• 02/20/2013, 05:46AM ET

Top 10 most under rated in the big 3 sports..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs Argos. (183-101-29)

1. In no order.. (Cause they are all ssssseriously under rated)..

Tannenhill, Miami QB.. The 2nd coming of rg3..
Jeremy Lin
Latos, reds pitcher.. 95mph fastball..
Brandon Jacobs. A big reason why the gmen were soooooo good..
Bobby valentine.. Knows his baseball, just very stupid..
OZ guillen.. Knows baseball just stupido!$!
Tebow.. He will be a starter some day..
Odom kardashian:)
Alex smith.. A damn good high game manager!

That is a crappy list.

Tannenhill - Decent rookie season, but nothing special for the QB picked 8th overall. Had a terrible 76.1 QB rating!

Lin - Pretty sure he is one of the most hyped NBA players, and he signed for over $28 million. He is averaging only 12 and 6.

Latos - I like him, but only has 1 year with an era under 3.45

Jacobs - Played in 3 games, had 5 carries, and was suspended for being an **** from week 14 to the superbowl.

Valentine - Seriously?

Ozzie - I thought he was pretty overrated! Everyone knows this guy.

Tebow - Gets the most airtime among nearly any NFL player, but has a sub-50% completion rate.

Bynum - $17 million, 0 games.

Odom - under 4 ppg this year, under 7 last year. He is washed up and done.

Alex Smith - Has had 1 good season, and got benched during it, and is a former #1 pick

My list:

Jose Calderon - consistently among the league leaders in assists, and one of the best assist/to ratio
OJ Mayo - averaging nearly 18 ppg
Geno Atkins - 12.5 sacks from the DT position last season
Cameron Wake - two seasons with 14+ sacksGio Gonzalez
Johnny Cueto
Jordan Zimmerman
Chase Headley
Alex Gordon
Martin Prado

Ha ha..
You destroyed my list soooo badly..

Some were good points.. Some decent.. And some exaggerated..
But whatever..

With Lin you have to remember the fantastic rockets lead the league in most points per game..
As the point guard you have to think Lin contributes to this number..
It's the only logical explanation..

Tebow gets a lot of hate..
But you put him in a Jacksonville uniform and he will win half his games..
Not to mention sold out stadiums, increased viewership, more revenue etc etc..
Gabbert is not the answer..
Tebow is a messiah in Florida it's the perfect marriage..
Why not take a chance? It's not like the jags are missing out on anything with gabbert..

Cueto almost won the cy young last year..
Why not say Peyton manning while you are at it ha ha..
Not sure if its logically possible to defend this pick unless you get some XXX MOLSON out:)

Lin has done little. It has all been Harden.

Lets just compare Calderon, a little known player, and Lin, one of the best known players. I will use their stats over the last two seasons, so since Lin broke out, because comparing Calderon to Lin just this year is too unfair because Calderon has been so much better. This is their per 36:

Jose- 12.6 PPG, 9.3 APG, 2.1 TO, 3.1 RPG, .470 FG, .416 3P%, .892 FT%
Lin - 15.8 PPG, 7.3 APG, 3.8 TO, 3.9 RPG, .439 FG, .318 3P%, .792 FT%

Calderon has been better, despite Calderon having a down year last year and Lin having a crazy good year that he has not been able to sustain.

The big stat has is Lin and his career 1.96 assists-to-turnover ratio compared to Calderon at 4.23

Then factor in Calderon has been doing this for 7 seasons while Lin has been for only 90 games and 80 starts.

Lin is overrated. Calderon is underrated.

Tebow gets more attention than Manning, Brady, Rodgers, and every other QB despite sucking.

Cueto has never been an all-star despite back to back years with sub 2.75 ERAs.

I'm down by 8..
And I can't be bothered ha ha..

Your list would be damn hard to beat if it was overrated...

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February 20, 2013  08:50 AM ET

How can a QB be underrated when he has a 47.9% career completion percentage yet gets more air-time than Peyton Manning and Tom Brady combined?

I'm mostly certain that Tim Tebow is the living, breathing, textbook definition of overrated.

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February 20, 2013  12:23 PM ET

Bynum? 17 mil and yet to step foot on the court this season. Lazy bastid is over rated due ti his lack of work ethic.

I think HCF is confusing underachieving with under rated. They're not the same thing!

February 20, 2013  12:25 PM ET

After taking a closer look at HCF's list I'm not sure any of 'em are actually under rated!

February 20, 2013  02:11 PM ET

Right had me with Prado................

February 21, 2013  06:18 AM ET

Voted right b/c Froggie said right's list was better!

February 21, 2013  10:16 AM ET

Argos is wrong about Tebow sucking. He needs to play QB before he can suck. And, two running plays per game don't count!

February 21, 2013  11:17 AM ET

How can Jeremy Lin possibly be considered underrated?


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