• 04/22/2013, 07:51AM ET

When sports is more than sports..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-851-64) vs eXistenZ (3-1-0)

1. Jackie Robinson..
Breaking the color barrier..

2. Jesse Owens humiliating hitlers master race theory...

3. Baseball after 9/11..
Helped the country get back on its feet..

4. The miracle on ice..
During the heart of the Cold War..
It was fun to beat the Russians..
Put Americans in a positive mood..

5. Billie jean king beating bobby Riggs in tennis..

6. America boy cotting the 1980 Russian Olympics..

7. The first marathon ever..
The Greek died trying to deliver a vital message..

8. South Africa wins the 95 World Cup..
Uniting a country torn by racial tensions..

9. Iraq getting to the semis in Olympic soccer..
(Only to turn around to say bush destroyed their country)..

10. 1998 Iran beating America in soccer World Cup..
Again the political tensions between these 2 countries was huge..

Replace numbers 9-10 with the following:

The Boston Marathon Bombing
This was like the 911 in USA Sports. It reminded us again of the terror happening in our very own backyard. Innocent people tragically being maimed, injured and even killed while supporting and participating in this huge event.

But just like every tragic event, somehow America always finds a way to band together. From the BPD, to the FBI and to the Boston Citizens, we salute you for finding the resolve and bravery to bring this tragic event to a conclusion with minimal casualties.

Kevin Ware shattering his leg
Every championship run has a story to tell and this season was no exception. Watching the horror of one of their teammate potentially having a career ending injury right before their eyes would be devastating to just about anyone who saw the game. But Ware would have none of that and inspired a group of young men to stay strong and be focused at the task at hand. The Louisville payers rallied from an emotional start that had them down in the first half and somehow found the strength to overcome the odds.

BTW good topic.

They are both great examples..
I went to college in Boston and lived there for 6 years..
I was devastated when the bombings occurred..
But America and London came together..
We showed terrorists and crazies we will hunt you down like dogs..
We showed we would help people lying in pools of blood..
Instead of running away from the terror..
And next year..
The Boston marathon will be even bigger..
We showed Yankee fans singing sweet Caroline..
We showed Neil diamond singing at a Red Sox game..
Yes it was like 9/11 to a lesser extent..
I was so moved I thought about joining the marines..
But my little brother died 8 years ago..
It would be too much for my mother ..
And they were American citizens with no ties to real terrorists..
I was half right when I said the Arabs did this atriciousity..
It's time to strengthen our alliances with Russia..
Maybe send in a special forces unit into cheychnya and open up a can of whoop a-as..

1st I'd like to pay my condolences on losing your brother 8 yrs ago, my prayers go out to you and your family's loss. The closest I've come to losing someone near hasn't happened yet and I count my blessings.

But back to your topic. I never played soccer in my life, the closest thing was kick ball. Kicking the ball was physically easy to do. It seems to me that parents in the US start their kids with easy sports to learn, like soccer. I mostly see soccer Mom's taking charge of the duties as this happened to a few neighborhood friends. My father wasn't against soccer, but he chose to spend his time teaching me the game of baseball first instead.

Since the World Cups inception, we have never seen team USA or Canada play for the title. It seems that here in North America we place a greater importance in Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey.

So when US loses to Iran in soccer it doesn't mean as much as when an actual tragedy occurs in say the Boston Marathon. Iraq reaching the semis in Olympic soccer doesn't mean as much as actually winning the whole thing without a key player, and discovering a hero named Hancock raining 3s. But soccer is a good sport overall.

The Ireland rugby team would be another..
North and south working together as a cohesive unit..
Even England loves and respects the Irish national rugby team..
Even the IRA understands not to bomb a sports national pastime..
When the IRA could bomb the England vs Ireland game if they really wanted to..

That's the fantastic thing about sports..
You can terror us..
You can fear us..
You can discriminate us..
But in sports..
Guess what?
All it comes down..
Is are you better than your opponent..
Sports are simple..
That's the true beauty of sports..
Sports allow us to reminisce of our childhood..
Sports allow us to day dream..
Sports allow us to come together and be as one..

Cheyneya will never stop the sacred Boston marathon..
I have run the Boston marathon twice..
And now?
I want blood..
Someone is going to pay..
All we have seen is the iceberg tip..

When does a sport become more than just a sport... It's certainly not going to be an event were US loses a soccer match to Iran. Nor is it going to come from a team that just qualifies for the semis and not even win the winning trophy. Those are events that simply fall on the way side and the majority of the people don't even remember.

But you do remember Joe Theismann more for the game in which he had has leg broken, it was a grue some event that caused you to pause and look away. The same thing applies to Kevin Ware's injury. But even more so because it happened to a team consisting of mostly teens having to deal with this unfortunate incident and overcoming it.

No one truly cares about Iran winning a soccer game over the US. I don't see Kobe Twitting about it or US soccer players saying that we must beat the Iranians in soccer at all cost.

Even the Boston Marathon tragedy has you seething for blood, because the event transcended the sport. It may not have been on the scale of the NY tragedy, but it definitely cast a spell on a Nation and the World. The Boston tragedy will be remembered much longer than losing a soccer game, no one gives a hoot.

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April 22, 2013  10:00 AM ET

This is relatively tough to argue.

Whoever has the best examples wins

April 22, 2013  10:06 AM ET

Another good one is the Ireland rugby team..
It's the only time the two countries come together to be as one..
Catholics and Protestants uniting..

April 22, 2013  04:33 PM ET

This is relatively tough to argue.


April 22, 2013  04:33 PM ET

Yeah, and you picked some really good ones.

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April 22, 2013  05:57 PM ET

You can't pick two events from the past month for an all-time list. What are you, 12? Voting left.

Ouch. That's a bit harsh, but I do kind of agree.
Seems weak to just change numbers 9 and 10 in such a wide open topic.
And if you're going to go with the terrorism angle, then the Munich Massacre trumps the Boston Marathon.
The Kevin Ware thing is fresh in people's minds and might be Top 10 of 2013 but isn't really worthy of this list.

April 22, 2013  05:59 PM ET

Yeah, and you picked some really good ones.

Indeed. Every once in awhile, Froggie does put out a very solid one.

April 22, 2013  07:20 PM ET

You can't pick two events from the past month for an all-time list. What are you, 12? Voting left.

Says the guy who currently has a TD about Ozzie Guillen managing the FLORIDA Marlins.

April 22, 2013  07:21 PM ET

Yeah, and you picked some really good ones.

Supposed to quote comment 2.

April 22, 2013  07:21 PM ET

Indeed. Every once in awhile, Froggie does put out a very solid one.

Indeed he does.

Props, by the way, for knowing what I was referring to with that comment. I forgot to quote :/

April 22, 2013  07:22 PM ET

The Kevin Ware thing is fresh in people's minds and might be Top 10 of 2013 but isn't really worthy of this list.

I was thinking the same thing.

April 22, 2013  10:18 PM ET

You can't pick two events from the past month for an all-time list. What are you, 12? Voting left.

It's ok..
I picked the obvious ones

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April 23, 2013  03:47 AM ET

It's ok..I picked the obvious ones

Thanks HighwayCrossingFrog. I couldn't find a disclaimer anywhere in the title nor in your TD argument that it had to be an all-time list.

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April 24, 2013  05:08 PM ET

As a New Hampshire resident, the marathon happenings hit close to home. I had a friend injured in that incident. Munich is also appropriate. Dump the 2 soccer items.


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