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Wild Card Weekend Winners ??? Let's Pickem.

la_escroc (0-1-1) vs Dyhard (43-23-2)

Cincinnati Vs. Houston

The Bengals pull off the upset. Houston hasn't been the same dangerous team in the last few weeks, and the Bengals make a good spoiler. Andy Dalton and AJ Green are becoming lethal, and the Bengals D is looking strong.

Verdict: Bengals pull it out.

Indianapolis Vs. Baltimore

Andrew Luck is great, but the Ravens are coming off of a huge emotional boost after learning that Ray Lewis won't be coming back next year. Raven take this game, although it'll probably be a high scoring and drawn out game.

Verdict: Ravens win.

Minnesota Vs. Green Bay

The Vikings are looked very, very convincing in the last weeks of the regular season. They already beat Green Bay twice in the last few weeks and Adrian Peterson will be looking to do it again. Problem is, Ponder simply isn't Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are going to win this one, although Peterson will likely have another great day.

Verdict: Packers, easily.

Washington Vs. Seattle

The Seahawks are scary, but not without their twelfth man. RG3 and Wilson will make this game interesting, but look for turnovers and missed opportunities.

Verdict: Skins win.

I think the Texans are going to pull this game out easily. I don't trust Andy Dalton or the Bengals' offense to overcome the Texans' D and I really can't see the Texans' offense being stopped. You mention Dalton becoming lethal, but in the last 5 games (month of December), he's thrown 4 TDs and 5 INTs. To me, that's not lethal. Hell, that's not even good play. And I can't see it getting better against the Texans.

I think the Colts are going to be victorious over Baltimore. They're limping into the playoffs after losing the last 4 of 5 games while Indy has won 5 of the last 6. While I think it's a nice boost for the Ravens' D to play extra hard for Ray Lewis, I see Luck out-playing Flacco and the Colts advancing to Round 2.

Packers are going to win, no argument there!

I have Seattle winning this match-up. I really, really like the Seahawks' O with the combo of Marshawn Lynch at RB and Russell Wilson at QB. I think this game is going to be a high-scoring affair, but the main thing that scares me off of Washington is RGIII's 9 fumbles on the year compared to Wilson's 2. I think Seattle wins a close game.

In the last month, Houston has gone 1-3. They've lost to good teams, but they've lost the dominant look that they displayed early in the year. Andy Dalton has dropped off a bit in the last few weeks, but the combo of him and Green is still very lethal. This game will likely be sloppy with lots of turnovers. In the end, Bengals win.

Besides the emotional need to win for the Ravens, they're also playing with a lot more experience than the Colts. Forget about the regular season, this is a team that has been to the playoffs every year for the last four years, and quite a bit in the decade before that. Andrew Luck has a bright future, but he doesn't have the experience to pull this one out. I stick with my earlier vote, Ravens take this one.

Packers stay the same, easy choice.

Seattle is a fantastic team, I'll give you that. Keep in mind though, Russell Wilson plays badly on the road and the Skins have the 5th ranked run defense. Seattle has a great defense as well, so it'll probably be a low scoring game. Still though, I don't see Seattle being able to pull out the win on the road against a hot Redskins team. I still give it to Washington.

While the Texans haven't been the best team in the last 4 weeks, they did win the division with a victory over Indianapolis in week 15 at home. The Texans have a pretty solid defense consisting of Watt, Joseph, Jackson and Manning. Dalton-Green isn't as lethal as you make it out to be, especially against a strong D like the Texans. Speaking of good WR-QB duos, what about Andre Johnson-Matt Schaub? And Arian Foster > BJGE too. Texans are going to win this match-up and force Dalton into an INT machine.

While the experience factor benefits Baltimore, I don't think experience is going to win this game. Andrew Luck is a better QB than Joe Flacco already imo. You have not only a very good rookie QB who turned around a 2-win team, but the Colts are coming into the playoffs with momentum which is huge. Baltimore almost tossed away the division title at the end!

