• 02/04/2013, 10:42PM ET

NHL tourney TD: 6 players from 2 teams to build around for the future

fvkasm2x (193-58-12) vs kalbrecht17 (14-11-5)

I'll go with the Blues and Kings

C - Anze Kopitar (25)

Hard to believe he's still just 25 but he's a strong all around player.

LW- David Perron

He averaged 48.5 points in 2 years as a 20 and 21 year old. An injury in the next season kept him out for a while, but he ended up coming back & getting 42 points in 57 games. He'll get better!

RW- Tarasenko (21)

I'm on the bandwagon. 10 points in 8 games so far in his rookie campaign. We've seen how good he can be and he'll only get better. It's early, but he is leading the team in scoring & this team spreads the wealth with a number of weapons.

D- Doughty (23)

A d-man this young with a Stanley Cup and Norris finalist is rare. Struggles last year but I think we've seen what kind of player he can be. I don't doubt he has many years of success left.

D- Alex Pietrangelo (23)

This kid is getting better every game it seems. He's sound in every aspect of the game.

G- Quick (27)

Proven workhorse. Averaging 36.5 wins over the past 3 years. That is phenomenal.

Ill go with the bruins and the avs.

LW Gabriel Landeskog- (20)- In his one season, he put up 22 goals and 30 assists and a plus 20 rating. In addition to winning the Calder, he is also the youngest captain in the history of the league.

C Matt Duchene (22)- yes he had a down year last year that was shortened by injury, but he is a capable scorer and has come out red hot this year with 9 pts in 9 games. is just 2 years removed from leading the Avs in scoring with 67 pts in 80 games.

RW- Tyler Seguin (21)- led the bruins in scoring last year with 67 points and posted a +/- of plus-34.

D- Erik Johnson (24)- Steady manning the blue line and is a big body in the defensive zone. Led all Colorado D-men with 26 points last year despite only playing in 73 games.

D- Dougie Hamilton (19)- Just 8 games into his career, he's already tallied 4 assists. Definitely a smooth player and Julien is raving about him. He could be Boston's next defensive star.

G- Tuukka Rask (25)- pushed Thomas right out the door (and yes Timmy helped the cause but thats another argument). hasn't disappointed this year with a 5-1-1 record with 2.1 GAA and 92% SP.

Good luck! should be fun!

Good picks. A case could be made. However:

1) Rask didn't push Tim out the door.

Tim pretty much opened it and let Rask walk in. Rask is in his FIFTH season with the Bruins. He's been the #1 guy in Boston just once in his 5 years there. The Maple Laffs gave up on him for Phil Kessel.

2) Duchene has missed significant time with both a knee injury and an ankle injury. He missed a month with the ankle and 2 months with the knee.

3) Johnson has shown lots of potential, but he's also been a negative player his entire 5 year NHL career. His best showing is a -5 two years ago. He also has 0 post season experience. Combine that with Hamilton and you are building your core with 2 defensemen who have never played in the playoffs before.

In fact, you only have 1 player here who has actually played a game in the playoffs and Rask only played in the run 3 years ago... it was Thomas who started all the games for their Cup season.

4) Landeskog and Hamilton with a combined 1 year of NHL experience. Rask as a starter for 1 year.

You went really young and inexperienced, which is a bigger risk IMO. Some stats next.

1. if rask would have played like garbage, thomas would still be playing right now. i also noted thomas helped the cause. goalies are insanely hard to predict as you know. he's turned his game on. who would've predicted luongo was going to be potentially a bench warmer in Van 3 years ago?

2. Yes he was hurt. so was Crosby. Injuries happen. Its not like his body is falling apart. He also played hurt, showing a toughness that you need to show if you're building around a guy.

3. It thought that's what this was about. The FUTURE. I'll add the vets around this core and build.

4. again, building for the future. I feel like my team is poised to go big. this isn't about what's "known". What my team is that if I was building a team up with pure young talent, this is where I'd go. Obviously if we were going for talent now, I''d take slightly different people. Its a matter of perspective.

My issues with your arguments: you make the argument Duchene was hurt. So was Perron. Can't have it both ways. Doughty was a -2 last year. so don't give me crap for Johnson's +/-.

My team is young and cheeeeaaaaap money wise. I have a ton of space to add solid vets around them where needed.

Thomas would NOT be playing right now, because he isn't by choice. Rask didn't beat him out, Thomas quit. BIG difference.

You say "this isn't about what is known, it is for the future." They are still one and the same. If you want to build for success, you still have to base that off skill, past performance and projections.


