• 03/19/2013, 08:48AM ET

Who will win the 2013 NCAA Tourney, 2013 World Series, 2014 Superbowl, and 2013 Stanley Cup?

Darth Maim (76-21-7) vs HighwayCrossingFrog (175-848-63)

Ok, lets keep some TD's on the are my selections and first supporting argument:

1). Louisville. Best team from a deep quality conference..peaking at the right time..strong on the offensive and defensive sides of the floor..deep roster.

2). Nationals. Best starting staff in baseball..skilled set-up relievers..solid, proven closer..talented, versatile batting order..seasoned veteran manager.

3). 49'ers. Best team in the defense in the NFL..15 2013 draft picks..stud quarterback..innovative head coach.

4). Blackhawks. #1 goals allowed..#2 goals scored..24-2-3 season overall of destiny?


A. Must make at least 2 changes.

Good luck to whoever takes it. Keep the TD board on life-support.....

1. Detroit tigers..
Easier road to the finals..
Nats have to get by tough reds, clutch gmen and the always dangerous cardinals..
The yanks are struggling, the angels are unknown and the rangers are falling to pieces..
I'd take the tigers road to the finals over your nats road any day..
The tigers..
Ace? Check..
2 fantastic sluggers? Check check..
Guys that get on base? Check..

2. Patriots..
For similar reasons..
Easier road to the finals..
The NFC is loaded..
Hawks, falcons, Green Bay, gmen and redskins can all beat the 49ers on a good day..
In the AFC?
We always match up well against texans..
You can just sense that the ravens are going to have a bad year..
Broncos are a fantastic team..
But we usually play well against them too..
If we are healthy in the play offs..
I can see beautiful butterflies..

I understand I picked teams with easier paths..
But that's the easy thing to do:)

OK, I will argue Washington vs. Detroit in this argument and New England vs. San Francisco in the 3rd...

The Nationals have a better chance than the Tigers to win the 2013 World Series because:

1). Starting Pitching: The Nationals big three of Strasburg, Gonzalez, and Haren is better than the Tigers Verlander, Sherzer, and Porcelo.

2). Fielding: Tigers were T13th in the league. Nationals were T6th in the league.

3). Offense: Nationals 8th in OPS. Tigers were 7th. Nationals were 10 in runs scored, Tigers were it's a wash.

4). "Easier path"?...the Tigers have the tougher path going through Texas, LA Angels, Toronto, and the rest of the AL. The Nationals are in the perfect win-mode tight now.

Nationals have a much better chance to win the series than the Tigers do.

Argument 3...49ers over the Patriots.....

I won't lie..
Do I think the nats are better than the tigers?
But that is not what this competition is about..
This TD is about winning the championship..
And we all know the best teams don't win all the time..

You can not debate the fact that the nats have a harder road to the finals..
Technically I made the easy choice..
The tigers will only have to win one difficult series..
The nats on the other hand will have to win 3 dog fight series..
And as we saw last year.. Without Strasbourg this team might as well fuhget about it..
I really don't see anything overly impressive from the nats that puts them head and shoulders above the elite competition of the NL..

I just made the more probable choice..

Will the nats win the most games in the bigs?
Sure.. You can stencil in 100 wins for Washington..
But you have to get to the big dance first..
And once you get to the big dance anything can happen..
It's a total crapshoot..

49ers vs. Patriots...who has the better chance to go, and win the Super Bowl?

The 49ers will go because:

1). They have to been the the NFL Final Four for the past two seasons.
2). 10 returning defensive starters.
3). A young, mobile, strong armed quarterback.
4). Defending NFC Champions 2012.
5). Defending NFC West Champions 2011-12.

The Patriots will not because:

1). Lost Wes Welker and his annual 100+ catches.
2). Have not succeeded in a must-win game since 2004. Two Superbowl losses since then.
3). They cannot depend on their swiss-cheese defense.

Nats have a better chance than the Tigers..49ers will prevail over the Patriots.

Nice TD Frog, enjoy your day.....

49ers never won more than 2 games in a row last year..
They are just too inconsistent..
Pats road to the SB is 1000 times easier..
I don't want to repeat myself..
So I keep my 3rd short and sweet:)

March 19, 2013  09:53 AM ET

I may take this after I think about which changes I'd make....

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March 19, 2013  10:54 AM ET

Pitt PanthersPittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Penguins

At least you got one of them right (Steelers)

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March 19, 2013  11:27 AM ET

Pitt PanthersPittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Penguins

Stop stealing all my picks! :^D

March 19, 2013  11:28 AM ET

4) Like I care

Is that the Columbus team's nick name???

March 19, 2013  11:33 AM ET

Pitt PanthersPittsburgh PiratesPittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh Penguins


March 19, 2013  11:34 AM ET





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March 19, 2013  11:52 AM ET

Kings...would that be L.A. or Sacramento?

"2013 Stanley Cup"

now think...

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March 19, 2013  11:58 AM ET

It was a legit question kid. I have yapped with Sweets many times in the past & don't remember her mentioning hockey.

That's cuz' I don't follow hockey too much but that would be LA in this instance!! I was actually just throwin' everything but the kitchen sink in that question tryin' to stir things up!! HAH!!

March 19, 2013  12:24 PM ET

Ole Miss
What ever team is closest to Georgia, Nashville or Carolina I guess.

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March 19, 2013  03:54 PM ET

Sorry, I still don't care.........Redwings...FTW.

March 19, 2013  03:55 PM ET

Guilty. The Penguins are the only ones with any real chance though.The Steelers are going to be awful this year, in my opinion. Probably a 7-9 team.

I am sure glad that is just your opinion and not a scientifically proven hypothesis. Steelers rule!..

March 19, 2013  04:05 PM ET

Boston is #1 in goals against. Chicago is tied for #2 with Ottawa.

Not an important error though. Chicago being #2 in Goals Against and #2 in Goals For is damn impressive. Only Anaheim is close to them in balance right now (#5 Goals Against, #3 Goals For)

Although I think the Pens are looking unstoppable lately and they'd be my current pick for the Cup (and if Boston comes out of the East, I'd probably also pick them over Chicago).


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