• 04/09/2013, 07:08PM ET

Best sports to watch on replay.. Even if you know the score..


1. Rugby! 10/10
Yeah yeah boy!
Millions of battles within battles..

2. NFL, 9/10
Only cause they cut out the commercials..

3. Boxing 8/10
It's always fun to see guys bash each other to a pulp:)

4. UFC..7/10
It's a little too violent for me personally or maybe I would put it higher..

5.skiing 6/10

6. Tennis anyone? 5/10
I still get goose bumps every time I see Agassi take on ivanisevic..

7. NBA 4/10
I watched the replay of the bulls vs heat, and it was ok..

8. MLB 3/10
I only like to watch it if I went to the game, so maybe I can hear my voice screaming insults..

9. Soccer:( 2/10
Yeah soccer is boring if you know the score..

10. Hockey 1/10
Same problem as soccer..
Low scoring games are tough to watch on replay:(

11. Golf 0/10..
It's slow enough in the first place!

If you already know the final score of a game, why use your valuable and scarce time to watch it on tape or a replay unless that game means something! Some playoff games and all championship games are worth watching again or for the first time even if you know the final score. But that still depends on whether you???d watch that sport in the first place. If you don???t watch soccer, tennis or golf in the first place you would very likely never, EVER watch a reply of one even if it???s a championship game/match.

With all that in mind, here???s my list:
1. Super Bowl


3. World Series Game

4. NCAA Basketball Championship Game

5. NCAA Football Championship Game

6. AFC/NFC Championship Game

7. Auto Racing ??? Major, Cup or Chase Race

8. Tennis Grand Slam Finals Match ??? I always get a kick out of the early 1980???s matches played with wooden rackets b/c my first tennis racket was wooden (I just dated myself but so what!)

9. Boxing Title Fight ??? Classic Ali fight for example

10. WrestleMania (Still fresh in my mind from the other night)

Of course, if one of your favorites is involved that ramps up the willingness to sit through a game/match again!!!

You have boxing way to low!
It's always fun on a weekday night, when not much is going on..
Open up a couple of beers and watch 2 guys pound each other!

Wrestlmania is an excellent addition..
Back in the day my uncle would send us tapes of hulk hogan winning multiple championships..
I already knew hulk won..
But I would practice the moves on my little brother..
Including the scissor lock with the legs, the sleeper head choke, the Boston crab and I even body slammed him into the mattress a couple of times ha ha..

I don't watch a lot of replays of the finals to be honest..
Mostly cause I watch most of them live..
But in general the low scoring games are harder to watch..
If the bruins score in the first minute of a one-nil game over the canadiens..
Would you really watch the rest of the game?
Probably not..
Which is why I think you put hockey to high..

You have tennis too low..
The rallies are still fun to watch..

Imaginary high five for not putting golf!

Accepts imaginary high five from HCF for omitting golf!

The Olympics briefly crossed my mind when I was making up my list. But I dismissed them because I believed that you had to have a choice of watching a replay or not to be on my list. When the Olympics are on another continent, you can't avoid hearing scores or watching replays of events so I left them off.

I think boxing is right where it belongs on my list. It's well past its heyday and sorely lacking big name heavyweight stars. Which was its bread and butter.

Thank-you for the WrestleMania kudos. Don't believe what my little brother tells you! I did not try to pile drive him or give him a DDT!!! And, he never, EVER clotheslinesd me off my feet either. DIDN'T HAPPEN! At least that's what we told our parents when asked why the end table leg was broken. . .

The problem with Tennis is the complete lack of American men in the top 100 or so. And, the lack of bad blood rivalries. Give me a McEnroe v. Borg Wimbledon match any day or Agassi v. Sampras for that matter.

Most hockey games don't end in shutouts, that's soccer! So, I got that right!!!

So this has turned into a like/dislike hockey debate, ha ha..

I watched hockey once..
The mental pain was pretty bad..
The emotional pain was even worse, ha ha..


