• 06/16/2013, 03:30PM ET

Father's Day special... athletes you would be super proud of if they were your child.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs DO_WORK_SON (63-27-14)

Pick one per argument.

I'm going with Tim Duncan as my first choice.

Duncan has logged an illustrious 16 year NBA career. I don't want to get too boring with all the stats and accolades so I'll just briefly mention a few outstanding achievements here.

Earned his degree at Wake Forest.

Rookie of the year in 1997-98.

Four time NBA champion, with a very real possibility of a fifth this year.

Two time NBA MVP.

Three time NBA Finals MVP.

Fourteen time All Star.

Ten time All NBA First team.

Only player in NBA history to be named to All NBA and All Defensive teams his first 13 years.

Generally recognized as the greatest power forward of all time.

As you can see, and as you undoubtedly already knew, Duncan's career speaks for itself. If Timmy retired right now he would go down as one of the greatest NBA players, ever. Unquestionably.

But that's not strictly why I would be proud of him if I were his (admittedly younger) father.

Duncan spent his entire career with the Spurs. Remarkable. No one does that anymore. But Duncan did, and his loyalty earns extra points.

And there's never been even a hint of controversy around Tim.

Matt Birk - Center - Baltimore Ravens (Announced retirement in February 2013)

6x Pro-Bowl

2x All-Pro

Super Bowl Champion

Ed Block Courage Award (2006)

Walter Payton Man of the Year Award (2011)

As if the above isn't enough, Matt Birk is a man that stands firm in his convictions. He chose not to be a part of the Ravens' visit to the White House due to President Obama's support of Planned Parenthood. In addition to his pro-life stance, he's been a very outspoken advocate of traditional marriage.

Many may disagree with his views, but I applaud him for being such a fearless leader and refusing to conform. If he were my child, I would be about as proud as a papa can be.

Mariano Rivera.

The man is 42 and he has 23 saves and a 1.48 ERA. And it's not even surprising. This is what Mo does. He's the beef closer ever (for whatever that's worth) and he's a New York Yankees icon. The man has dominated virtually his entire career (except for that ill advised stint as a starter) and he doesn't seem to be losing anything at all despite his advanced age. Seems like Rivera could pitch as long as he wants, and the baseball fan in me wishes he could. Baseball wont be the same without Mariano Rivera, if you know what I mean.

Everyone already knows Rivera's status as a lifelong Yankee and as the GOAT of closers.

Not as many people know about what kind of outstanding individual Rivera really is.

Did you know that Rivera is currently on an "unsung heroes" farewell tour, meaning before each of Rivera's final road games at whatever particular stadium the Yankees happen to be at Rivera is doing something nice for the little people behind he scenes.

For example, Rivera recently played his final game in Oakland. Before the game he personally delivered a piazza to a long time A's mail room worker.

Class act. I'd be proud.

Allyson Felix

4x Olympic Gold

2x Olympic Silver

8x World Championship Gold

1x World Championship Silver

1x World Championship Bronze

Allyson Felix is one of the greatest female athletes in the world. This is supported by the fact that she is the reigning Olympic Champion in the 200 meters. Her on-the-track accomplishments speak for themselves.

Felix is also a humanitarian, involved in multiple charities. She is an ambassador for Right to Play, an organisation that uses sports to help children with development, health, and peace.

Furthermore, Felix is an active participant in the US Anti-Doping Agency's "Project Believe" program, and she is regularly tested to ensure that her body is free of performance-enhancing drugs. With so many athletes looking for the "competitive edge," especially in a sport such as Track and Field, it is refreshing to have one of the best proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is competing fairly.

Tim Tebow.

So far I've focused on athletes who excelled in sports as well as in life in general, but being a father is about so much more than that. A good dad will be proud of his children simply for making he right choices in life and for standing up for their convictions. Athletic excellence is a nice bonus but it's not necessarily critical as far as being proud of your kids.

Tebow had an outstanding collegiate career. Plenty of athletic achievements... plenty to be proud of. Tebow's NFL career has been less extraordinary but it's not over, so it remains to be seen at how much he can accomplish as a pro football player.

But if Tim were my son I would be proud of him for a much different reason.

The man is a class act.

Not once has Tebow publicly said something negative about anybody. Not teammates, not coaches, not the media who publicly ridicule him, not anonymous teammates who publicly ridicule him, not fans who publicly ridicule him on the internet... nobody.

Tebow is a man of faith and adheres to the "turn the other cheek" philosophy. Which is so hard to do, especially when your name is being dragged through the mud repeatedly.

That Tebow argument is CLUTCH... Believe it or not, your final argument is very similar to what my final argument was going to be.

Give me...

Danny Green

From NCAA champion to discarded scrub...

Cut by the Cleveland Cavaliers...

Cut by the San Antonio Spurs (Twice)...

Perseverance pays off... If the Spurs win the NBA Championship, he's sure to be the MVP.

Great throwdown.

Vote left.

June 16, 2013  07:14 PM ET

Happy Father's Day to all the dads and single moms out there.

June 16, 2013  09:18 PM ET

I like the choice of Birk. Well done, DWS, and good luck.

June 17, 2013  01:09 AM ET

Excellent choices so far. Rivera also has built, or is building (I forget), a new church in his hometown in Panama. Personally funded, of course. And hands out school supplies on a yearly basis. What a loser! Heheh.

June 17, 2013  01:11 AM ET


Not sure where Piazza came from, aside from a vague MLB connection.

June 17, 2013  01:13 AM ET

Matt Birk was going to be congratulated, not forced to take part in a political debate with Obama... **** up, weenie.

June 17, 2013  01:15 AM ET

pizza*Not sure where Piazza came from, aside from a vague MLB connection.

Mike Piazza is yummy too, right?

June 17, 2013  01:25 AM ET

pizza*Not sure where Piazza came from, aside from a vague MLB connection.

I was thinking that maybe you were suggesting that Rivera somehow brokered the deal that brought Piazza to the A's.

Comment #8 has been removed
June 17, 2013  09:38 AM ET

single moms out there, at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Yeah yeah boy!!

June 17, 2013  09:42 AM ET

Leaning right so far..
For selfish reasons..
NBA players and MLB..
They spend too much time on the road..
I know it's not their fault..
But I'm selfish..

Comment #11 has been removed
June 17, 2013  09:54 AM ET

I chose tom Brady..
Cause he is married to a super model..
So I could use Gisele as a wing man and soil my oats with super models:)

June 17, 2013  10:00 AM ET

I chose tom Brady..Cause he is married to a super model..So I could use Gisele as a wing man and soil my oats with super models:)

Doesn't every daughter-in-law help their father-in-law score chicks?

WHAT????? Whata ya mean, NO (dear)! Dad was counting on YOU......

June 17, 2013  11:33 AM ET


June 17, 2013  02:05 PM ET

Doesn't every daughter-in-law help their father-in-law score chicks?WHAT????? Whata ya mean, NO (dear)! Dad was counting on YOU......

Hard Rock Cafe style

June 17, 2013  02:06 PM ET



June 17, 2013  02:47 PM ET

I prefer Planet Hollywood.

June 17, 2013  03:00 PM ET

Mike Piazza is yummy too, right?

Sounds yummy to me!

June 17, 2013  03:02 PM ET

I was thinking that maybe you were suggesting that Rivera somehow brokered the deal that brought Piazza to the A's.

He actually did play for Oakland towards the end of his career, didn't he?

Forgot all about that.

June 17, 2013  04:11 PM ET

pizza*Not sure where Piazza came from, aside from a vague MLB connection.

I was wondering if it were Mike or one of his kin..............jk...............LOL


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