• 03/07/2013, 02:03PM ET

Top 5 easiest positions in ALL OF SPORTS.. AND Top 5 Hardest

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs YODA (89-8-13)


1. punter
you just kick the ball down the field and no one really cares if you punt the ball 10 yards short.

2. Kicker.
Just make the occasional 45 yarder. And you will have a 20 year career.

3. RB..
The Pats almost never have a decent RB. And they make the play offs ALL THE TIME.

4. Closer.
Rivera goes down. Yanks don't miss a heartbeat and cruise to the play offs.
Its not that hard to find a dude that does 5 and a half minutes of work.

5. Goalie.
Its pretty easy to find a half decent goalie, in soccer, at a cheap price.
Most of its luck anyway. They don't have a clue where the ball is going to go off a deflection.

1. QB
Theres like only 10 decent QBs in the league.
Then there are 10 that kind of su-k-c.
And the rest are horrendous.
Only 10 QBs on the planet. DAMN!

2. Defense in NFL. Theres a lot of running backwards and eyes in the back of your head stuff.

3. Striker!
Theres nothing easy about putting the ball in the back of the net. Or there would be more goals scored.. Plus these guys go in funks ALL THE TIME.

4. Starting pitchers. These guys go in funks all the time.
And it has that one vs 9 feel to it.

5. point guard

You said "ALL OF SPORTS", but you stuck with the 'Big Four' sports...except you used soccer instead of hockey due to your eurotrash heritage.
Understandable, but unforgivable.

Either way, you scored a 6 out of 10.
Not bad, but not great.

Here's where you went wrong...

In the EASY section:
Running back's have a high-injury risk and a short avg career length. They take a pounding. So, no.
Also, what you said about soccer goalies doesn't sound convincing or logical.

In the HARD section:
Many starters only pitch only once every five days and too many managers keep them on overly strict pitch counts (and I know you weren't talking about the Cy Young days when they'd pitch all the damn time).
Strikers are made up of the children who weren't athletically talented enough to play a real sport. Ha. Just kidding. But it's true.

Here's my list:

1. Punter
2. Kicker
3. Pinch-Hitter/Pinch-Runner
4. Closer
5. NBA - end of the bench guys

1. Boxer (or leave QB if individual sports don't qualify )
2. Catcher
3. Hockey Goalie
4. NFL Defense (non-specific Froggie entry, but whatever I guess)
5. NFL Offensive Line

Best O' Luck, Froggie.

Your number 3 choice.. Not to crazy about it..
batting is hard.. No other way around it..
Even if you are a GREAT batter.. you get out 70% of your at bats..
That means dealing with a lot of frustrations..
If you want to be a great pinch runner.. You have to steal..
Nothing easy about stealing.. I want to say they have something like a 50% success rate..

NBA end of bench guys?
Thats super random dude.
Thats like saying its easy to get a 40er fattie floridian in bed, on spring break, at the hard rock cafe!
I think the average 5 year old could have figured that out.
I think RB is easier.
BRANDON JACOBS; What do you want me to do coach?
COACH; I want you to get the ball. Run straight for 5 metres and then fall down!
Very scientific stuff.

Yes, for the average joe.. I would agree with you.
But you have to remember these dudes are mean mother-in-law-Fers!
They probably get off on it.
They were just born differently.
If they weren't fighting on the ring.
They'd probably be getting into fights back at the Hard Rock cafe. With the 40er fattie floridian on spring break.
So for them fighting is therapeutic.

You are a sick man, Froggie.
Fortunately you also seem stable and harmless.

I'm not saying baseball is easy (otherwise catcher wouldn't have made it onto my Top 5 hardest list). Baseball is a 'game of failure'. Pinch runners and pinch hitters make the list because of how infrequently they're used. Simple as that. They get **** paychecks for sitting around a LOT.

Alright, I see in the comments section that you want to change the topic on the fly from "easiest positions" to "not particularly important positions".
Our lists still fit for the most part either way. Although, you probably weakened your own position even further with your oddball 'running back' choice.
Maybe it's just very bad timing on your part, Froggie. You'd think that right after a running back - ADP - edged out Peyton friggin' Manning for an MVP award and helped drag a mediocre Vikings team to the playoffs that RB wouldn't be one of your go-to choices as "not particularly important".

