• 04/29/2013, 03:34PM ET

Jason Collins should not have come out, till after he retired..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-850-64) vs Marlins Fan (156-78-31)

1. He potentially hurt his next contract..
Some teams may or may not have an issue..
It was a risky move..

2. He made the locker room a little more interesting..
I don't like changing in front of straight people..
But now Collins made changing an issue for some people..

3. I had a gay rugby team mate once..
It's hard to describe in words..
But there was an element of uncomfortableness..
It was different..
Inside the locker room..
Changing faster..

4. Everyone when it comes to sexuality..
Has their own comfort level..
It's an incredibly complex issue..
While some athletes might not have a problem..
It's inevitable that some will..

5. This has nothing to do with tolerance..
This has everything to do with comfort level..
In the military they have a dont ask don't tell policy..
In sports the same policy should be in tact..

6. This is not the feel good story..
This is the new complex story..

7. He is brave..
But now he has turned into a potential monkey-wrencher..

8. The same could be said with religion in sports..
Could you imagine an athlete saying praise be Allah,
Everytime he was voted man of the match?

Well... obviously it was important to Collins to be the first openly gay, active pro athlete among the major American sports. And since it was important to Collins all I can say is Mission Accomplished!

Collins had every right to come out now. I'm not one of those people who was anxiously waiting for a pro athlete to come out, simply because I don't believe in this Twitter culture. I don't think Irs my business who Collins or any other athlete goes to bed with. Personally I'm a little weary of knowing every athlete's deepest secrets. It's overkill.

But this isn't about my opinion, either. It's about breaking down barriers, and Collins took a virtual sledgehammer to the "I don't want no gays in my locker room" crowd.

That's something to be celebrated, to some extent. Mainly just because Collins represents a portion of the population who at times feels like they're looked down upon.

Several straight athletes have broadcaster their opinions over the years. Frequently we've heard from the guys who don't want gay teammates. So this is just an evening of the score. Collins leveled the playing field somewhat.

No problem with that, whatsoever.

This is a dangerous topic..

Did the movie brokeback mountain accomplish something?
Or did it make cowboys even more homophobic?

You have to question these things..

What could he possibly have to gain?

Yeah.. Great.. He is a a somebody now..
A household name.. Great..

But this isn't about race..

Sexuality is a million times more complex..

I know there are approximately 5% of the population is gay..

If I was his team mate now..
I would probably change in the toilet stalls..
It would be like me changing in the girls bathroom..
Seeing naked flesh would arouse me..
It's the same for homosexuals..
It's human nature..

If I had to guess..
Collins wanted to be remembered as a barrier breaker..
What is the price?
To be a team mate that makes some in certain positions feel uncomfortable?

Like I said acceptance of sexuality is incredibly complex..

If you knew your doctor was gay..
Would you change doctors?

Some people would..

I'm open to a world that accepts people..
The main reason why I voted democrat was cause they treat women and gays like normal people..

But Collins just made things incredibly complex..

I don't know what Brokeback Mountain accomplished but then again I'm not here to defend homosexuality. I have my own opinions on the subject (which I will not disclose, mainly because who cares what I think) but this isn't about my opinions or beliefs. Like I said I'm not here to defend homosexuality, nor am I here to bash it.

I'm here because I fully believe that Collins has a right to come out (or to not come out) at any time he pleases. As I said before I don't think anybodys sexuality is really our business at all but if a gay athlete wants to let us all know he likes the dong, well he certainly has a right to say so. And we don't have the right to tell him his timing is bad. It's his life, his sexuality, his business. Not ours.

Collins did make things complex. I suppose it would've been easier to not ripple the lake and just keep his sexuality to himself. But Collins apparently felt obligated to go public. Maybe he felt like he was willing to martyr himself for the cause, I don't know. Whatever his reasons he did what he did and now its done.

Which is good because now we can stop caring. His business can go back to being his business.

I'm down 8-1..
I'm going to bail..
Fun TD..
I didn't think we would see someone come out for another 20years..

Fun TD, Frogger.

April 29, 2013  03:37 PM ET

I commend him for stepping forward..
But his sexuality is none of our business.
His religion is none of our business..
Etc etc..

April 29, 2013  03:39 PM ET

I always knew it would be a Dwayne dweebly..

April 29, 2013  03:39 PM ET

He wasn't going to be remembered for anything else..

April 29, 2013  03:42 PM ET

If Collins was smart..
He would tell kids not to come out of the closet until after high school..

April 29, 2013  03:44 PM ET

This is a dangerous example he is setting..
Just cause it may work for him..
Doesn't mean it will work for others..

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April 29, 2013  04:38 PM ET

He's the Jackie Robinson of his generation.

Lol. Jackie Robinson without talent...

April 29, 2013  04:48 PM ET

He's the Jackie Robinson of his generation.

Its a much more complex issue, in my opinion. Mainly, because Robinson couldn't hide his skin color.

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April 29, 2013  05:04 PM ET

So basically HCF is homophobic. And I actually think this will help his next contract. I'd never heard of him before today, but from what I understand, he's really not a particularly good player, and at his age, it may have been hard to find a team that wanted him. I could see a team now doing a publicity stunt and signing him so they would be the first team with a openly gay player.


Comment #12 has been removed
April 29, 2013  05:32 PM ET

His next contract? At this point, he's a League minimum player anyway.

April 29, 2013  06:32 PM ET

Is it our business. No. Do i hope someone now has the courage to come out in the 3 other major sports ? Yes. Why? So that then idiots realize hey their is and have been gay people in every major sport over the years and it didn't cause the rampant spread of gay agendas and ruin the team/sport. You go public now so that down the road it truly is a non issue that nobody cares about.

HCF you say its about comfort? So gay athletes should just remain uncomfortable because others cant accept reality

April 29, 2013  06:35 PM ET

8. The same could be said with religion in sports..
Could you imagine an athlete saying praise be Allah,
Everytime he was voted man of the match?


Muhammad Ali


April 29, 2013  06:35 PM ET

If anything, I'm sure he'd tell kids to come out before high school.

That'd be the least stressful way, I would think.

April 29, 2013  06:59 PM ET

Just the title of this TD is ridiculous. Vote goes -------------->>

April 29, 2013  07:28 PM ET

8. The same could be said with religion in sports..Could you imagine an athlete saying praise be Allah,Everytime he was voted man of the match? UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM........................Muhammad AliM

Right! No need to imagine this at all b/c it has already happened many times. Tebowing anyone???

April 29, 2013  08:25 PM ET

I personally don't care if my doc is gay. I only care if he's a good doc.

I don't go to the clinic to learn about sexuality.

April 29, 2013  08:27 PM ET

I feel like we as a society need to get off our high horses, stop broadcasting every little thought we think and remember to start minding our own business.

Seriously. We need to mind our own business. What other people fantasize about (or who they sleep with) is so irrelevant its mindboggling how big of a deal this is.

America was a great nation before we started minding everyone else's business.


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