Wilson struggled on the road, but he has turned it around. The first two months of the season, Wilson had 10 TDs, 8 INT. In November & December, he's had only 2 INT and 16 TDs. Talk about a turn-around! While the 'skins are hot, so are the 'hawks winning 7 of 8 and the last 5 games. Wilson is gonna bring SEA a W.

For the Texans, just take a look at the QB's that have beaten them in the last couple weeks, ignoring the NE game (Tom Brady can't be compared to Dalton).

- Matthew Stafford is a turnover machine with a high powered rocket for an arm. Regardless, he led the defense-less Lions past the Texans.

- Andrew Luck beat the Texans with under 200 yards and an insignificant running game.

- Christian Ponder (Peterson was pretty much a non factor) led the Vikings to victory with just 174 yards.

Houston is in a slump and the Bengals have gone 6-1 in the last seven weeks. Bengals win.

With Ray Lewis in the game for possibly the last time, you can bet that the intensity level is going to be insane in Baltimore. I'll take experience over youth in this matchup. Luck will be a better QB in time, but he's still turnover prone and inexperienced.

Seattle is very good, I won't argue that. Wilson hasn't passed over 300 yards yet this season though, which is a result of relying heavily on a run game. Against the 5th ranked run defense, Lynch can't carry the team. The Redskins are in the same boat, except RG3 is a more accomplished passer. Because of that, Skins take this game.

Can you tell me who the Bengals beat of note? They're an overrated team that has benefited from a weak schedule late. Since week 10, the Bengals have only beat 1 team with an offense that was ranked higher than 20th. The team? Baltimore, who was playing their back-ups so the win doesn't mean anything. Cincy isn't a strong team while the Texans are still a very good team are going to win pretty easily, especially at home.

Indy had 81 yds rushing, that wasn't insignificant. Plus, they're a hot team and they're living off of playing for Chuck and remaining Chuckstrong. That's definitely a huge plus for their team & with how the Ravens are limping into the playoffs, it doesn't help anything. I'll take a team that is pretty hot, playing for their coach & has an excellent QB on their side. Indy wins.

I wouldn't call RGIII being a more accomplished passer. He has 6 less TDs, way more fumbles and look at what Wilson did against NE (3 TDs/0 INT in a 24-23 win). Doesn't look like Lynch carries the team. 12 non-Wilson rush TDs for SEA while WAS has 15 non-RGIII rush TDs. Also, Washington is 30th in OPP passing yds. Look for Wilson to have a big game & get the W.

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January 3, 2013  01:42 AM ET

It's not letting me submit my argument... am I doing something wrong?

January 3, 2013  01:52 AM ET

It's not letting me submit my argument... am I doing something wrong?

What browser do you use? You need to trim your characters. Depending on your browser, you may need to cut down as low as 1160 characters.

January 3, 2013  10:18 AM ET

What browser do you use? You need to trim your characters. Depending on your browser, you may need to cut down as low as 1160 characters.

Ah, thanks.

January 3, 2013  11:01 AM ET

I agree with all your picks. The Skins game though I can see being a toss up.

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January 3, 2013  02:47 PM ET

2 of these now?You're a moron.

U should feel at home then.

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January 3, 2013  07:43 PM ET

vikes over gb could is also a tossup. gb and their passing attack do not flow well in the cold weather, especially if its crappy out. the weather clearly favors mns desire to run the ball plus peterson has destroyed the pack twice already. this one i'd think should be much closer than people think.

January 4, 2013  01:20 AM ET

I read the other day, if AP goes off, the Vikings haven't won in the playoffs. I'm not concerned with letting AP go off. let him do his own thing and worry about stopped Ponder. and what are you talking about with the passing attack not flowing in cold weather? what about their game against Tennessee when they were at home? offense seemed to flow perfectly fine to me!

January 4, 2013  01:56 AM ET

good TD dude! good luck in the voting!

January 4, 2013  10:47 AM ET

good TD dude! good luck in the voting!

Yeah man, same!

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