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Sports where the cinderella stories are most likely!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs Darth Maim (76-21-7)

1. tennis.. Ivanisevic was ranked 125 when he won wimbledon..

2. Soccer.. Greece won the euro back in 04.. The Greeks were a bunch of nobodies..
Plus in the FA Cup, weird things happen all the time..

3. College basketball. Remember the Villanovians remember the villianovians..

4. baseball. the playoffs are a total crap-shoot..
And if you are a weak team all you need is to be a fraction over .500..

5. NFL.. Again.. if you are a .500 team with a gunslinger for a QB.. You have got a chance..

6. Hockey.. Remember the miracle on ice.. Remember the ice..

7. Boxing.. Heavy weight.. All you got to do.. is.. land one heavy punch.. And then dom perignion will take away all your problems..

8. Golf.. Not a real sport or would be higher..

9. NASCAR, Not a real sport or would be higher..

10. Kentucky derby

11. Rugby 7's.. In 15's its virtually impossible to upset the top teams..
It comes down to how bad you want it..

Good list Froggy...but I feel there are a few changes in the order.

1). Boxing..this is where the term "Cinderella Story" was coined. One lucky punch and history is made. "Punchers chance"....etc.

2). College Basketball...each year there is always a team or two who shocks the world and ends up in the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final 4.

3). Horse Racing...there is a reason there hasn't been a Triple Crown winner since the 70's. On any day, any horse can win it all.

4). NFL...not always a "Cinderella Story", but when was the last time the Number 1 seed won it all? More often than not it's the team that gets hot at the right time. (2013 Ravens, 2012 Giants...etc.)

5). Hockey...see #4

Here are my problems with your list:

A). Don't agree with's usually Nadal, Federer, Murray, or Djokovic winning the big tourneys.

B)., unless you're watching ESPN 6 it's not on a lot on American TV.

C). NASCAR and Golf....they may not be real sports to you, but I am sure there are plenty of FN followers who would argue this.

Best of luck in Argument 2.....

Ok.. In tennis.. Yes there were more Cinderella stories in the 90's before nadal and federer came on the scene..
But it's one of those sports where a guy in the top 200 can just get in the Zone..
Sampras almost lost to a wild card at the French..
The kid only played one professional match in his whole career..
The only reason he got the wild card was cause he won a college tournament and had French blood..
A kid right out of college getting match points on Sampras, 14 time grand slam winner..
It's historically Cinderella..

The only problem with boxing is usually you have to be pretty darn good to get a shot at the title..
Your ranking has to be in the top 20..

The beauty with soccer..
We saw it this weekend..
Chelsea, (a team whose pay roll is similar to the Yankees)..
They lost to a freakin Romanian club, (whose payroll is incredibly minute)..
We see nobody's win big games in soccer all the time..
It's one of the few sports where amateurs can compete against the pros..

Your hockey is too high..
There hasn't been a miracle in 30 years ha ha!

Compelling arguments for you list, however:

1). If you are referencing the 90's concerning tennis "Yes there were more Cinderella stories in the 90's" then this argument would have been stronger about 20 years ago.

2). "The only problem with boxing is usually you have to be pretty darn good to get a shot at the title..
Your ranking has to be in the top 20.." unless there is the WBA, WBC, IBF, Ring Magazine and about a dozen other organizations who hold "Championship Fights"...just too easy for someone with a history of fighting stiffs and compile a 20-0 record who gets a title shot. Then all it takes is a lucky punch...and voila, Cinderella Story!

3). Once again, soccer just doesn't carry the same quality as the other sports mentioned in arguments 1 and 2.

4). And Hockey...I'm just happy that they are finally playing this year!

Argument 3: Final summation.....

In 2004.. Gaston Gaudio at the age of 25.. Won the French..
He never won a master series title, (the notch below a grand slam)..
And he hasn't won even a mere title since..
Guy basically came out of nowhere.. And then basically fell off the map since..
That was only 9 years ago..
So yes, cinderella stories do happen in tennis..
It just doesn't happen now cause the Big 4 are sooooo dominant..
Don't worry.. Federer is about to be too old and Nadal's knees are really dodgy..
The sport is almost due for a cinderella to come out of nowhere and bag a slam..

So you are not a big fan of Romanian soccer? ha ha..
The World cup is only the most popular competition in the world!
And minnows get to the semis all the time..

You have college basketball too high..
We haven't seen a cinderella story, where the minnow goes all the way..
Since the 80's where villanova won the whole she-bang..
Again, that was like 30 years ago..

My list is gorgeous..
Your list? is like the frozen pizza you get in the supermarkets!

"You have college basketball too high.."

I don't think is a list of the "Cinderella Teams" over the past few seasons:

#15 beating #2 seed

Norfolk State 2012
Lehigh over Duke 2012

#13 seed reaching the Sweet Sixteen

Ohio 2012

#11 seed reaching the Final Four

George Mason 2006
VCU 2011

#8 seed reaching the National Championship game

Butler 2011

So Cinderella is alive and well in NCAA Basketball. The examples I used are proof positive that there have been more Cinderella stories in College Basketball than in Tennis.

While you are correct that every once in a while there are upsets in tennis and soccer, there is a greater chance of a "Cinderella Story" in boxing and college basketball.

Excellent TD froggy...enjoy your day.....

March 8, 2013  11:14 AM ET

I would take this but I leave this afternoon for the Southwest Regional USBC tourney in Wichita, KS. Be gone all weekend....

March 9, 2013  11:25 AM ET

If no one takes this by tomorrow morning, I might .....

March 10, 2013  12:53 PM ET

NASCAR should be higher on the list.

There's a long list of drivers that have but one career win.

March 11, 2013  04:14 AM ET

March 13, 2013  01:48 PM ET

I would take this but I leave this afternoon for the Southwest Regional USBC tourney in Wichita, KS. Be gone all weekend....

No kidding? I'm leaving this weekend for the Mid South by South West Local Regional Darts National in Salt Lake City. I'll be gone all weekend, plus Monday. So a long weekend. What a coincidence.


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