• 04/11/2013, 08:59PM ET

Buy or sell.. Specifics on crowd atmosphere..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs OlderthanDirt (88-37-13)

Zero people in the stands..
This can only happen in soccer after racist chants..
They get a ban for a couple of games..
And watching the game on tv is not amusing..
Zero atmosphere..

Crowd being ultra quiet..
In tennis and baseball games..
I scream a million insults..
Sometimes I inspire one other person to do the same..
Sometimes I get bia-tch-Ed at..
Once a Russian tennis player gave me a death stare, ha ha..

Sell NFL/college football games..
I know
It's a contradiction..
But I saw the Miami hurricanes once..
And I left with a booming headache?!
It's sooooo freakin loud..
And everyone was standing on their feet the whole time..
I'm never going back..
It's like goldilocks:)
You gotta find the right mix..

Buy having a nightclub in the baseball stadium..
With go go dancers..
And knee high leather boots..
Love it!
Yeah marlins yeah boy..
There's a lot of single perverted me..
That go to baseball games and want to see rated Pg 13 strippers too:)
Because I'm not gay..

Cheer leaders in baseball..
There was a time they did it for the marlins..
And it really pumped up the crowd..

While zero might not be such a bad number for soccer fans, the fans of Miami and Cleveland in MLB are pretty close to that.

But, I still choose MLB or MLS. just saying.


NASCAR and any race on any Sunday. The crowds are fueled by beer and wine and ready to watch their favorite driver either win or take out their closest rival. Great Atmosphere and a great way to spend 3-4 hours on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Does not matter how loud they get, the cars are louder.

I disagree with you and I will BUY NCAAF games. Pick your favorite team and just go. I am personally a Sooner Nation fan but I enjoy any college game I go to. The college atmosphere can not be duplicated in any other arena. It is absolutely fantastic.

BUY........NCAAB. Go to Fogg Allen, Dean Dome, Cameron Indoor, Pauly Pavilion, Assembly Hall or any other arena with a rich basketball tradition and you will feel the ghosts from days past riding your shoulders as the student section raises the roof and blows you away with enthusiasm.

SELL... the whole nightclub in the stadium deal. Only the rich and famous get to enjoy this on a daily basis so to heck with it.

Horse racing.
Girls wearing 1$000 dresses.
Everyone gets hammered.

I'm going to have to buy Miami baseball.
I go to several marlins games a year.
And it's freakin awesome.
I buy bleacher tickets for $12.
And then I sneak my way behind the $48 first base tickets.
We also have a nightclub, the clevelander, that you can get into for $25.
Which is wonderful, cause I have a lot of friends from England that can't stand baseball.
But they can stand beautiful Latinas shaking their ****, getting all sweaty and stinky.
Oh and the atmosphere is wonderful everytime the cubs, philies, braves and especially the loud mouth mets come into town..
Cause the opposing teams fans are quite loud and that inspires the normally quiet marlins fans to open their mouths..
It turns into a 50/50 battle of who can will their team to win..
It's more exciting than when it's 95/5..

Buy the Miami tennis open.
For similar reasons.
When their is a Latin vs American player.
It turns into a screaming match where all the loud brazilians try to will their man to victory.
It has a bull fight atmosphere to it.
And tickets are c

I BUY ........the fact that you are more into the social scene behind the sporting events than you are the events themselves. I for one do not let beer drinking get in the way of my fishing and I likewise do not let fishing get in the way of my beer drinking.

It is for that reason, I DO NOT buy all that you listed as being the reason to attend Marlins games. And for whatever reason the Braves, Phillies and Mets fans have for being loud seems to be that their team ownership gives a ratsass.

As for Tennis, not buying it right now. I had rather watch paint dry as I do mechanic work, (you know, put a rear end in a recliner). No one in the Tennis arena draws my attention anymore.

I WiLL BUY........the Masters. Great show, Too Bad Tiger could not pull it out this time. Congratulations to Adam Scott. Great tourney for the first Aussie win ever.

BUY......the great start to the Braves season this year. They don't even have all the horses at a trot yet and they just swept the Nationals and off to a 11-1 start. Yeah baby! Go Braves!

More 3rd .........

When I go to a sporting event..
I want:
1. Beer
2. Hot chicks to drool at and maybe get a number:)
3. Shout insults and later hear myself on tv
4. In baseball lots of hits and a couple of home runs..
5. Not get a booming headache from a bunch of frat boys..
6. Not have to stand the whole time, cause the frat boys are soooo excited..
7. Have the New York mets come into town..
Cause it's more fun when they get their hearts broken..
8. If I have time I go to the clevelander haha to get a noice burger before the action starts..
If I don't have time, hot dog is safe..
9. Go go dancers
10. Cheer leaders

You can get 6 of the ten at Hooters...Why pay Stadium Sports prices?

Again, I BUY you are just looking to get drunk and laid. Probably in that order.

However, IF you go to a sports event for the SPORTS EVENT, I don't buy all the booze and other distractions so much. A beer or two is awesome, having some drunken slob falling into your wife's boobs on purpose usually starts too much crap.

I have been to three NFL games, never noticed the cheerleaders at all until halftime. NOT the reason I'm there. If I wanted to spend a couple hundred dollars drinking and looking at hot chicks, strip club seems to be the best venue.

Still not buying Cheerleaders in Baseball. I mean, where are they going to stand and not get hurt?

BUY!!!!!!!!! OKC Thunder winning West. Yeah Boy, looks like another Heat vs Thunder championship building to me.

Sell.......this TD. Kind of fizzled with your last argument.......................

April 12, 2013  06:05 AM ET

I think baseball cheerleaders would be badass.

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April 12, 2013  06:33 AM ET

Going for the comment count padding, DJ style.

Fail yet again. Not one spelling correction.

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April 12, 2013  11:43 AM ET

Double fail. Screw it here's a link.

Thank-you for the nightmaes that will cause me all weekend! ;^D

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April 13, 2013  08:49 AM ET

They already have them in the Dominican Leagues.

I feel like this is somehow part of reason why the Domicans consistently kick our **** in baseball.

April 13, 2013  08:50 AM ET

Licey Cheerleaders

Although there's something about the word "Licey" that I find disturbing.

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April 15, 2013  12:06 PM ET

MLB over MLS...oops

April 15, 2013  01:21 PM ET

I went to high school with a girl named Lacey that had lice.She adopted that nickname rather quickly.


I'm just guessing but I'd bet she didn't adopt that nickname by choice....


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