• 03/11/2013, 12:19PM ET

People and teams that are red hot now..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs Marlins Fan (156-78-31)

1. Gareth bale..
14 goals in the past 14 games plus dozens of assists where the fat chick in the stand could have tapped it in..
He has to be number one cause his team is horrendous..

2. Blackhawks..
Doing something that's never been done before..
But it's a nasty team..
So it's easier to do.. Than bale, who put his lousy team on his back..

3. The heat..
16 straight wins..
Pretty cool..

4. Djokovic..
Still unbeaten for the year.. Not a bad start..

5. Flacco..
Got paid double to what he should have..
20million reasons why he should be on here..
The most absurd contract I can think of in recent memory..

6. Suarez..
Leads the premiership in goals..

7. James weird beard harden..
Boy has this guys stock risen..
He went from being a number 3 guy to being one of the top 5 players in the league..

8. England rugby.. One match away from being undefeated..

9. Lebron.. He gets on this list TWICE!
It's crazy but it's good!
I wanted to give other guys love..

10. Nadal..
Got to 3 clay finals and won 2, since coming back from knee surgery..
The question marks are gone..
He will win ANOTHER French..

1. LeBron

He's owning the NBA. His efficiency numbers are outrageous and he's having his best overall season yet. Miami is currently on the NBA's seventh longest win streak (and counting) mainly due to LeBron's overall "red hot-ness". (Man did that come out weird...)

2. Miami Heat

See above. 18 straight.

3. Flacco

A Super Bowl win and 120 million bucks? Yeah, that's a pretty nice streak. Almost enough for the top spot but I downgraded him to third because Flacco's "right now" is more like several weeks ago.

4. SA Spurs

Not the soccer spurs. The REAL Spurs. They were beating everybody with Tony Parker and they're beating everybody without him. Including a win over OKC tonight; the Thunder's sixth straight loss in SA. Better hope you get the one seed, OKC!

5. Michael Saunders

WBC Pool D MVP after hitting. 727 in the opening round against USA, Mexico and Italy.

6. 49ers

Anquan Boldin to pair with Crabtree? Nice. For a sixth rounder?. Real nice.

7. Seahawks

Percy Harvin along with Wilson and Lynch? The NFC West suddenly has a number of good receivers. Rams next? Let's hope so.

Running out of space so I'll just go with seven. Sorry bout that.

11. Manny Ramirez getting paid 25grand a month in Taiwan:)
I'm kidding we like to have fun here.

While I'm glad you liked my logic of essentially putting lebron on the list.
Team accomplishments should always be put ahead of individual statistics.
Would you rather win an nba championship? Or an MVP?
It takes more than one guy to win 17 in a row.
The other guys deserve more love. That is just one nasty team.

Flacco's over paid contract meant the ravens had to dump people.
So with boldin. I look at it more as the ravens doing a yard sale than 49ers gm doing a brilliant move. Plus the 49ers still need to dump smith. If kaepernick has one bad game, then everyone will be screaming SMITH!!!

I love your baseball pick.
Never to early to show baseball some love.

I still think djokovic's dominance so far this year is more impressive than the spurs.
The spurs have a tough road in the playoffs cause the west is stacked this year.
And can ANYONE realistically pick against the heat?
The spurs are kind of like "the other" sister, next to Christina aguilera.
Maybe if you drink enough, you can get excited about the spurs.

I sort of agree about the individual/team angle, except that contextually speaking what LeBron is doing individually right now is more rare than what the Heat are collectively doing. Main reason I plopped LBJ in the first spot and dropped the Heat to number two.

You're right about Baltimore dumping Boldin being a result of Flacco's mega-deal. Still, Joe has a **** ton of money in the bank right now and he is still the reigning Super Bowl winner/MVP. Good enough for third in my book.

Djokovic probably should've made my list, in all honesty. I guess if I would've had room for a number eight the Djoker would've had a place. But I didn't, and in the long run it's not such a big deal because he plays tennis and nobody watches tennis, so this conversation really never even happened. Move along, everybody. Nothing to see here...

The Spurs definitly belong on the list, though. The win against OKC last night not only helped the Spurs' chances of getting the top seed in the West (which is huge because like I mentioned earlier the Spurs own the Thunder in San Antone), but it also demoralized OKC. Duncan was off, Manu was off, Parker was out. And the Spurs won easy. Huge win.

I'm out of ammo:(

Haha well this was fun while it lasted!

Good TD idea.


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March 11, 2013  01:25 PM ET

The Blackhawks just lost their last 2 games...

Yeah! bad timing by HCF on that one!!!

March 11, 2013  05:28 PM ET

The Blackhawks just lost their last 2 games...

Ha ha..
Sorry don't follow hockey!
I guess they were due..

March 11, 2013  05:45 PM ET

IMO LeBron should be higher and the Heat should've been placed before the Blackhawks.

Also would've liked to see some love for Michael Saunders from Team Canada. True, Canada was eliminated but Saunders went like 8-12 or something in their three games. Pretty nifty.

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March 12, 2013  02:46 PM ET

I would have put Team Japan on the list. They've looked absolutely dominant in the second round.

March 12, 2013  06:23 PM ET

After today's performance Barcelona!!! (though admittedly they were pretty poor for the past couple weeks before this)

March 12, 2013  10:18 PM ET

I would have put Team Japan on the list. They've looked absolutely dominant in the second round.

I just might have room for them in round two...

March 12, 2013  10:19 PM ET


Nice line about the Spurs, Frogger!

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March 13, 2013  03:05 PM ET

Guess we were wrong about Baltimore dumping Boldin as a result of Flacco's contract, Froggy.

Read yesterday that Flacco's only counting for 6.8 million against the cap this year.

March 13, 2013  08:51 PM ET

Ha ha..Sorry don't follow hockey!I guess they were due..

I think they'll make the playoffs. Maybe.

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