While I do watch Olympic hockey..
There's something about losing to the canadiens or Russians, that gets me excited..

The only time I ever followed hockey in the regular season..
Was when my freshman roommate was on the hockey team..
But on the first night..
In bunk beds..
He puked after hockey iniation..
And the puke traveled down the wall..
I too was hammered, from x-country initiation..
And I woke up with my face in a pool of supreme Pizza Hut puke:) ha ha..
I guess that's why hockey scarred me for life..

I can see why some people like hockey..
If I didn't have a zillion sports on my agenda..
Maybe I would follow it..

But it is a low scoring game and low scoring games are not fun to watch on replay..
To have a low scoring game as number 2..
You either need to start learning French and impregnable a French speaking girl..
Or marry a girl that wants more money:)..

For regular season games if you see or hear the final score you just skip watching the game/match even if you DVR'd it. You can just go on the Internet and read the recap or box score and that tells you everything you need to know without watching something you already know the final outcome of.

I can't tell you how many times I've heard someone say don???t tell me the score I didn't see it yet. I know I jump thru a lot of hoops to avoid seeing a score of a game I???m DVRing. I sometimes DVR a game that I can't watch when it starts and start watching it from the start when the game/match is about half over. I avoid sports talk radio, all ESPN channels and the channel I'm DVRing to avoid even hearing on ongoing score. I had to record playoff games all the time when I was living in Hawaii b/c games started at 1:30 or 2:30 PM Hawaii time. So I'd rush home from work and start watching the recording. On occasion I've recorded a game and then heard the score before I watched it. So, I just deleted it rather than watch it unless it's a playoff game.

That's why my list is more specific than HCF's list. I'd rewatch a special game over and over again even though I know the outcome!

April 9, 2013  11:21 PM ET

Figured you'd have soccer #1... cause every game ends 0-0. So it's pretty much the status quo.

April 9, 2013  11:45 PM ET

Good topic. Too bad I'm too apathetic to TD these days. Sorry about the forfeit, by the way.

April 9, 2013  11:51 PM ET

Golf should be #1-11.

April 10, 2013  01:32 AM ET

Football is the only sport I can stand to watch even when I know the outcome.

April 10, 2013  08:03 AM ET


April 10, 2013  08:04 AM ET


lot more fun to watch than rugby on TV

April 10, 2013  09:09 AM ET

lot more fun to watch than rugby on TV

Especially the refs in the white rain coats.

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April 10, 2013  01:24 PM ET

GL Froggie!

April 10, 2013  01:33 PM ET

nothing. i hate watching anything on replay even if i don't know the outcome

April 10, 2013  01:34 PM ET

however, i'm surprised the olympics are not on these lists... that has to be number 1

April 10, 2013  01:46 PM ET

however, i'm surprised the olympics are not on these lists... that has to be number 1

Good one. The time zones make watching replays Olympic replays inevitable, but it's hard to avoid the leaked scores/times from the internet beforehand.

April 10, 2013  01:47 PM ET

^ Dj can fix that typo for me if he's on duty.

April 10, 2013  02:17 PM ET

^ Dj can fix that typo for me if he's on duty.

I think DJ's either been dismissed or put in time out again for bad behavior....

April 10, 2013  02:32 PM ET

Lingerie Football...............score don't matter

April 10, 2013  07:33 PM ET

Lingerie Football...............score don't matter

Ha ha,
Noice one..
I guess Olympics is a good one too..

April 11, 2013  01:05 AM ET

Lingerie Football...............score don't matter

Good one.
Women's Beach Volleyball and Women's Tennis occasionally fall into your same category there.

April 11, 2013  10:17 AM ET

Good one. Women's Beach Volleyball and Women's Tennis occasionally fall into your same category there.

and to continue......

womens synchronized nude swimming

April 11, 2013  10:49 AM ET

and to continue......womens synchronized nude swimming

don't forget womens rhythm nude gymnastics......

April 11, 2013  08:37 PM ET

Hooter girls in spring training baseball!


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