• 01/19/2013, 03:22PM ET

Rank the five best running QB's in the league.

la_escroc (0-1-1) vs kalbrecht17 (17-11-5)

1. Robert Griffin III

Pass YDS: 3,200
Pass TD: 20
INT: 5
Rush YDS: 815
Rush TD: 7
QB Rating (from 102. 94

RG3 is efficient, doesn't turn the ball over, and is almost definitely the most accurate passer out of the bunch. And for all those that argue that he's too conservative, he's second on this list with 8.14 yards per pass.

2. Colin Kaepernick (Seven Games as Starter)

Pass YDS: 1,814
Pass TD: 10
INT: 3
Rush YDS: 415
Rush TD: 5
QB rating: 97.9

He's the only one on the list still in the playoffs. Nuff Said.

3. Russel Wilson

Pass Yards: 3,118
Pass TD: 26
INT: 10
Rush YDS: 489
Rush TD:4
QB Rating: 100.0

Very underrated, but he's already one of the best in the league. Also, Wilson is maybe the most clutch player on this list.

4. Cam Newton

Pass YDS: 3,869
Pass TD: 19
INT: 12
Rush YDS:741
Rush TD: 8
QB Rating: 86.2

Remember when this guy was in a class of his own?

5. Michael Vick (10 Games)

Pass YDS: 2,362
Pass TD: 12
INT: 10
Rush YDS: 332
Rush TD: 1
QB Rating: 78.1

Vick is on this list purely based on reputation alone. And the fact that the next best rushing QB is probably Tim Tebow.

Alright I'll take this one. Judging from the title, I'm gonna completely throw out their passing cuz it doesn't matter. We're talking just running. So here we go.

Since this is current here's how i see em.

1. Agree with Griffin. Too much speed, too shifty. Just a great pure runner.

2. Even though his passing is just garbage at times, I go with Vick at 2. In the open field, no one man can tackle him. He's got great speed, great moves. Can't throw but hot dang can he run.

3. Kaps. His 180 game performance speaks for itself. I can't rank him ahead of the other 2 right now because a ton of his rushing is a product of the niners great rush attack that was already in place but he's a great runner nonetheless.

4. Gonna go with Newton here. has great ability to get to the open space and make plays himself. also has a ton of rushing power to churn out extra yardage.

5a and 5b. I really can't give an advantage to either guy as they're the same type of runner and make the same type of plays. So I go with a tie between Rodgers and Wilson. I'll explain why later.

Best of luck!

I should have been a bit more specific about the passing aspect of their games, that's on me.

I only need to make two adjustments to compensate for the lack of a passing game.

1. Robert Griffin

No argument here, moving on.

2. Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick has shown that he's beast on the ground??? he's like a Newton/Griffin hybrid. Plus he has a passing game, making his running game that much scarier.

3. Cam Newton

Cam is the most difficult QB int he league to bring down. He's huge, he's fast and he's completely unafraid. I'd still place him behind RG3 and Kaepernick though, just because his passing game hasn't evolved to the level of his run game.

4. Russell Wilson

Shifty, quick, and difficult to hit head-on. His run game isn't a huge part of his offense, but he's still a monster at it.

5. Tim Tebow

Yep. I went there. It may be a bit hypocritical to have Tebow and not Michael Vick, but Tebow somehow makes it work. In the 11 games that he started last year in Denver, he ran for 660 yards.

Like Vick, Tebow doesn't have a great passing game. Unlike Vick, Tebow is clutch and won't get injured every time he's tackled.

alirght, ill just say the fact that griffin and kaps are on here is a moot point. doesn't matter how we rank em. they can run to beat hell
same with newton.

so looking at your list, you've got no mike vick now... that same michael vick who has given d coords headaches since he came into the league. that same vick that can make people hold their breath when he tucks the ball. simply, how in god's name does vick not even make the list??????????? he's an amazing runner. and that simple fact that he doesn't make the list makes this rather ridiculous aside from your other rankings.

now to my 5a and 5b that people were wondering about. Wilson and Rodgers. Needless to say, both are incredible at extending the play. As far as simple feet go, ill give wilson the edge. but where rodgers comes in is the simple fact that teams know the pass is coming. yet rodgers some how has the ability to use that against rushers and use his feet to frequently escape the pocket and create the extra time to let the receivers get open. both of them have that innate ability to create extra time, they are just the product of specific systems, hence the applicable sameness. just a matter of perspective.

