• 02/20/2013, 05:34AM ET

Top 20 guys in the big 3 sports you would want to build a franchise around!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Argos. (184-101-29)

1. Lebron
2. Rodgers
3. Pujols
4. Durant
5. Luck
6. Hamilton
7. Kobe
8. Rg3
9. Chapman
10. Harden
11. Wilson, Seattle..
12. Posey
13. Trout
14. Carmelo
15. Kaepernick
16. Blake griffin
17. Miggy caberra duis and all!
18. Alex smith
19. Flacco, too expensive for my truffled taste..
20. Dickey, knuckleballer!!!!!!!

I wont argue order, we all know guys like Trout should be higher, and guys like Kobe should be lower. But I wont both argue order, just replace some guys off your list with better guys.

Joey Votto over Pujols
Albert claims he is 33. Votto is 29 and has been better for the last 3 seasons.

Bryce Harper over Hamilton
Hamilton is 32, Harper is 20. Hamilton has major issues, and is overrated. Harper has sky high potential.

David Price over Dickey
Price is simply better, and only 27. Dickey is 38.

Clayton Kershaw over Chapman
Same age, except one has led the league in ERA the last two years and been the best pitcher in the NL, while one has never started a game.

Clay Matthews over Alex Smith
Smith has never been a star, and got benched last post-season. Matthews is a playmaker, young, and one of the best defensive players.

I'm not sold on votto just yet..
His power numbers were down last year..
The only positive of votto is that he is a lot cheaper than pujols..
So you can get an extra bat or ace..
But remember.. Be careful.. The one big thing the reds lacked were power bats..
Yes, the reds were fantastic at hitting singles..
But they left too many guys on base.. And you know it! Ha ha..

Dude, clay over smith?
In the NFL it's very simple..
You build your franchise around the QB..
Smith is a franchise QB, and you would be hard pressed to name more than 15 QBs better than him..
Remember that smith got to within one play of getting to the SB last year..
If it hadnt been for that idiot punt returner..
People would be saying "oh we couldn't have done it without Alex".. And Alex this and smith that.. The love fest on the Mormon would have been out of this universe..
Smith is an excellent game manager..

I'm guessing you conceded on Kershaw, Price, and Harper. Those are unarguable from your point of view anyways.

Not sold on Votto? He won the MVP three years ago, and has received MVP votes each of the last four seasons, and he has only been in the league for five seasons! He has the best eye in baseball, is a great fielder, crushes the ball every time he hits it, has the highest line drive rate in baseball, and has never hit a pop fly in his career! He is amazing!

His power numbers were a bit down due to an injury but he had a 1.041 OPS and .474 OBP! He is no single hitters, averaging 30 HR per 162 and 44 doubles!

Votto is already better than Pujols, and has been for three seasons now. Votto is in his prime, while Pujols is old.

How about Pujols' decline?

You want to build your franchise around a game manager? That means you have to have a great running back, and a great defense. Without those, you can't have a game manager. So you are building your team around a QB, that relies on two other components. You mind as well build your team around a great defensive player that will allow you to have the great defense and allow you to win with a game manager.

Votto has dodgy knees..
Yes when he is healthy he is a fantastic batter..
I just don't see how you build a franchise around someone with bad knees..

Pujols will be very effective for another 5 years..
You can count me in for 5 effective years..
This year his numbers should go up due to being used to AL PITCHING..

Smith is a top 15 QB..
That is a big piece of the puzzle..
He is also an effective runner..
Green bays defense looked awfully meek stopping the run against the 49ers and the Vikings with a healthy ponder.. I know it wasn't all clays fault..
But those games definitely won't go on his highlight reel..

If chapman turns out to be the next randy Johnson..
Then I'm a freaking genius!

Votto has had knee injuries for one year. Too early to call him injury prone. Albert Pujols is more likely to be injured at his advanced age. Plus we really don't know how old he really is. Including last year, when he got injured, he has averaged 141 games per season over his career. The only other time he spent time on the DL in his career was his rookie season when he had an anxiety attack after his fathers death. He is a healthy fellow.

Pujols has seen 5 straight year of decline, and had a pretty average year for an AL 1B last year.

How is one old player on the decline, going to all of a sudden be better than a young player on the incline, who has already been better than him for three straight seasons?

Matthews is the best defensive player in the league when healthy. This is fact. Smith, is at best a top 15 QB, meaning half the league is better than him, meaning he is average. Soooo, build your team around the best defensive player or an average QB that has had 1 good season and a bunch of bad ones.

Kershaw has 4 years with ERAs under 2.95 by age 24. Chapman's ceiling is what Kershaw is.

February 20, 2013  12:32 PM ET

Just what is the deal with Froggie's love affair with Alex Smith? If he's sooo great why isn't he still starting for SF?????

February 20, 2013  01:31 PM ET

Just what is the deal with Froggie's love affair with Alex Smith? If he's sooo great why isn't he still starting for SF?????

Face it, there are probably only 2-3 guys in the whole NFL that would start over Kapernik.

Comment #3 has been removed
February 21, 2013  06:21 AM ET


Smith is not a top 15 QB, he's just not!

February 21, 2013  02:07 PM ET

Why are you building around multiple 30+ year olds Froggy?

February 21, 2013  02:59 PM ET

I like #20. Build a franchise around a 38 year old.


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