• 06/24/2013, 12:54AM ET

Make a complete NFL team using only players drafted in rounds 5-7 over the last ten years.

Marlins Fan (156-78-31) vs DetroitFan*: NYQUIST! (131-8-8)

Strictly drafted player; no UFAs. Supplemental and compensatory picks are valid, though.

QB - Matt Flynn 7th rd, 2008
RB - Alfred Morris 6th rd, 2012
WR - Marques Colston 7th rd, 2006
WR - Steve Johnson 7th rd, 2008
WR - Antonio Brown 6th rd, 2012
TE/FB - Delanie Walker 6th rd, 2006
LT - David Diehl 5th rd, 2003
LG - Carl Nicks 5th rd, 2008
C - Dan Koppen 5th rd, 2003
RG - Chris Kuper 5th rd, 2006
RT - Marshall Newhouse 5th rd, 2010

LE - Greg Hardy 6th rd, 2010
DT - Kyle Williams 5th rd, 2006
DT - Ahtyba Rubin 6th rd, 2008
RE - Robert Mathis 5th rd, 2003
LB - Trent Cole 5th rd, 2005
LB - Erik Walden 6th rd, 2008
CB - Cortland Finnegan 7th rd, 2006
CB - Brandon Carr 5th rd, 2008
CB - Richard Sherman 5th rd, 2011
SS - Kam Chancellor 5th rd, 2010
FS - Chris Harris 6th rd, 2005

K - Greg Zuerlein 6th rd, 2012
P - Andy Lee 6th rd, 2004
PR/KR - Marc Mariani 7th rd, 2010

I went with 3 WRs and a combo TE/FB and you can do the same if you like, or you can use some other sort of NFL offensive formation.

Same with defenses. I used a nickel defense with 3 CBs and just 2 LBs but you can switch it up if it strikes your fancy.

I will list the round and year only in my differences, no sense in doing it twice!

QB - Matt Cassel 7th Rd, 2005
RB - Alfred Morris
FB - Jerome Felton 5th Rd, 2008
WR - Marques Colston
WR - Stevie Johnson
TE - Brandon Myers 6th Rd, 2009
LT - Marshall Newhouse
LG - Carl Nicks
C - Chris Myers 6th Rd, 2005
RG - Uche Nwaneri 5th Rd, 2007
RT - Zach Strief 7th Rd, 2006

LE - Greg Hardy
DT - Kyle Williams
DT - Ahtyba Rubin
RE - Robert Mathis
OLB - Trent Cole
MLB - Brad Jones 7th Rd, 2009
OLB - Erik Walden
CB - Cortland Finnegan
CB - Richard Sherman
FS - Antoine Bethea 6th Rd, 2006
SS - Kam Chancellor

K - Blair Walsh 6th Rd, 2012
P - Andy Lee
KR/PR - Antonio Brown

I went with a 4-3 defense, pretty much all the inside linebackers were crap, upon further research.

Onto our differences, I chose Matt Cassel over Matt Flynn because I know what Cassel is capable of giving me, he has played 3 full seasons and provided a couple winning seasons while Matt Flynn has started a total of two games.

Sorry about the delay. My son had an accident today which delayed me but I apologize for my poor form, regardless.

Matt Flynn vs. Matt Cassell

I get the experience argument; I really do. But Cassel could play a thousand more games and I'd still rather take a show with Flynn instead. Flynn may be a relative unknown but he's actually been pretty good when given a chance. Unlike Cassel, for the most part.

Delanie Walker vs. Jerome Felton

Felton was a part of AP's terrific 2012 campaign. That says something. However, our offensive lines don't allow for a rush happy offense. Both of our teams would be best served taking it to the air because of the lack of overall talent on the line. Walker gives a lot of versatility in the passing game but is capable of playing a semi traditional FB role when asked. Gotta love the versatility.

Antonio Brown vs. Brandon Myers

Somewhat of a wash. Both offer good production in the passing game.

Diehl, Koppen, Kuper vs. Myers, Nwaneri, Strief

Similar groups. My guys have more experience, yours have more upside moving forward. Not sure which group I'd prefer, honestly.

Defenses next.

Matt Cassel over Matt Flynn is not a hard choice for me. Sure, Flynn provided a couple good games against some suspect defenses from Detroit and New England, but Matt Cassel put together a couple decent seasons with two different teams, and different styles of offense. I am sticking to Cassel here.

Brandon Myers is a bigger target than Antonio Brown, I have him as my return man, I don't know how I can knock him if he is on my team. Next, you put down Jerome Felton because he makes up for where my offensive line lacks? I don't need Walker's versatility if I have Myers, who is a more adequate receiver and Felton who has become a very good traditional fullback.

