• 04/13/2013, 08:18PM ET

Top sporting events to look forward to.. In the not so distant future..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-73)

1. The battle between jazz vs lakers..
Lakers still have spurs, rockets..
Jazz have Minnesota and Memphis..
Right now I look like a total genius..
With Kobe down and out..
And jazz owning the tiebreaker..
Advantage jazz, BIG TIME!

2. Isner..
Can he get back to his winning ways?
And beat clay court specialist almagro tomorrow?
I say yes!!!

3. Chelsea..
The only team in England that offers excitement at the moment..
Can they get the double?
Man chitty and Basel will be their biggest tests..
I say yes!!

4. Look for the reds to go on a 4 game tear..
With cueto, latos, arroyo and hailey all in line..

5. Tebow..
The last piece to a very exciting off season..
Certainly not the jets..

No Kobe?

No caring.

And Like I said in the other TD- Kobe did not have a breakdown, like you thought he would.

!. Jones vs Sonnen

Sonne is a POWERFUL wrestler vs one of the most dynamic strikers in the UFC.

Hmm. The Wrestler just won TUF vs one of the most dynamic strikers in TUF history.

2. Knicks in the playoffs.
Lets see how they are when the tempo slows down


This year, round 1 is on my birthday.
I want Kenny V, Carolina. Thats all I ask.

4. StrikeForce Champion vs UFC champion.

The UFC did almost as bad a job bringing over the SF guys as Vince did with WCW, but Gilberto has been whining about being the number 1 guy at 155 for years- He finally get a chance, and Benson's already beat his boy on FOX.

Ha ha..
I got the reds, Chelsea and Kobe's mental breakdown all wrong..
I did get my boy insert winning today right, (I guess I was due:)..
And I still think I'm in an excellent position with my jazz pick..
Plus now that Kobe is down and out..
Utah will put up a better fight..
You have to remember the jazz at home are tough cause of the altitude..

I probably deserve to lose this TD but whatever..
I can't believe with cueto pitching they lost to freakin Pittsburg..
That's baseball for you, oh well..

I'm not sure why you are so excited about the NFL draft..
It looks like the worst QB year of all time..
And that's the most exicitng thing about the draft..

The circus show we call tebow is more intriguing..
I really hope the jags get him..
Tebow is the next messiah in Florida..
My new girlfriend doesn't like sports, but she is obsessed with the gators..

I'll wake you when I care about TeBow,

I mean, really? Guy has had a target on his back since DAY ONE, and for some reason Stinky and some of the other "analysts" just couldn't wait to rip him a new one.

Let me tell you a secret- throwing a dart at a QB with first or second-round talent and saying he's going to fail and being RIGHT is almost as hard as picking a politician and saying he's screwing someone not his wife.

I mean really. Let the guy have his 6-7 year career and then move on do good in the world.

Why Am I excited about the Draft?
I HAVE A QB- I don't need one. The Panthers need two things, an MD that can keep the front seven healthy, and someone that can stop the run. The bulk of the great DL's will be gone, so give me a DB.

Why else?


Oooooohhhh nnnnooooooo!!
The jazz didn't make it:(
Now my crystal ball is shattered:(
Ha ha..

I got isner right and everything else wrong!
I guess I was due to get one right..

Oh well..
At least the jazz made a usually boring race into a mildly interesting playoff race..

Now there is nothing to look forward to!
The heat will destroy the east..
The thunder will destroy the west..
The heat will destroy the thunder..
I have already seen this movie..
I think I want my money back..

Sorry, NBA snuck up on me.

Did you SEE UFC on FOX 7?????

April 14, 2013  09:02 AM ET

Cueto left Saturday's game with tightness in his tricep. So you can't count on him to help with that 4 game tear you're predicting.

April 14, 2013  04:37 PM ET

well chelsea got toasted today as well. lookin rough mister frog

April 15, 2013  05:37 AM ET

The Reds bullpen is bad. They got sweept by the Pirates and all 3 games were lost by the Fred's pen.

Comment #4 has been removed
April 15, 2013  12:37 PM ET

well chelsea got toasted today as well. lookin rough mister frog

And now the lakers are most likely going to make it:(
I'm on a sinking ship ha ha..

Isner saved from total embarrassment!

April 15, 2013  12:39 PM ET

The Reds bullpen is bad. They got sweept by the Pirates and all 3 games were lost by the Fred's pen.

The bullpen isn't a total disaster..
Chapman is one of the best in the biz..
But it would be noice if they could trade for a power batter..
Manny Ramirez from Taiwan? Ha ha

April 15, 2013  12:41 PM ET

Uh, Stanley Cup Playoffs?Idiots.

Ha ha..
And no masters either! Ha ha..

Is Stanley cup still on versus Chanel?
What like 5 people watch that Chanel? Ha ha..
Or do you have 13 people?

Comment #8 has been removed
April 15, 2013  01:10 PM ET

Versus doesn't exist anymore.NBC Sports.

Plus the NHL has it's own network now just like the NFL. Although I don't know yet if the the NHLN carries SC games but I will very soon.

April 15, 2013  01:10 PM ET

lakers (minus kobe)
tennis (most boring game on tv)
soccer (not even a sport)
this is the most pathetic list ive seen you produce yet....

April 15, 2013  01:12 PM ET

The bullpen isn't a total disaster..Chapman is one of the best in the biz..But it would be noice if they could trade for a power batter..Manny Ramirez from Taiwan? Ha ha

If your bull pen blows your early lead provided by your starters and you're losing by the ninth inning, Chapman does you very little good.

April 15, 2013  02:50 PM ET

lakers (minus kobe)tennis (most boring game on tv)soccer (not even a sport)this is the most pathetic list ive seen you produce yet....

Ha ha..
Cheers mate!

April 16, 2013  12:08 PM ET

I bet you Carolina whiffs on Kenny V. I see him going to Steelers with 17th pick.

April 17, 2013  01:13 AM ET

I bet you Carolina whiffs on Kenny V. I see him going to Steelers with 17th pick.

They need interior line help more after all a great D-line will make a pathetic secondary look okay yet it doesn't work the other way around

April 17, 2013  11:42 AM ET

HCF brought soccer into this....automatic vote right!

April 17, 2013  12:27 PM ET

I need the jazz to bail me out!

April 18, 2013  09:57 AM ET

no Kobe = no caring................funny.


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