• 01/02/2013, 05:17AM ET

Top 10 playmakers, non QB, in 2013 NFL playoffs..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-63) vs Argos. (184-101-29)

1. Kaepernick.. No I'm kidding we like to have fun..

1. Clay big guns-look-at-all-that-hair Matthews

2. Gronk and Hernandez!! Ha ha.. Sorry!

4. Lynch, the TOTAL beast
Could you imagine tackling that guy..
It would be the funniest thing on toast..

5. Rice, (or ray the 2nd!)
I always liked this guy for some reason..
Even if he is 5"8 and I could probably tackle him..
(But I probably wouldn't make the cut:).. Ha ha..

6. Foster, the Japanese take a bow guy..
Yeah his celebrations are lame! Lame! Lame!
But he gets the job done..

7. Gore
Or uncle frank if you watched too much hell raiser as a kid:)

8. Michael turner..
Ha ha.. Usually I don't like RBs..
I don't know what's gotten into me..
They are important..
But in a very boring way..

9. Wes welker..
Yeah, he will always be remembered for "the drop"..
But Brady should have done a better pass!
Brady threw it too high!
I could have thrown a better pass!
(Probably not, ha ha ok ok ok)..

10. Donnie driver..
He is old but pretty damn good..

Fun TD..
Thanks for the easy "W":) ha ha..

I'll keep this argument simple.

1. Clay Matthews.
No argument here.

2. Adrian Peterson
How did you miss him?

3. Lynch
He is a beast, and has performed in the playoffs before.

4. JJ Watt
20.5 sacks, and seems to bat everything down

5. Alfred Morris
2nd in the league in rushing!

6. Foster
Also pretty good.

7. Gronk
Not as big of a threat as Rice or Foster, but still the best TE in the game.

8. AJ Green
When Cincy needs a play, they go to this guy.

9. Richard Sherman
His 8 picks were second best in the league, and also had 3 forced fumbles, and took a blocked field goal back for a TD.

10. Randall Cobb
Driver probably wont even dress in the playoffs. He is about 7th or 8th on the Packers WR depth chart. He has been hurt. He has 8 catches this year, and has averaged 5.9 yards per game. Cobb is a threat on punt and kick returns, and was also the Packers top WR this year with 80 receptions, 954 yards, and 8 TD in 15 games. He started the year off many peoples radar with the Packers incredible depth at WR, but he has emerged to be a star.

My bad on Peterson..
I must have teporarily forgotten the Vikings made the playoffs..
And yes.. He would be very high on my list
AND Donnie would have gotten knocked off..

I also like the addition of green..
But Wes walker has the best hands in the business..
We all know this..
You can not debate that last fact..
It's criminal you do not have him..


You still would have had Donald Driver as number 11? Please some how explain to me, a Packer homer, how the hell Donald Driver even gets considered?!?!?!?! He had 77 yards on the season! He is washed up and done.

Wes Welker is one of many options Brady has, and when a big play is needed, Brady is more likely to go to one of his big TEs. AJ Green is the man in Cincy. Welker did have more catches and yards, but AJ Green had 97 catches for 1354 yards, averaging nearly 14 yards per reception! He also had 11 TD, 5 more than Welker.

Welker may have better hands, but AJ Green is a bigger and better playmaker, and also a much more important player than Welker to his team. It is more criminal that you don't have AP, Sherman, Alfred Morris, AJ Green, or even JJ Watt on your list than me not having Welker.

Why say MTC when you only used about half your characters? Why not just more in that last argument?

I was very tired yesterday..

The Peterson mistake was appalling..
And your other wide receiver pick was better..
And your logic with welker being the third place pretty girl behind the 2 TEs isn't bad..

But I'm not forfeiting!
I'm out of bullets..

That was a weak argument. I don't even know why I bother TD'ing you any more.

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January 2, 2013  06:32 AM ET

You're missing the biggest one.

January 2, 2013  06:46 AM ET

You're missing the biggest one.

Adam vinaterri doesn't count!

January 2, 2013  06:47 AM ET

I know this is similar to one I did last week..
But this time no bad flaccid or take the weird cheesecake kaepernick!

January 2, 2013  06:49 AM ET

You're missing the biggest one.

Ohhhhhhhh dear
Aaaaaah shucks!!

And I was doing sooo well with RBs..

January 2, 2013  06:57 AM ET

Going first is rough..

January 2, 2013  10:28 AM ET

Alfred Morris, RB for the Skins is a bigger playmaker than almost everyone you listed...

January 2, 2013  02:33 PM ET

Alfred Morris, RB for the Skins is a bigger playmaker than almost everyone you listed...

Ha ha..
I hate the skins..
My ex college sweetheart lives there

January 2, 2013  02:53 PM ET

Looking forward to arguments.

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January 2, 2013  04:37 PM ET

cant pick left. no ap which is just brutal...

January 2, 2013  06:49 PM ET

Right obviously has the better list, but I'm a little disappointed that there were no Broncos mentioned. Either Demaryius Thomas or Von Miller should be included.

January 2, 2013  09:29 PM ET

Ohhhhhhhh dearPederson..Aaaaaah shucks!!And I was doing sooo well with RBs..


January 2, 2013  09:32 PM ET

falling over right.

January 3, 2013  09:21 AM ET

I'm voting right All Day.


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