Michael Vick gets legacy points, that's it. In the 10 games that he started in 2012, he rushed for 330 yards and one TD.

In the 11 games that Tebow started in Denver last season, he rushed for 660 yards and 6 TD's. There is no comparison, Tim Tebow murdered Vick's stats.

If we were talking about Vick over his entire career, than he would be high on the list. We're not, however, and Tebow is currently the more efficient runner.

As far as Rodgers in concerned, he is a great scrambler. He rushed for 259 yards and two TD's in 2012. However, Rodgers is never going to kill a defense on the ground. He may be great at getting first downs and extending plays, but he won't burn a defense running.

As for your statement: "but where rodgers comes in is the simple fact that teams know the pass is coming. yet rodgers some how has the ability to use that against rushers and use his feet to frequently escape the pocket and create the extra time to let the receivers get open."

That, sir, is entirely rubbish. I get what you were trying to say, but a rushing QB's greatest weapon is his ability to keep the defense guessing. Rodgers may be a good scrambler, but not a runner.

If you're talking pure stats on vick vs. tebow its really not a fair way to draw comparisons. i'm not gonna look at the pure yardage totals because tebow carried the ball more in the style of offense that fox put him in. he was designed to carry the rock around the goal line as well. not a knock on him as it is a unique ability he has, but it makes the simple comparison of stats not entirely fair.

tebow in 2011 rushed for the yardage you said on 122 carries for an average of 5.4 yards. vick this year rushed the 332 yards on 62 carries also for an average of 5.4 yards. in 2011 vick averaged 7.8 yards a carry. he's just a more dynamic runner, even now.

i'll give you that he's never going down as a "runner" but rodgers ability, even when D's know he will be back in the pocket, to get himself space is huge. he averages almost 5 yards a carry for his career. he's got pretty decent wheels too as he ran a 4.7 40. the reason i listed him w wilson is because they both do much the same thing. they run out of necessity and they run to create the big passing plays. i think if rodgers were to have rushing support, he could have much better rush numbers. he just doesn't choose to do so.

January 19, 2013  06:20 PM ET

RGIII's a cripple. I'll go with anyone who can currently stand on two legs over him.

January 19, 2013  08:23 PM ET

I agree with left

January 19, 2013  08:49 PM ET

5a & 5b gotta see this reasoning

January 19, 2013  09:32 PM ET

By the way, the ??? is an em dash. I gotta quit using those...

January 20, 2013  12:08 AM ET

By the way, the ??? is an em dash. I gotta quit using those...

this site has just gotten pathetic as far as that crap goes.

January 20, 2013  08:55 AM ET

I would not call Rogers a running QB. Very mobile yes. Running no. Many QBs are/have been mobile in the pocket but they were never considered running QBs. Elway, Brady and Big Ben just to name a few.

January 20, 2013  08:59 AM ET

Left got it right on Vick. He gets hurt way too easily lately to make the top 5.

January 20, 2013  01:39 PM ET

Left got it right on Vick. He gets hurt way too easily lately to make the top 5.


January 20, 2013  04:02 PM ET

Left got it right on Vick. He gets hurt way too easily lately to make the top 5.

as far as vick, getting hurt really should have no effect on whether or not you can run. personally yeah i would never want him as my teams qb because he gets hurt so much. but when he can run, he is extremely dynamic.

January 20, 2013  04:14 PM ET

really fun to td with you though!

January 20, 2013  04:27 PM ET

really fun to td with you though!


January 21, 2013  12:59 PM ET

No vote, neither argument makes any sense. RGIII was great til he became an invalid. I'll go with kaepernick, since he's going to the Super Bowl and the rest of these guys can barely win a game.


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