What more can I say? Maybe you were just "born differently" but I'm pretty sure you've hit up that Denny's-Hard Rock Cafe-IHOP cougar safari on MANY desperate lonely nights.
Fess up.

Im guessing there are a lot of similarities between a hockey goalie and a soccer goalie..
A lot of goal keeping is just blind luck.. They have no idea where the deflection is going..
Its not particularly hard to find a cheap keeper, who knows how to save most of the shots..
Then you can use that money to buy better pieces to the puzzle..

My list?
You can buy all of my easy list, for cheap prices, and still be effective..
How many great teams have had basically no running game..
If anything, having a great RB, will take attention away from your more important passing game..
Trying to build your team around a RB is suicide..

(when I said defensive position in NFL, I meant the dudes that cover the wide receivers, I guess cornerbacks and safeties).. These are the positions that you really need to have eyes in the back of your head..

Point guard is hard.. Cause you are basically the QB of the basketball team..
The people with the most vision, Rondo and Jason Kidd, etc etc.. Are the point guards..

Fess up to over-indulgence-at-the-hard-rock-cougar-cafe?
Well on the plus side, I got to save a couple bucks on birth control:)

I don't believe that the safeties and corners have it harder than the guys that play in the trenches.
And I think you're talkinig out of your arse when it comes to runningbacks.
They need to be exceptionally well conditioned; they work for speed, agility, strength, and explosiveness. They take a beating during the games getting hauled down by multiple players coming from varying angles. We shouldn't be discussing this one.

A hockey goalie is one of the most crucial pieces in putting together a Stanley Cup team. You need the skills, stamina, and the mental consistency. I don't know if it's the same deal in soccer but I can't imagine that the goalies are the ugly stepsisters you make them out to be.

Yeah, point guard is hard. You have to have outstanding awareness of how the play is developing and be able to manoevre amongst much bigger guys. Like I said, it's not like you flunked your own test. It's simply that for every good answer like 'poing guard', you follow it up with something daft like 'striker' or 'running back'.

Impressive retort with the birth control by the way.

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March 7, 2013  03:05 PM ET

Being an NFL RB is easy HCF? HOLY CRAP!

Tell that to Earl Campbell

March 7, 2013  03:15 PM ET

Being an NFL RB is easy HCF? HOLY CRAP!

maybe, not particularly important would be a better adjective..
But whatever..

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March 7, 2013  03:29 PM ET

maybe, not particularly important would be a better adjective..But whatever..

Um, just because the Pats haven't had a 'decent' RB doesn't mean the position is easy or not important. Ask Brady if he'd like to play without a RB...

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March 7, 2013  03:38 PM ET

Um, just because the Pats haven't had a 'decent' RB doesn't mean the position is easy or not important. Ask Brady if he'd like to play without a RB...

Right! It's just the opposite. It's so hard of a possition that it's hard for NFL teams to find a good one let alone a great one. And as Yoda already been mentioned, they take a pounding and are over the hill at age 30! The average career of an NFL RB is a little over 3 years.

March 7, 2013  03:39 PM ET

Jim Brown was overrated. HaHa

Aren't all Browns' overrated by the definition of being a Brown's player??? ;^D

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March 7, 2013  04:24 PM ET

Aw dammit, I gotta agree with a $tealer$ fan!?!?What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here? HaHa

Cats and Dogs getting along....

March 7, 2013  04:24 PM ET

That's it, now I'm REALLY ANGRY!!Say your prayers icehole. hey, have you ever seen the movie Johnny Dangerously?

No, I haven't.

March 7, 2013  04:24 PM ET

Flling over right.

March 7, 2013  04:24 PM ET


March 7, 2013  04:25 PM ET

Say your prayers icehole. hey, have you ever seen the movie Johnny Dangerously?

Wait a minute! Was Joe Piscopo in that????

March 7, 2013  04:27 PM ET

That's it, now I'm REALLY ANGRY!!

You knew that a Steeler and Brown's fan getting along just couldn't last for long :^D

March 7, 2013  04:27 PM ET

Being an NFL RB is easy HCF? HOLY CRAP!

Maybe with a great O line and a pass heavy team. But some guys have made the most of mediocre to bad lines. Alot going on in football, no player is doing it on their own.

March 7, 2013  04:30 PM ET

Proplr are mesing up their film quotes...
Johnny Dangerously, Farging icehole bastages
Ghostbusters,Cats and Dogs, living together


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