On the offensive line, I have Newhouse at LT since he has played there the past 2 years and David Diehl suffered a few injuries last season that may hurt him. Dan Koppen is good, but right now in each of their careers, I think Chris Myers is better, he is one of the best, if not, the best starting center in the NFL. I will take Uche Nwaneri over Chris Kuper as well because of recent injuries, and Nwaneri makes my offensive line more versatile, because he is a better run blocker.

Brandon Carr vs. Brad Jones

Today's NFL is a passy happy League for the most part so I prefer the extra corner to a middling middle linebacker/special teams player. Especially if that extra corner is Brandon Carr. It's somewhat splitting hairs because no team plays either a 4-3 or a nickel full time but overall Carr is the better player. Jones is very average.

Chris Harris vs. Antoine Bethea

I was writing an argument here but I had to delete it. You know why? Because bethea is a pretty decent safety and Harris is currently an assistant coach with the Bears. I loved Harris during his All Pro season (2010) but there's a reason he's retired at 30. You win this one. IMHO.

Greg Zuerlein vs. Blair Walsh

Splitting hairs here, but although Walsh is an excellent kicker (All Pro last season) I still prefer Zuerlein by a pretty fair margin. Zuerlein is awesome, for a kicker. First kicker to ever nail a 50 yarder and a 60 yarder in the same game. There's a reason the man is called Legatron. And it's because he has an unbelievably strong (and accurate) leg. Walsh made a bunch from 50 but he can't touch 60. Zuerlein can, and does.


I took Brad Jones over another flashy corner like Brandon Carr because I need my defense to have the ability to tackle. You talk about loving versatility in your second argument, but your defense is pretty pass heavy, while it is a pass heavy league, teams do make adjustments to attempt to win the game, with a middle linebacker that can plug up ths second level, I feel like my defense is more complete.

Yeah, I got you with Bethea over Harris, not much left to be said unless he turns into Superman and comes back to the NFL with a vengeance.

I will take Blair Walsh all day, every day up to this point in their pro careers. Yes, Zuerlein has a powerful leg, but where is the accuracy? When it counted, he was 7 of 13 from 50+ yards away. That's not terrible, but compared to Blair Walsh, who was 10 of 10 from 50+ yards away, I think the choice is quite clear. I am willing to take Walsh's accuracy and still strong leg over Greg Zuerlein. He's fun to watch in warm ups before games, but during the game, I need to know who I can rely on to make the kick and Walsh has proven to be more reliable in that sense.

June 24, 2013  12:55 AM ET

Argument coming soon. Had to make sure I was challenging the right DFan first. There are like a million people who pop up when you type DetroitFan into the challenge area thingy.

June 24, 2013  01:06 AM ET

This is gonna be epic, probably. Maybe. Perhaps, possibly. Mayhap. Perchance.

June 24, 2013  02:35 AM ET

Yes, this is the right one!

June 24, 2013  03:30 AM ET

Yes, this is the right one!


June 24, 2013  03:31 AM ET


Why are we up this late?!

June 24, 2013  03:32 AM ET

Why are we up this late?!

Haha I do not know... I kinda lost myself in the research there for a minute. I'm about to get cracking on weeding out my list now.

June 24, 2013  03:44 AM ET

Haha I do not know... I kinda lost myself in the research there for a minute. I'm about to get cracking on weeding out my list now.

Yeah, that happens. I have tomorrow off, so I shall return! (At some point...)

June 24, 2013  03:57 AM ET

This is going to be a snoozefest.

June 24, 2013  03:57 AM ET

Can they be undrafted as well? or just very late round drafted?

June 24, 2013  06:23 AM ET

Yeah, that happens. I have tomorrow off, so I shall return! (At some point...)

Sounds good. Good luck!

June 24, 2013  06:24 AM ET

Can they be undrafted as well? or just very late round drafted?

No undrafted free agents.

June 24, 2013  10:09 AM ET


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June 24, 2013  10:24 PM ET

Suckwad of a TD.


June 24, 2013  11:14 PM ET

**** that.

I wanted our teams to be semi-crappy.

June 25, 2013  05:25 AM ET

I wanted our teams to be semi-crappy.

The chances of that were pretty high given most late round picks don't make NFL rosters and the average career of a rookie is 3 years.

June 25, 2013  01:53 PM ET

The chances of that were pretty high given most late round picks don't make NFL rosters and the average career of a rookie is 3 years.

Yeah, that is where we thought it would be more challenging. Our offenses are decent, but on defense, they aren't very good in terms of linebackers and linemen.

June 25, 2013  02:03 PM ET

Matt Flynn > Matt Cassel.

End TD.

June 25, 2013  02:04 PM ET

Matt Flynn > Matt Cassel.End TD.

You jerk!


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