• 04/07/2013, 07:03PM ET

Buy and sell.. ALL SPORTS!!!!!!

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-73)

I don't know if they will win the crap shoot..
But it looks like they will win the most games in the bigs..
That's a damn good accomplishment for a team that has not given their fans much to cheer about..
They have 4 quality starters in cueto, latos, arroyo and bailey..
A nasty closer..
High quality at bats..
It's just fantastic! It really is..

I never thought there would be a worse team than butler..
But that game against Syracuse I wanted to tear my eyes out..
They can't penetrate to save their lives and they just look stupid..

Sell pujols..
A bum knee one week into the season?
That 10 year contract looks like a total disaster..

Sell male American tennis..
No one in the top 20? Ouch!

Buy Utah saints!
Yeah yeah boy..
We will make the playoffs.. I promise:)

Buy Denver broncos..
Peyton to Wes..
It's kind of catchy..
Elway knows his stuff.. Tasty:)

Sell Brooklyn nets..
They changed their name just to sound cool..
I was born in jersey..
I'm deeply offended:(

Kobe Bryant having a mental breakdown soon..

Shaqs new show..
He's not as good as tosh..
But he does have some moments..

I'll buy your AP stock.

Its worth what? A tenth of a penny on the dollar? Alberto cracks 8 homeruns and I'll sell it back at twice the price.

I'll also buy your Kobe stock.

He's driven by wanting to be the best ever, and if not for some VERY stupid moves by Kup-chuck, he could be rolling on 7-8 rings by now. If you think I wont make 10 times my money back on your stock when Kobe cracks KAJ's record? You are the one with a mental breakdown.

SELL the HECK out of Shaq new show.
Shaq is as far from Tosh as Peach is from beating my five year old at trivial Pursuit.
His backup dancers are about useless, and he just kind of sits there and laughs, humorous in the short term, but this show will last even less than the one he stole from Nash.

Advertisements available before football season!
-- Still looking for people :-)

Buy the Pats.
Even though they haven't won lately, who is out there? The Ravens self-destructed, the Mannites have been slapped around by the Hoodie for a decade, and only the Texans should pose a threat in the AFC.

So you like the pujols contract?
It looks awfully similar to the a-rod contract..
Look at all the teams doing well now..
None of them have that big time expensive slugger..
Going after the ridiculously expensive slugger is EXTREMELY DAAAAAAUUUUNGEROUS..
A-rod gave the yanks a couple of good years but now he is a total train wreck..
Look for pujols to do similar escapades..
It's too early in the season to be limping around..

You like Kobe Bryant?
When they don't make the playoffs, or lose meekly in the 1st round..
Kobe will have his mental breakdown.
It's a win win situation for me:)

There's something funny about Shaquille dancing..
Maybe because he is sooooo big..
True, he is not in the same league as tosh or South Park..
But he does have some moments..

Broncos greater than pats..
Pats will miss a huge chunk of their 100-catch-a-year welker..
Pats have a Swiss cheese defense..
The broncos gave the red hot ravens their toughest match in the playoffs..

Oh No, the AP contract was stupid as Hades.

But if you were selling your stock in it, you are selling it at the bottom.

And second, I hate Kobe (War Charlotte Hornets) but if you think that Kobe is going to pull an Adam Morrison and cry at midcourt sucking his thumb, you are crazier than Marlinsfan at a Red Lobster.

The Pats added Danny Boy, The dropoff is not going to be that bad.
Please list the Playoff wins that Manning has over Brady.
I'll wait.

While we are at it

SELLING the Chiefs!
- Again, not saying they will suck, but they are NOT going to be a title contender this year.
Just not a big fan of Reid, and they are going to need at least a year to gel.

Selling the Iggles.
I'm not sure Chip Kelly's style is going to work in the NFL. Everyone in the pros can get Nikes, and he won't have a MASSIVE talent advantage.

I'll be the first to admit I was wrong about the wolverines..
They were not as bad as I had made them out to be..
Michigan put up a damn good fight..
They just couldn't sustain their purple patch long enough..

Any baseball teams you want to buy or sell?? Eh? Eh?

I will sell on the ravens making the playoffs..
They barely made it last year..
And they are not going to be anywhere near as good as last year..
Cause of the essential pieces they lost in the off season..
Plus their division is brutal..

Yes, you were wrong about the Wolverines.

I'll sell the ENTIRE SPORT of Baseball.

The ratings are down, the tickets sales are down, and even the Red Sox have stopped inflating their sellout streak.

The National Past-its-time is on a long slow decline.

I'll swap it for Hockey, while it may not be the TV spot, BLOWS MLB away as a spectator sport, and almost the only event better live than at home with a group of friends.



April 7, 2013  10:17 PM ET

Buying Frogger's point of view; selling Dave's. So far.

I think Kobe WILL have a mental breakdown. Dwight Howard will miss a potential season saving, lottery staving, back breaking set of free throws to eliminate the Lakers and 24 is gonna have a conniption fit.

April 7, 2013  10:18 PM ET

Also the Reds are gonna be one of the best teams in baseball, I think.

April 8, 2013  09:16 AM ET

Who are the Mannitees??? The only Mannitees I know about are the Pittsburgh Pirates A affiliate in Brandonton, FL so right can't mean them!!!!! IS it the fish/Dolphins??????

April 8, 2013  10:21 AM ET

Who are the Mannitees??? The only Mannitees I know about are the Pittsburgh Pirates A affiliate in Brandonton, FL so right can't mean them!!!!! IS it the fish/Dolphins??????

mannites. manning. come on now.

April 8, 2013  11:55 AM ET

buying canadian tennis. going to the semis in the davis cup!

April 8, 2013  12:11 PM ET

Frog, the Brooklyn Nets actually do play in Brooklyn now, that's why they changed the name

April 8, 2013  12:29 PM ET

mannites. manning. come on now.

Oh Manites. I was putting the emphanise in the wrong sy-LAB-ol

Comment #8 has been removed
Comment #9 has been removed
April 8, 2013  02:13 PM ET

Frog, the Brooklyn Nets actually do play in Brooklyn now, that's why they changed the name

Ha ha my bad!

April 8, 2013  08:53 PM ET

"Buy"Is it available at the Dollar Store?


April 9, 2013  12:05 PM ET

"Buy"Is it available at the Dollar Store?

Yes, but it's in the 2 for a $1 discount bin! :^)

April 10, 2013  08:35 AM ET

Yes, but it's in the 2 for a $1 discount bin! :^)

and overpriced at half the price, gotta go left just because of the ad

Comment #14 has been removed
April 11, 2013  01:06 AM ET

"Buy"Is it available at the Dollar Store?



April 11, 2013  11:12 AM ET


Hows your Nets Blog going by the way?

April 11, 2013  11:19 AM ET

and overpriced at half the price, gotta go left just because of the ad

10 for a buck is then.... :^)

April 11, 2013  04:19 PM ET

10 for a buck *is then.... :^)

*it is


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