• 04/22/2013, 06:54AM ET

Top 10 places you would not want to play at..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-849-64) vs 7#bag _ Com (996-338-74)

1. California..
There major city Los Angeles doesn't even have a pro football team..
There is something wrong with that!
And they don't really care about winning or losing..
Most of them are Red Sox or Yankee fans..

2. White sox..
Deep down you would want to be a cubbie..
And you are within driving distance to a fantastic sporting cathedral..

3. Do a David beckham and move to an American soccer club..
In Europe soccer is a religion..
In America no one cares..
I'm obsessed with soccer..
But even I could not tell you which American club won last year..

4. Green Bay..
It's too cold! Sorry.

5. New York..
It's too dangerous..
Everytime I walk down the street I'm constantly looking over my shoulder..
And you see people screaming at each other..
Plus there's too many people living in such a small place..
They are on top of each other..
Fun to visit.. But I wouldn't want to live there..

6. Boston..
Too negative..
You see fans booing at Pedro Martinez..
And the Yankees su-k-c tee-shirts kind of scare me..
Breaking the curse would have been fun..
But now that's accomplished.. There's no more holy grail..

1. No Pro Football?
What do you call USC?

Not to mention, what If I'm a basketball player?

Then I get all the Love. All I need is a good coach (Both Franchises)

4. Green Bay?

Cold? Really? Minor players in Green Bay are treated like Hall-of-Famers in other cities.

5/6 Scared? Say you scared. I got no problems with other city, they just like it when you stink.

My Agreements.

2. Second class in my own city, plus I love pizza- All that food is going to turn me from a football/basketball player to a sumo wrestler quickly.

3. Any city that says "Hi, you are playing soccer" sucks.


Instead lets go with:

Cleveland: No matter how good I am, I'm not better than Jim Brown or Otto. Plus

(insert Deity) hates Cleveland. I want to keep my ACLs


I got millions, and . . . . . ok, I need to buy a plane.


Not even 'Nique could sell the building out everynight.

While LA is a great basketball town..
If your born there, and you are a football player..
You can't even represent your own city?
Plus Oakland stole your team?
California baseball is such a joke, even billy Joel made fun of them in the song we didn't start the fire..

For awhile USC could do no wrong producing Palmer, then leinhart, then Reggie bush and Matt cassel..
But the fact that Carroll jumped ship to freaking Seattle, supposedly has a reputation for people being depressed their.. Just reiterates my point..
Seattle is greater than California or carrol would not have jumped ship!

Green Bay is just too cold for sports..
Sports were not meant to be played in tundra like conditions..
I guess if you are a back up QB With a gortex jacket, it's not too too bad..
But if I had to play in the cold all year round I would probably get really sick a lot..

Your Utah addition is brilliant!
I lived there once for four years..
And trust me, unless your a Mormon it's really hard to get laid there..
What's the point of being a professional basketball player if you don't have groupies?

ok. The California Baseball is in reference to the Dodgers and Giants opening the west coast to MLB. Not making fun of it, making a mention of the importance.

Carroll left before the NCAA burned his butt and the money was more than he was making.

#7 Jacksonville.

A Pro Football player in LA is better than one in Jacksonville.

#8 Buffalo
Its like Green Bay without the history!

#9 Vanderbilt.

Might as well be a D2 school in the SEC

The Antarctica Beach Volleyball team

If tebow goes to the jags..
He will become greater than god..
But you are right..
The jags are floridas 3rd team..
And it's not the most desirable place to live..

Buffalo to is undesirable..
And the fact that its most famous man is oj Simpson.. Oh dear!
But if you win one championship you become a legend..
I guess it's an even trade off..
If I was a professional sportsman I would love to have a chance at creating history..
One championship to buffalo would mean more than 5 championships with the Yankees..

Tebow needs to goto the CFL.

J-ville is a wasteland.

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April 24, 2013  01:46 PM ET

San Diego. You know you won't win a championship, but on the other hand you have the best climate in the entire country. And have you seen the gals that go to USD? Great googly, moogly!

April 25, 2013  08:58 AM ET

you have to be kidding and ny are The best 2 sports cities in the great u.s. of phukking a.. too negitive, wrong we actually just hold our sports teams to extremely high standards and thats why some players more than some teams spend on their whole payroll

April 29, 2013  12:07 AM ET

Frog... Why in the HELL don't you vote for yourself??? Are you crazy or just lazy?

Right's final argument is practically non existent.


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