 2013  11:46 AM ET


January 7, 2013  11:46 AM ET



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