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World Cup Favourites

Argos. (184-101-29) vs HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64)

Rank to top 10 favourites to win the World Cup, after ESPN butchered their favourites.

1. Germany
Most complete team. No holes. Were great in both the last WC and Euro with a young team. Dominating qualifying.

2. Argentina
It is in South America, so big advantage to South American teams. Argentina is the best one.

3. Spain
Have won 3 straight major competitions, but really lack a centre fielder or striker.

4. Brazil
The host get a big advantage

5. Colombia
Again, a top South American team that has done great in qualifying.

6. Portugal
Ronaldo will have to carry this team, but still one of the best teams in the world

7. Italy
Old team, but put a good run together in the Euro, and Super Mario has shown he can lead this team.

8. Uruguay
Struggling to qualify, but no one outside South America has won a WC in South America. They have one of the best, if not the best, striker duo combos with Suarez and Cavani.

9. Belgium
Playing great in qualifying, and have one of the best mid fields in the world.

10. Netherlands
A really old team coming off a terrible Euro, but never count the Orange out.

1. Germany.. No brainer..

2. Holland.. When you have a guy like Robben, (Top 5 player in the world)..
You are always going to have a chance.. He can score goals all by himself..
Plus Van Persie just had a season for the ages..

3. Spain..
If they had a young Torres.. They would be invincible..
I don't like them.. But they are sooo deep I had to put them in their..
Would not be surprised if they lost in the round of 16..

4. The Argies!
Im hoping Messi puts on his cape and does his best maradonna impression..
Little worried about their defense..

5. Italy.. They REALLY need Super Mario to be a good boy..
Which is something that would scare me as a fan..

6. Croatia..
A very dangerous team.. I could see them making the semis..

7. Portugal..
Cristiano will be able to carry them at least to the round of 16 or quarters..

8. Brazil..
They are ranked 22nd in the world for a reason..
If it wasn't for home field advantage, they wouldn't even make my list..

9. England! Dont laugh!
We usually make the round of 16 or quarters...

10. Colombia..
Solid team..
But lacks real playmakers..

I'll just address the teams you thought should be much higher than where I had them this argument. Will address my teams you lowered next

No doubt they have the strikers up front, but they are incredibly weak on the back end and their midfield is average at best. They are relaying on a washed up Sneijder, and guys like De Guzman and Toornstra!

In Euro 2012, they finished 0-3, with a pathetic showing. In recent friendlies, they have struggled with losses against Belgium, and Portugal

Since the Euro, they have lost 4 times, 2 to weak teams (Swiss & Scotland). Didn't qualify for 2010, and have made it past the Group Stage 1 time since 2000 in a major tournament. They wont win their qualifying group (in 2nd to Belgium) and will need the luck of a playoff, just to qualify

England has not been producing top players of late, and their best players of recent years are all too old (see Rooney). They are average at best in every spot

For qualifying, they currently sit 2nd in their very weak group, and may have to go through a playoff just to qualify. They haven't been able to beat teams such as Poland, Ukraine, Sweden, Montenegro or Ireland

Over all..
I think you over exaggerated home field advantage for the south american teams..
Its not like they have some advantage to the heat..
In south Africa.. 3 European teams made it to the semis.. And its pretty hot in south africa!
I would be pretty surprised if a European team did not win the whole shebang..

Sorry to burst your bubble..
But this is one of the worst Brazilian teams I have ever seen..
They don't scare anyone..

Rooney isn't that old! 27 is a great age for a footballer..
He only had a bad season cause Van Persie came in and pushed him out of position..
Plus we have the pace in Walcott and Chamberlain..

you absolutely have to have Italy in the top 5..
The way they beat zee Germans in lasts years semis at the Euros was pretty sick..
With Balotelli at the helm, he is the type of player that can put this team on his back..
And the team is solid enough to give him good ball..

Solid arguments.. Didn't realize you followed futbol sooo much..

It isn't the heat, it is the fans and the time zones that give South American team the advantage

Brazil has perhaps the best defense in the world, and young talent like Neymar, Fred, Oscar, Paulinho in the mid and up front. They are good. Rooney is washedup

They are dominating their qualifying group with 19 points already and a goal differential of +11! Right now they are 5th in betting odds to win it all, and for a reason. They have one of the best mid-field groups in the world, lead by Hazard. They are young, but extremely strong all around, and have one of the world's better goalies in Courtois

Only 3 points back, with a game in hand, of Argentina in qualifying, and a +14 GD. They have been the 2nd best South American team and right up there with Argentina. They are strong all around, and have a budding superstar play-making striker in Jackson Martinez, who had 26 goals in 27 appearances in his 1st season in Europe. 8 goals in 18 international games

Defending Copa America champs. WC Semi-finalist in 2010. Average midfield and defense, but perhaps the best trio of strikers in the world. Suarez-Cavani-Forlan is what makes the difference

Busy today..
And I think you and I were the only voters!
Damn I thought hockey was dead in the states..
Soccer must be in purgatory!

June 13, 2013  10:55 AM ET

Paging HCF!

June 13, 2013  03:39 PM ET

One of the primary reasons no non-South American team has won the world cup in South America is because it's been 34 years since there was a World Cup in South America. And in 1978 the Junta purchased the entire tournament by sending death threats to the refs anyway.

South American World Cups:

1930: 4 European teams enter
1950: 6 European teams enter
1962: European team in final
1978: European team in final

June 14, 2013  12:38 AM ET


Nobody ever said I had to be right.

June 14, 2013  05:36 AM ET

Belgium?! Now I've seen it all.

I'm not around this weekend, but if this is still here on Monday (I assume that the timer is as ineffective on open challenge time limits as it is on ongoing TDs?) I'll take it.

June 14, 2013  05:46 AM ET

You spelled favorite wrong.

June 14, 2013  09:17 AM ET

You spelled favorite wrong.

Obviously a ploy to lore in HFC.

June 14, 2013  09:47 AM ET

Paging HCF!


June 14, 2013  09:48 AM ET

Ill get to this later..

June 14, 2013  11:04 PM ET

Ill get to this later..

It's later.

June 15, 2013  12:05 AM ET

Ill get to this later..

How much later?

June 15, 2013  01:01 AM ET

How much later?

Regardless, it isn't a highly anticipated throwdown...

June 15, 2013  01:06 AM ET

Regardless, it isn't a highly anticipated throwdown...


June 15, 2013  07:48 AM ET

It's later.

15 minutes..

June 15, 2013  09:05 AM ET

Belgium and Uruguay next argument.

June 15, 2013  10:25 AM ET

Im going to wait for Brazil to embarrass themselves against Japan!

June 15, 2013  11:17 AM ET

Colombia has an awesome playmaker in Jackson Martinez.

June 15, 2013  12:27 PM ET


But this is more exciting......

June 15, 2013  05:44 PM ET

Im going to wait for Brazil to embarrass themselves against Japan!

So about that...

June 15, 2013  08:04 PM ET

So about that...

ha ha..

June 15, 2013  08:15 PM ET

AMERICA!Nobody ever said I had to be right.




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