• 02/05/2013, 09:49AM ET

Rank the bestest 10 Super Bowls, last 20 years, in terms of being fun and full of deliciousness!!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-63) vs Argos. (184-101-29)

1. Gmen beat undefeated pats

2. Gmen beat a significantly better pats for a 2nd time..

3. A wild saints beat colts

4. Pats win for the first time against the fantastic rams..

5. Rams beat titans in a thriller that included the immaculate

6. Burg beat the little engine that could not cardinals..

7. Ravens beat 49ers.. Would be higher except both QBs kind of su--k--cc.. Not as bad as cutler.. But no where near the lame QB We call Eli manning.. Unfortunately they have to give the trophy to somebody.. These 2 teams are more of the cute teams.. Neither one has a shot at a dynasty..

8. Pats beat panthers.. Remember jake delhomme? Ha ha.. It would have been hilarious to say champion and delhomme in the same sentence.. But it almost happened!

9. Pats beat a fantastic eagles.. I just wanted to give mcnabb some love..

10. How about dem cowboys!!! Beating burg..
Not the best of matches, in terms of excitement.. But dem boys were just so fantastic I HAD TO SMELL THEM!!! Plus jimmy Johnson was always fun to watch.. Have we ever seen someone coach with more enthusiasm? This guy REALLY loved his football.. He would of nibbled on footballs ear if it had one!

1. SB XLII, Giants 17 - 14 Pats

2. SB XLIII, Steelers 27 - 23 Cards
How can you not love this one as number two? Fitz running all over the field, James Harrison with a 100 yard pick 6 to end the half, Holmes with the amazing catch with seconds left. This game was amazing!

3. SB XXXII, Broncos 31 - 24 Pack
Favre & the great Pack going for back-to-back, against Elway looking for his 1st. The underdogs won, with TD being amazing and The Helicopter play!

4. SB XXXVI, Pats 20 - 17 Rams
Pats win their first, as major underdogs, on the final play.

5. SB XXXIV, Rams 23 - 16 Titans
Any SB that goes to the final play is amazing!

6. SB XXXVIII, Pats 32 - 29 Panthers
Game winning field goal, crazy back and forth finish, and a memorable half-time show (Janet Jackson). Pats win back-to-back!

7. SB XLVI, Giants 21 - Pats 17
Not nearly as exciting as the ones above.

8. SB XLVII, Ravens 34 - 31 49'ers

9. SB XLV, Pack 31 - 25 Steelers
Close exciting game.

10. SB XLIV, Saints 31 - 17 Colts
That pick six was exciting! But a two-score game is tough to crack in the top 10.

Subjective to say the least ha ha..

I love the pats vs gmen rivalry..
I really can't think of anything close to it in the recent history of the NFL..
It's a shame we get the measly jets in our division and not the mighty gmen..
But on the plus side when we do play them it's for all the marbles..
You can say they have our number..
But realistically it just comes down to a play here and a play there..
The gmen really do bring out the best in us.. They really do..

The elway vs favre saga..
The problem with this is the result was pretty obvious..
And favre, (I know I will get stick for this), was not a real big match player..

Packers vs burg?
Wasn't kordell Stuart the QB? Ha ha..
Oh dear.. If it wasn't him then it must have been a random..
Either way.. Excuse me if I never watch this highlight reel.. Hardly the stuff of classics..

What the hell was the first part of your argument about? You didn't even mention the games.

The first Giants-Pats Super Bowl was great. It was a big upset, and came down to the final plays. The last one was exciting, but not even close to the drama or excitement of the first. Still a great SB, but not as good as the six I have ahead of it.

Favre was not a real big match player? Try saying that in 1998, when he was coming off his 3rd straight MVP, was a household name, and just won the Super Bowl the previous year. Elway was the old man with no Super Bowl up to that point and considered the player who couldn't get it done in the biggest games. This game had the Broncos take the lead with under 2 minutes left in the game, and an exciting final drive by the Packers that came up just short.

The Packers-Steelers Super Bowl was only 2 years ago, and it was Big Ben vs. Aaron Rodgers. Not exactly random QBs. Aaron Rodgers had one of the best performances in a Super Bowl, and capped off an incredible run by the Packers, who were the #6 seed

I thought you were talking about favre beating up the steel men..
My bad..
Big unforced error..
Oh well..
I deserve to lose..

And I was sober!

Favre never played the Steelers in the playoffs...

February 5, 2013  12:48 PM ET

Froggie couldn't rememeber the QBs from 2010! Vote right, all day long!

February 5, 2013  02:21 PM ET

Froggie couldn't rememeber the QBs from 2010! Vote right, all day long!

Ha ha..
My bad!
I thought he was talking about favre vs kordell hives on his face Stewart!

February 5, 2013  05:06 PM ET

Super Bowl 32 followed by 33.

Back to Back Jack!


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