Yes Doughty was -2, but he was coming off +20 and +13 seasons. Don't compare Johnson's continuous negatives to Doughty with a -2

Doughty - 36, 40 and 59 point seasons
Pietrangelo - 43 and 51 point seasons. Seasons of +16, 18 and 20
Johnson - 39 point season

So my D have scored more, put up better +/- and have made noise in the playoffs.


Quick has more wins (134) than Rask has games played (110)
Last year Quick posted 10 shutouts in 1 season, Rask has 12 total for his career.

He's played more, won more and helped carry his team to the Stanley Cup. Rask merely held Thomas' jock while Thomas almost singlehandedly won Boston their Cup.


Kopitar is better than any of your 3 guys. I'm relying on Tarasenko being a star. Hard to compare him with yours.

I'm not going to get in a debate on Thomas. Personally I believe he was forced out due to his idiotic comments that embarrassed people coupled with Rask's strong play. Its an opinion as we don't know all the inner workings of what went down leading him to "quit."

As I've said in the comments, if we're going with your perspective on the future, I'll take different guys like crosby and malkin who are studs but might have a little less time than my guys. I am building for success based on the 3 things you mention. If you can't see that with my guys, you don't know hockey.

D- look at the teams they're on. The kings just won the cup. I'd hope to god their top D-man who runs PP is gonna score some points. STL is much the same way. Outstanding goaltending and an overall better team in addition to good D lead to strong +/- rankings. Also, Hamilton looks like a stud and will continue to produce.

G- 2 years older and no competition. I'd sure as hell hope he's won more games.

F- Kopitar might be better now, but all 3 of my guys have the potential to be better. Kopitar is at his top now, my guys have room to grow and exceed him. My team's for the future, yours the now.just by a lil

February 4, 2013  10:47 PM ET

Other matchups:

BM vs Dyhard. Winner against winner of this TD.
Argos vs Jim Winner against:
11Rings vs Float

February 5, 2013  01:27 AM ET

looking forward to it. should be fun.

February 5, 2013  10:08 AM ET


Comment #4 has been removed
February 5, 2013  10:37 AM ET

My TD with Dyhard has been posted.

Couldn't you just send out 50,000 fan mails for 'views'?

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February 5, 2013  03:46 PM ET

I'm surprised neither side took the Edmonton Oilers. They are loaded with young talent.

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February 5, 2013  03:54 PM ET

Dougie Hamilton is a stud.

Is this sports related? Or are you giving a shout out to one of your neighbors?

February 5, 2013  04:14 PM ET

I'm surprised neither side took the Edmonton Oilers. They are loaded with young talent.

thought about them, but i felt these 2 gave me a better overall lineup

February 5, 2013  04:15 PM ET

Dougie Hamilton is a stud.


February 5, 2013  05:23 PM ET

I'm surprised neither side took the Edmonton Oilers. They are loaded with young talent.

Yeah I thought the Oilers might be in the mix.

The Pens crossed my mind too. Crosby's still only 25. Malkin's 26.

February 5, 2013  05:25 PM ET

Yeah I thought the Oilers might be in the mix.The Pens crossed my mind too. Crosby's still only 25. Malkin's 26.

Lots of good teams. I look at both Pitt and Edmonton

February 5, 2013  05:26 PM ET

The Pens crossed my mind too. Crosby's still only 25. Malkin's 26.

Add Letang (25) and you have three superstars.

February 5, 2013  05:48 PM ET

I was gonna go Boston and Pittsburgh, then Edmonton or STL with any of those teams. Ended up going way off path.

February 5, 2013  08:18 PM ET

Lots of good teams. I look at both Pitt and Edmonton

i thought about them too. edmonton was strong in my mind. pitt i felt was more established and since it was planning for the future, i felt like going with not necessarily "superstar, established" players was the way to go.

February 6, 2013  03:05 PM ET

Edmonton and Montreal.

Eberle, Nugent-Hopkins, Hall, Schultz, and I guess Subban, with Price in net.

February 7, 2013  09:25 AM ET

Rask was a teammate with Kessel in Boston. Never heard of teammates being traded for one another.

February 7, 2013  09:28 AM ET

"In fact, you only have 1 player here who has actually played a game in the playoffs and Rask only played in the run 3 years ago..."

I guess Seguin was riding the pine all of 2011 and 2012 playoffs. Same goes for Duchene in 2011

Holy crap man, get your stuff together. Most inaccurate debate I've seen since Argos


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