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Plot for Star Wars VII/ NBA dark horse team

J-Business (78-66-19) vs 7#bag _ Com (997-338-74)

My suggestion is:
Bring back Hans Solo as the older non-Jedi who is now trying to teach his young undisciplined son that the force is real.
Harrison Ford has remained a top level actor and can pull it off

I loved Luke and Leia but their real life counterparts have grown old and haven't been in big time movies lately. I don't think they can pull the part.

They die between episodes and their memories live on.

The new young Jedi finally comes into his own and defeats a new enemy that threatens to bring back the Dark Side

Try to be original, no expanded universe stuff

Now to the TD

Which NBA team will be a dark horse in the playoffs? Dark horse meaning a 6-8th seed that can do damage and win a rd and maybe more.

My suggestion is the Milwaukee Bucks
The Bucks have a good mix of offense and defense. With Monta Ellis and Jennings on offense and Sanders on def, you have to believe that they'll be competitive in the playoffs

They also have a good chance at slipping into the 6-7 seed. I can definitely see them beating the Knicks or Pacer.

The Bucks will surprise someone in the playoffs

Far as a plot, there are only about a 100 or so books to go with.

I really am not looking forward to the next trilogy, unless its Boba Fett stomping a mudhole in Jar-Jar in Jabba's Throne room with Beyonce in the Bikini.

Far as the Dark Horse?

I'll take the Hawks
Right now they face the Pacers.

Horford can matchup with Roy, and they are up 2-1 on the season series. Every Road team has won so far, so being the underdog is an advantage.

From what I hear, they'll go with an original plot.
I think the new Star Wars will be good
Luke was in his late teens/early 20's so I can see a mid 50's-60 character of Hans solo with a son

I don't see the Hawks doing well in the playoffs. Right now, they are actively looking to trade Josh Smith, their leading scorer and very well may do s, because they want to get something for him before he leaves via FA

They traded their top player last yr (Joe Johnson) and one of their key players (M. Williams). This yr, they also lost one of their leading scorers to injury (Lou Williams)

This means they'll be in the playoffs w/out Josh Smith and basically a new team. Indiana and all other teams are veteran clubs with experience.

Without having serious high level talent, it's unlikely Atlanta will beat anyone in the playoffs
Also, Roy Hibbert is only the 4th leading scorer for Indiana. Atlanta would also have to deal with George, West, Hill and a returning Danny Granger.

Milwaukee's team has been together for a few yrs, so they'll do well. Also, they match up well against any team except Miami and I don't see Boston holding on to the 7th spot w/out Rondo.

I feel the Pacers are better off without Granger, he slows the ball down, his defense is laughable at times- and Even though I think Uncle Frankie is one of the best coaches in the NBA, I just don't see them beating Atlanta.

So you like the Bucks to beat the HEAT more than you like the Hawks to beat a team they are leading the season series 2-1 against?

I can see the Bucks taking the 7 seed, if the Celtics punt the season, but you have a problems there.

The Knicks have BLOWN THE BUCKS OUT BOTH TIMES they have played!

I love me some Future-Mav (sorry Dyhard) Brandon Jennings, but who else on there do you care about? Monte Ellis got dumped by Golden State- and their third best player is MIKE DUNLEAVEY- unless you are a huge Larry Sanders fan (and to be honest, I am)

Samuel. Dalembert has been a bust, and quite simply, I got nothing for Beno.

If you are going all original script, then how about the Jedi Academy? You could have Yoda on tape, (FRANK FN OZ) A whole cast of Characters and basically make it a Jedi-Hogwarts to rebuild the next generation.

Indiana may seem better without Granger but the reality is they will need his scoring punch in the playoffs.

Also, I see you didn't mentioned anything about Atlanta which is smart because they can potentially be going into the playoffs w/ a starting 5 of
Player traded for Smith
Devin Harris

That is hardly a winning team against a battle tested squad like Indiana w/

I feel that Milwaukee will climb over Boston for the 7th seed. Boston is in sell mode and this can be seen by their desire to trade Garnett

Milwaukee has a good solid team that has played in the playoffs
Yes, I'm a big fan of Sanders and ehe Bucks are actually better at the guard position than the Knicks

In fact, the Bucks guards have outscored the Knicks guards 65-31. While NY relies more on Melo, this isn't a good number going into a playoff series

I see it being a tough series that Milwaukee has a good chance to win

Good idea for the Jedi academy
I think they'll go with the idea of the child of Hans and Leia. That's the only direct tie in to the previous cast that makes sense.
It will be interesting

Oh I can talk Bucks.

But you are again talking a team that is going to get SWEPT by the Heat, and is losing to the Knicks so far this season, vs a team that is WINNING the season series GOING AWAY in their current matchup.

How much do I need to do on the Bucks? Jennings is already looking for next season, Monte has been a disaster, and other than SANDERS, who scares you?

Lets look at your lineup

M. Ellis PG
M. Daniels SG
B. Jennings PG
E. Ilyasova SF
S. Dalembert C

Yeah- player vs player- Where do you see an advantage vs the Heat or the Knicks?

Lets also keep in mind, you don't know who the Hawks get- Might be Howard, might be PP, might be Beno for all we know.

February 17, 2013  10:43 AM ET

Harrison Ford is getting up there in years so they'd have to use a lot of CGI to make anyone believe he had a young son. A grandson, maybe. But a young son, no way.

February 17, 2013  11:46 AM ET

somebody is still interested in episodes 7-9? actually fell asleep in the theater during episode II and didn't see anything in episode III to change my mind about the series. Lucas can keep adding money to the coffers by simply adding another 47 seconds to each episode and re-issueing them. why go to the hassle of making 3 more?

as to the NBA question? I forget, what was that again?

February 17, 2013  11:49 AM ET

Harrison Ford is getting up there in years so they'd have to use a lot of CGI to make anyone believe he had a young son. A grandson, maybe. But a young son, no way.

he's going on 70 or 71, something like that. but doesn't he have a young son with Colista Flockhart? unless of course the kid is totally CGI and it's another plot twist from Lucas/Spielberg

February 17, 2013  03:35 PM ET

The only thing that has me the least bit interested is that Lucas won't be directing it. Episodes 1-3 where pretty bad. The 3rd being the best but still only something I would call less than good.

I just don't see very good story lines coming out of the last 3. What will be the conflict? The empire has fallen and the main villain is gone. I just don't see 3 movies to make here.

February 17, 2013  03:37 PM ET

Is there such a thing as a Dark Horse in the NBA? I guess if it all it takes is win one round than I guess its possible but the NBA playoffs are the worse for upsets. No parity in that league with only 9 different champions since 1980.

February 19, 2013  01:06 PM ET

Spoiler:....Luke goes to the dark side, Leia becomes the Jedi offspring of Anakin that brings balance to the force as prophesized...

February 19, 2013  01:07 PM ET

supposedly, Harrison Ford has already signed on which would imply that the new movies will occur in a time period shortly after Return of the Jedi...

February 20, 2013  03:10 AM ET


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February 21, 2013  10:50 AM ET

Whoop, swap Richard Mbah a Moute for Ellis

February 21, 2013  11:09 AM ET


Where, Where!

OH! :^(

February 21, 2013  12:56 PM ET




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