• 03/15/2013, 12:09PM ET

The ones that got away:( Athletes that left potential silverware on the table..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs baron. (28-12-2)

The greatest things that never happened:)

1. Agassi..
Won 8 grand slams..
Had he been abit mentally tougher and less of a party boy..
I say;
90, 91, 93 and 94 French open titles were there for the taking..
Potential Aussie opens 90, 91, 96, 98 and 99..
He was never great on grass, so I give him a pass here..
US open, 91, 92, 97 and 98..
13 titles.. If he wins 6 of those.. It lands him with 14 slams..
If only he had the same determination as a federer, Sampras or nadal..

2. Gretzky..
Had he not left Edmonton.. How many titles?

3. Jordan.. Without poker.. Easily 2 titles..
Had he waited 2 or 3 more years before retiring..
Maybe he wins a total of 9!

4. I know it's stretching it here..
But how many grand slams would nadal have won..
If he didn't have dodgy knees?
I say at least 5..

5. If pujols stays in St. Louis..
I know baseball is a crap shoot..
But St. Louis offered a great deal..
And that team with pujols was nasty..
I give them the nod for one more title..
Possibly 2..

6. NFL..
If it had been ANY other team apart from GMEN..
Brady would have 5 rings..
It's a total fluke to run into them twice..

1. Brett Favre

He literally threw away numerous shots at titles:

4th and 23
'07 playoffs vs. NY
'09 playoffs vs. NO
6 INTs vs. STL

Could have solidified his spot in the GOAT talks...but just ended up a goat.

2. LeBron

Was 5 minutes away - with his team up 15 - from putting his team up 3-1 and then we witnessed one of the great disappearing acts in Finals history. Too much hero ball.

3. Jean van de Velde

One of the great collapses in major golf history. Only needed a double bogey on the 18th to win the British and pooped his big boy pants.

4. Mo Rivera

Who saw him blowing a save with the WS on the line...?

5. Kobe and Shaq

Couldn't put their differences aside to win one more vs. Detroit. Went from the big favorite to the big upset and a dismantling of a dynasty.

6. Greg Norman

'96 Masters...nuff said.

I want to add one more..
In my eyes federer is the second greatest clay courter of all time..
But an insane amount of losses to nadal at the French..
Had he been born in another era..
The fed would have won another 3 or 4 French titles..

You are being a little harsh on riviera..
He is arguably the greatest closer of all time..
The Yankees used him a ton in that series..
He was getting tired..
Plus torre asked him to pitch 2 innings that game..
Closers hate that..

He wasn't clutch..
Plain and simple..
He did not deserve more titles..
He wasn't talented enough..
On my list.. I listed guys, who if the cards were minutely different would have got more silverware..
But favre needed vast improvements to be better.. Not minute..

favre wasnt talented enough...?

the guy won 3 straight mvps and he holds almost every major career passing record. he had talent coming out the wahzoo. at the end of the day we are talking about a guy that was a handful of passes from going to a couple more super bowls and possibly even winning them.

i might be harsh on rivera but the title is athletes that left one on the table. with the game in the balance with as you said arguably the best closer ever...he left one out there. it wont change the perception of mo but its not something anyone would have expected in that situation.

since we are adding more to our lists ill throw jim kelly ou there.

had it not been for scott norwood we might remember kelly differently. just like if it werent for vinatieri we might think of brady differently today. but those are the breaks in a team sport.

guys like federer and agassi didnt leave much on the table. they just happened to have rivals that were every bit as good they were if not better.

I'll add one more:)

If Chelsea, didn't have John terry slip..
They would have won a 2nd champions league title..
Imagine losing one of the biggest titles in sports because you slip while taking a stupid penalty..

Grady leaving in Pedro too long was heart breaking stuff..
I know the next year we got our revenge..
But I can recall such a drastic error by a manager in recent history..
And we did match up well against the marlins..
So that really was a big title left on the table by the Red Sox..
Just think, francona may never existed cause Grady would have kept his job..

well as long as we're still adding to our lists i'd like to mention mark sanchez. as bad as hes been this is a guy that helped take his team to back to back afc championships. what if those had turned into sb appearences...or even wins?

obviously feels a lot different today but its not like they were far off. and how funny would it be to see the guy that gave us buttfumble getting paid like joe flacco. maybe the jets actually dodged a bullet by not succeeding. go figure.

well its st pattys day so ill keep it short. thanks for the td froggy...and on wisconsin!

March 15, 2013  12:10 PM ET

This is a day dreamers one..
Try and transform this TD into a soldier..

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March 15, 2013  05:11 PM ET

Only 33% of your choices are fruity Euro sports. I'm shocked.

I decided to get with the program

March 15, 2013  07:56 PM ET

Montana might have won more
If he stayed..

March 15, 2013  10:17 PM ET

Favre is a pretty good choice. I can remember a handful of times where GB had a really good team but Favre threw some lame-brained interception to hand the opposing team a win.

LBJ is a pretty good choice, too, although it seems weird saying it these days. But it wasn't long ago that LeBron was developing a strong reputation for completely disappearing in the playoffs.

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March 17, 2013  03:57 PM ET

Neil O'donnell and his decision to play catch with Larry Brown.

March 18, 2013  04:55 AM ET

Neil O'donnell and his decision to play catch with Larry Brown.



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