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Should Derrick Rose return during the playoffs?

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Let me rephrase the TD, should Derrick Rose return during the playoffs, even though he feels he's not ready, but the team could use him?

In my opinion, NO

Derrick Rose suffered a torn ACL and also a torn meniscus. The torn ACL is the worst sports injury and has been a killer of numerous athletes careers.

It effects a players ability to accelerate and also their ability to make sharp cuts. On top of the physical issues, it is also an injury that is known to mentality handicap a player because many have frequently complained of a "tightness" that can't be explained.

So yes, team doctors have cleared him since March and he sometimes scrimmages and practices with the team, but if he feels he's not ready, I don't think he should play

I've been reading numerous articles from sports writers, saying that he needs to get out there to help his team but they have an agenda, and it's not Derrick Rose

Rose is two yrs removed from being the league MVP and he's only 24 yrs old. Going back out prematurely can easily lead him to reinjure himself and effectively ruin his career.

My suggestion to Derrick Rose. Come back when you feel that you are good and ready.

Derrick Rose as you said was cleared by doctors and has been practicing without limits for months. By all accounts he is dominating in full contact practice, and there has been no words of any type of set back. The only issue that has come up is the mental aspect.

You say come back when he feels ready; what if he feels the same mental issue next year. Then we shouldn't question him if he sits out next year too? or the next one? Now that's not going to happen, but the point is it is OK for others to step in and say "dude right now you would be the healthiest player on your team; get the **** in the game"

How does he overcome this mental aspect anyway other then playing in an actual game? He has gone through and passed every other part of the comeback. Sometimes guys need that push. This isnt rushing him back, it has been a year. Could he get hurt again? Sure. Lebron could too , so could KD. If we even look how he hurt himself in the first place; it wasn't contact but a simple basketball move the kind he is doing now in practice and thus risking his health for nothing.

If your heathy and can help your team you play.

He was cleared by team doctors, i.e. doctors whose primary interest is to get him back on the court asap, regardless of his long term health.

Also, Derrick Rose said in an interview that his knee still doesn't feel right and that he could not dunk off of one step.

To be honest, the fact that fans, sports writers and even team officials are quietly and openly pushing for him to get back on the court shows that they don't really care about his career.

It was well known that Rose could possibly miss this season, but now suddenly, everyone wants to push this superman idea that he can simply overcome everything and come to the rescue.

There's a reason why players such as Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady and Penny Hardaway never reached their full potential. It's because they all came back too early from devastating season ending injuries.
Sure, the crowd going wild along with teammates and coaches patting you on the back feels good for the moment, but when the pain comes back and more surgery is required, where does this leave him.

When healthy, Rose is a top 5 player in the NBA. Why rush him back before he's ready?

Ha. Teams doctors cleared him because they want him back early? Where do you think that doctor is job wise the following year if he clears a franchise player without him being ready? Besides this was Derricks chosen doctor that cleared him to play games; and derrick nor anyone in his camp have said he inst physically ready and they have even said there have been no set backs as recently as this past week.

Catch up on your rose news. "I can do everything (physically)" -rose

Theirs video of him dunking off one step, even his own brother has said "hes 90 % mentally ready". Hill /McGrady/Hardaway had surgeries in the dark ages; the advancements in surgery are light years better now; you don't even have to cut open the knee anymore. Besides you bringing them guys who ended bad makes about as much sense of me bringing all the guys who came back OK...treat everyone as individuals

-cleared to play
-practicing with limits
-practicing with no limits
-no set backs
-can do all the physical aspects

Imagine if Howard did this, or Melo, or leBron before the ring...

he can play; thus he should

Interesting how the top players in the league have all said that Rose should come back when he feels that he's ready to come back and not a minute soon.
Those players include LeBron James and D Wade, Carmelo Anthony, John Walls and a host of other players.

Then on the other side, those who want him to come back now are sportswriters and fans.

To be honest, I'll side with the actual athletes with this one because they know how serious a knee injury is and they also know that if he's injured again, his career is basically over.

Derrick Rose is one of the best in the game, so there must be a reason why he's not coming back.

And what do you mean Hill/Hardaway/McGrady had surgery in the Dark Ages? That was in the 90's and early 2000's.
How old are you?

Also, what about Gilbert Arenas, whose career was cut short?
What about Amare Stoudamire?

There are dozens of formerly great players in the same category.

And yes, the mental aspects is just as important because it determines how they play the game.

To be honest, people who want to see an athlete come back prematurely care nothing about his long term health, they just want to see him out there.

So you mean other current members of the nba players UNION want all the power in the players hand and didn't call out a fellow union member? Shocking. Why would they? The union would tear them apart, they would have to play a tougher bulls team, and they dont want to make Rose not want to play with them if he reaches FA down the line. You know who has spoken up; people who were players but no longer are (ex. player/GM Steve Kerr)

I would think a doctor who specializes in knee surgery would be the best persons word to take; since knowing these things are the main aspect of how he makes a living.

Again for every Amare (not even same injury?) i can name a rubio. No point in comparing but if you want to you can name guys on both sides. Who was last person who had same injury recently to take this long? NOBODY

You go have the 90/early 2000s surgery if you get hurt; i will have the doesn't leave a giant scar, barely makes noticeable incisions, has a much shorter recovery time, takes less time to do, uses different techniques, and actually can make the knee stronger 2013 surgery.

How do you get mentally ready ..................other then actually playing the game?

April 25, 2013  09:44 PM ET

Both sides make good points! He is cleared but he feels he's not ready.

April 29, 2013  08:51 PM ET

He's medically cleared and been practicing full contact since what, December?

Time to put your big boy pants on and get back on the court.

April 29, 2013  10:34 PM ET

Who cares. But I would love to see the Bulls go all the way to the finals... cause I LOVE watching Noah playing on that obviously extremely painful injured foot. More overtime games as well please!

May 1, 2013  04:22 PM ET

voting right for better arguments. I have no clue how left got 3 votes...

May 1, 2013  04:30 PM ET

you start off on the faulty premise that Rose isn't healthy and medically cleared to play.

you insinuate that there's an underhanded plot by the doctor to get Rose back on the court too soon... even though CM says it was Rose's handpicked doctor...

you then draw the comparison to players that never fully recovered, what 10-15 years ago? And assume that those players were rushed back onto the court...

and you conclude this nonsense by stating, again erroneously, that Rose is not healthy enough to return.


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