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Bynum and the Sixers

J-Business (78-66-19) vs Marlins Fan (156-78-31)

The Sixers invested a lot in Bynum being a main part of the team and it simply hasn't worked out as he's been injured all year long.

The current question being asked is, do the Sixers resign Bynum, presumably to a long term contract, which is what he's looking for.

Obviously, this TD can focus on the nuances of such a contract (incentives, one yr with option, sign and trade, etc)

But I'll make it simple. Do the Sixers sign him, or let him go?

I say the Sixers let him walk

Yes, it will make the Sixers look bad about the deal, and there's a chance he'll come back but it doesn't look good

He's only played on 82 game season his entire career
He's never loved the gym
He has problems in both knees

NBA fans have seen this before: Mashburn, Ralph Sampson, Penny, probably Stoudamire
And you know who Bynum really reminds me of: Brad Daughtery. Potentially best center in the league but never on the floor long enough to prove it

Someone will pay him and he'll play well for a few months, then inevitably, he'll have to sit out some time, maybe a few days or weeks

If the Sixers have to choose, I say they let him walk and keep the cap space

We can speculate about Bynum never playing again, but I don't really see that ever being an issue. Regardless of how "good" it looks (or doesn't), the 76ers made a HUGE investment in Bynum and it would be foolish to cut their losses before he ever even stepped on the court for them.

As reported earlier this week, the Sixers won't have to pay Bynum a dime for this season because insirance is footing the bill.

So knowing that money isn't part of the immediate equation, let's look at what Philly's real options are:

1) try to trade Bynum
2) let him walk as a free agent
3) hope he returns from injury and plays many years in a Sixers' jersey

The first option is barely even an option. It's doubtful that many teams would offer anybody of any significance for Bynum right now, considering his injury problem and overall idiocy.

The second option means they gave up the face of their franchise (Iguodala) for absolutely nothing, and it also opens the door for Bynum to go dominate for another team while Philly fans watch in horror.

The third option (the only good option) is patience. Let Bynum's injuries heal and hope that he one day becomes a solid return on their investment.

The article this week was from the Sixers front office in which they said they are insured "for injuries that aren't pre-existing conditions".

This is wishful thinking. The insurer is not going to simply pay up because they've asked. Bynum has a history of knee injuries and now he has another knee injury
I'm not a doctor but that sounds like a pre-existing condition

Every good company knows when to cut their losses.
This is the long term future of the franchise and there is no point in the Sixers tying it to a center who has missed 1/3 of his games in the past 5 yrs and this entire season

Good business and good sports teams don't rely on "hope". They make hard decisions and sometimes it may make them look bad but that's a part of the game.

Another point that many doctors and observers have reported is that Bynum has arthritic knees, which means that they will continue to degenerate.
He may be healthy for a few months or even one full season, but inevitably the pain will come back. And we've seen that Bynum won't play thru the pain

The reality is that the trade was a mistake and now they have to make the hard decision to move on

No... the injury policy states that if Bynum doesn't hit the court for at least one game of this year the Sixers are completely off the hook for his salary.

Bynum ISN'T going to play this season, so Philly ISN'T gonna have to pay him anything. Thank God for insurance policies...

Anyway, what do you mean a good company knows when to cut it's losses?

Philly hasn't even had Bynum for one year. You honestly think they should just forget the whole deal ever happened and walk away?

That would be incredibly stupid and short sighted. Philly broke the bank for Bynum; they can at least give it one year before deciding they want to go in a different direction.

Businesses and teams don't rely on hope? Then explain the stock market, my friend. Explain the Draft.

Sure, teams (and investors) use data to try and make wise decisions, but at the end of the day hope still plays a huge role both in business and in sports. Again, the Draft is based mainly off hope.

Regardless, this isn't about hope. It's about maximizing returns on investments.

Philly simply has too much vested in Bynum to cut their losses this soon.

Let's not be hasty and rash.

Good businesses do not rely on hope. The stock market and the draft is not about hope. With the stock market, investors research the history of the company and see how they've performed in the past.
With the draft, a team looks at a player's college or high school and they identify his prospective ceiling.
Neither have anything to do with hope

The bottom line is that the Sixers traded for damaged goods. They knew Bynum had a history of injuries but they didn't know that it would be this bad.

If the Sixers resign Bynum, they'll have a player who will never live up to his contract

The other part of this is that Bynum is a 7 ft center with skills so he will have teams looking to give him a max contract.

The Sixers have been thru this before back in the 80's with Jeff Ruland and quite honestly, this season is shaping up to look like that trade.

BYnum is a good player but NBA history has shown us that big men never recover fully from damaged knees. They play good for spurts but inevitably they break down.

Why invest in this future when we are all almost sure about the results?

Ever wondered what Kwame Brown and the Facebook IPO had in common? They both prove you wrong. The stock market and the draft have both seen "sure things" crash and burn spectacularly. Say what you want but both the stock market and the draft involve a good amount of risk, and any time you put "risk" and "large sums of money" in the same place you wind up with hope. But that's neither here nor there...

The fact remains that Philly paid a high price for Bynum and giving up on him now with nothing to show for their investment would be a rash, foolhardy decision.

It would be one thing if we knew for sure that Bynum's body was shot. We don't know that. We don't even really have any reason to anticipate that.

Basically you're just a pissed off Sixers fan who wants immediate results, one way or the other. You're upset that Philly has gone all year without Bynum or at least Iguodala if the trade hadn't happened, so you want to see heads roll as atonement for you being subjected to a season of mediocre and uninspired basketball. (As if that's something new in Philly...)

But rational minds will prevail. Bynum will stay in Philly and finally prove his worth. Next year.

March 15, 2013  01:37 PM ET


How do you expect anyone to argue this? The guy is more interested in throwing strikes than dunking...

March 15, 2013  02:49 PM ET

Yah man this might be a lost cause.. Bynum sounds like another Greg Ogden to me.. Bynum won't play for a few years and then try to make a come back with the Heat.. lol

March 15, 2013  07:46 PM ET

Nobody will give him the contract he wants. He will get paid a very high paid 1 year deal

March 15, 2013  10:27 PM ET

Duh.How do you expect anyone to argue this? The guy is more interested in throwing strikes than dunking...

I think I've found an angle...

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March 19, 2013  03:43 AM ET

Fan of the Sixers but hate the Bynum trade....


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