• 05/10/2013, 09:29AM ET

People and teams on the decline..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs guintz (4-3-1)

1. Roger federer..
Turns 32 in August..
This is dinosaur territory for tennis..
He just lost to a nobody in Madrid, where it looked like he gave up..
It's the beginning of the end for rog!

2. Spurs..
This team reminds me of the jazz after Jordan retired..
The spurs had a great regular NBA season..
Just like the 99 jazz..
But here is the dirty secret of the regular season.. No one cares!
And the play offs are a different beast..
More energy.. More physical.. Teams actually care about winning and losing..

3. Celts..
As long as we have rondo.. We have a future..
You can say pierce and Garnett are too old.. Fine..
But with rondo these guys are going to get wide open shots..

4. Torres, Chelsea..
If the special one gets the job..
Look for him to drop Torres like a stone..

5. Ravens..
They were only 10-6 last year..
And now they have lost key players..
Look for them to miss the playoffs in an ultra tough division..

6. Red Sox..
I'm not buying their fast start..
Come August.. They will find a way to be playing meaningless games..

7. Spurs..
They kissed champions league goodbye..
Now they can kiss bale goodbye..
Now they can kiss mediocrity hello..

1. Red Wings-Core players are aging, and while they can reload frequently the days of unlimited assets is gone (minor league teams are depleted for the most part, injury prone, babcock only has so much left, and illitch's checkbook will soon be unavailable)--and I say this as a lifetime Detroiter/redwing fan.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers-aging offensive line, salary cap issues, lack of big play players.

3. Texas Longhorns-been in decline recently, and instead of big fish in a big pond (former big 12) they are a medium fish in a small pond. OU will dominate the league for a bit until another restructure.

4. Yankees-Old. Not a ton in upcoming talent, nuff said.

5. Boxing-all of em.

SA Spurs-enough in the tank for this year's run, and next year--but after that I agree for diff reasons--Duncan and young western conference mano and parker can only do so much

Ravens--Cincy is only threat in the division. Cle(no way), Pitt(hinges on Big Ben and oline staying healthy), and wild cards of KC, Indy, Tenn. AND got younger this off season, locked up qb, got secondary quicker.

Celtics-contradicted yourself by saying u have a chance, but it's about decline

I got spurs wrong..
My bad..
Thought for sure they would collapse against the warriors..
Spurs, like you said probably have one more year..
Then the decline will occur after that..

The celts are a mixed bag..
Pierce and Garnett are on the decline..
It's an ugly team..
And this year without rondo, they were incredibly ugly..
They need to get the old guys out, and give rondo some fresh blood to work with..
If they do not do this..
They will settle for mediocrity..
They should trade pierce and Garnett while they still have value..
I feel the celts deserve to be on this list..
When you think of decline, Boston comes fresh to mind..
Rondo offers hope.. But it's just a slimmer of hope..

Pitt will be better than ravens next year..
Flacco will mess it up and show the world it was not worth the ridiculous contract..
Flacco reminds me of Eli..
They both only get hot sporadically..
And they never duplicate success in back to back seasons..

Still not convinced in the steelers-may be 3rd best in division if Cincy shows up again this year.

I agree the Celts are done, but it was your contradicting yourself by saying u have a chance vs. crash and burn time.

No way I thought the Wings would survive the 1st round, but like the Spurs they find ways to win.

Boston will find a way to be competitive, particularly with Baltimore and Toronto not blowing people away like predicted by 'experts', so they will battle and have a shot at a wild card.

I'm busy..
Ha ha
Let's make this 2 arguments?

Federer-2 semi finals (one in aussie open), although not as up to par, I hardly put the 3rd ranked player in the world, after taking time to rest on the decline.

With as many td's as you do, I'm not convinced you're busy, but rather recognizing your arguments are in trouble.

May 10, 2013  09:30 AM ET

Spurs are in a kissy mood

May 10, 2013  09:46 AM ET

7. Is spurs soccer

May 10, 2013  09:47 AM ET

2. Basketball

May 10, 2013  09:48 AM ET

Man I'm trashing San Antonio more than Eli recently..

May 10, 2013  01:10 PM ET

It looks like HFC may be one of the ones in decline :^(

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May 10, 2013  09:14 PM ET

HCF...Your # 2 selection, maybe you should have went with the Lakers instead seeing as how the Spurs made it out of the 1st round this year & L.A. didn't.


May 11, 2013  09:52 AM ET

HCF...Your # 2 selection, maybe you should have went with the Lakers instead seeing as how the Spurs made it out of the 1st round this year & L.A. didn't.

Ha ha blast..
I was really hoping the warriors would pull away to 3-1..
Oh well

May 11, 2013  09:56 AM ET

The entire sports city of Dallas.

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May 12, 2013  11:48 PM ET

The entire sports city of Dallas.

and Philly

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May 13, 2013  12:46 AM ET

It's not possible to decline from the bottom. Unless you're Clevland.

Cleveland's logo should be a shovel.

"Finding new depths every season"

May 13, 2013  12:42 PM ET

Not to quibble too much with right but while you can definately say the Steelers OL has had trouble staying healthy they're hardly aging in the sense of 'over the hill'. This season the oldest starter on their OL will be Foster at 27. That's not old for an OL.

And, the starting DL has gotten younger too over the last two years by replacing older stars with younger starters: DE A. Smith with Z. Hood and NT C. Hampton with S. McLenden.

And, before you say the Steelers lack big play players you better look hard at their 2013 draft.

May 13, 2013  04:14 PM ET

pounce should be a great one, but not sold on anyone else...little experience and all 'backups' (which will start at some point) are not that great of options (although they may help my lions) far as future-I agree with jones if healthy, but bell was not worth a 2nd round risk...if they are going big play they got little help, if they are going physical old school style they missed

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