• 07/03/2013, 12:44AM ET

Rank the QB's 2013

YankeeSteel (13-29-1) vs Marlins Fan (156-78-31)

1. Aaron Rodgers
2. Tom Brady
3. Peyton Manning
4. Drew Brees
5. Ben Roethlisberger
6. Eli Manning
7. Matt Ryan
8. Andrew Luck
9. Cam Newton
10. RG3
11. Matt Stafford
12. Tony Romo
13. Colin Kaepernick
14. Russell Wilson
15. Joe Flacco
16. Jay Cutler
17. Phillip Rivers
18. Matt Schaub
19. Michael Vick
20. Andy Dalton
21. Sam Bradford
22. Ryan Tannehill
23. Josh Freeman
24. Christian Ponder
25. Carson Palmer
26. Alex Smith
27. Jake Locker
28. Brandon Weeden
29. Mark Sanchez
30. Ryan Fitzpatrick
31. Kevin Kolb
32. Blaine Gabbert

2nd and 3rd argument lets get to the reasons with stats and all the crap you can think of for each QB
Good Luck

I asked if this had to be an entire list but I never saw a response so I'm just gonna do a top ten, I guess. We don't have enough space to argue all 32 spots, anyway.

1. Peyton Manning

2. Drew Brees

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Joe Flacco

5. Tom Brady

6. Colin Kaepernick

7. Matt Ryan


9. Andrew Luck

10. Eli Manning

You wanted to wait to argue so that's all I can say for now.

Good luck.

No problem with just doing the top 10 , I think I can say I have plenty to go with on your 10

Ok for starters lets argue Peyton for #1 over Rodgers.

Rodgers last season 4295 39tds 0nly 8 picks
Manning last season 4659 37tds 11 picks

looking at stats we'll call it even. But even with that this TD was rank the QB and Rodgers line let him down last year, and this year its revamped. Manning is 37 and if he swapped teams last year with Rodgers the numbers would favor Rodgers ALOT...Manning better career ofcoarse but not right now.

I don't where else to go , your list is so way off this is bizarre.
Lets look at Flaccos #'s Colin K #'s and Ben R's #'s

Flacco 3817 22tds 10 picks 59comp 87 QB rating 16GAMES
Colin K umm played a half of year in the NFL and has 10 career TDs
Big Ben 3265 26tds 8 picks 63comp 97 QB rating 13GAMES

Ok you put Flacco ahead of Tom Brady ,,,nuff said.....maybe you need a do over

This is so bad willie might vote for me LOL

Never really understood the point of listing players numerically by last year's stats. Those lists already exist. I'm doing something different here. I intend on debating my lists' superiority as far as making an educated guess as to what to expect for 2013.

Peyton's number one because his situation is ideal. Tons of talent on the team overall but the offense in particular is loaded especially with new additions Wes Welker and Montee Ball. This isn't a slight to Rodgers. It's an ode to Manning, possibly the GOAT amongst NFL QBs. And again, they're loaded at WR and we're talking Peyton Manning here.

Breed is second because I think him and Sean Payton are gonna take out a lot of anger on opposing teams this year. Just a hunch, I guess, but I'm thinking the Saints are going to score a ton of points this year. Mainly all passing TDs, since their RBs kinda suck anyway.

You obviously harbor hatred towards Flacco. I don't know why. Did you forget the playoffs last year? Don't you remember Flacco looking significantly better than Brady? Is there something about losing Welker, Gronkowski and Hernandez that makes you think Brady's gonna be better this year?


Ok we'll all your statements are pretty good on the outside , but when you break them down , your basically judging QB's on their WR's .

Matt Ryan has the best two as a tandem but im not saying he's top 5 QB in the league.

If any owner in the league had a choice of Brady or Flacco right now with their team, everyone of them take Brady no doubt...including the Ravens.....jeez even Univeristy of Delaware where Flacco went would say sorry Joe but you gots to go.

Brady does it every year with whoever he gets , maybe you should think Brady is the reason Gronk Welker and Hernandez numbers are so good not the other way around.

Really this is no bout the rest of your list you got Kaepernick 6th and Eli 10th
which also ridiculous ..Peyton Rodgers Brees Brady have good years every year because they are the best 4 QBs no matter whos on the team ...Big Ben proves every year he can win games ,
last year he had 3rd string lineman and 3rd string RB's playing at the same time and his numbers were actually great for 13 games ...92.7 QB rating again with 3rd stringers...cmon mannn

No, not judging by WRs. Judging by my established view of each separate QB combined with my opinion on their current situation. For example, teammates, coaching staff, offensive scheme, etc.

I have Kaepernick sixth. Not saying he's the sixth best QB in the NFL; just saying I think he'll be sixth best for 2013. Despite CK's lack of experience he has proven to have all the necessary physical tools. And Harbaugh is smart enough to maximize CK's strengths and minimize his weaknesses. The offense is ideal for Kaepernick. Dude averaged over 8.5 yards per passing attempt and over 6.5 yards per rush. You tell me how to stop that.

You didn't seem to have much of an argument against Matt Ryan, RGIII or Andrew Luck so I'll move on to Eli.

Eli wasn't great last year. He wasn't bad, but he didn't lead the Giants to many meaningful wins. That'll change this year. I don't like Eli but Ice learned that once you sleep on him he reminds you how good he can be. Again, just a hunch but I think this will he one od those years where Eli and the Giants surprise everybody. Again. And then Eli beats Brady in the Super Bowl. And JimJ throws a fit. Because Brady's supposed to be "better".

July 3, 2013  12:51 AM ET

I know I got two Titans QB's and no Matt Flynn from Raiders but I ranked them how I see them..Flynn tied is tied with Gabbert at 32...whatever lol

July 3, 2013  01:37 AM ET

You have Cam the Scam pretty high...

July 3, 2013  02:21 AM ET

Andy Dalton doesn't have great physical tools but runs a good system and has some pretty good weapons. When the Bengals hit the red zone he has AJ Green, Jermaine Gresham, and now Tyler Eifert. If Sanu or Jones pan out as a good number 2 he has some very quality weapons around him. Also has a rookie back now who should get about 40-50 catches out of the back field. So while Dalton might not be as good as some others I would think he deserves to be higher than 20.

July 3, 2013  05:12 AM ET

You have Cam the Scam pretty high...

Agreed. That's Bradford's slot.

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July 3, 2013  11:48 AM ET

No tebow??

July 3, 2013  11:49 AM ET

In 12 months time people will be gushy over tannenhill..

Comment #13 has been removed
July 3, 2013  12:58 PM ET

In 12 months time people will be gushy over tannenhill..

Why? Do they think he is cute?

July 3, 2013  02:10 PM ET

Do I have to list all 32?

July 3, 2013  02:11 PM ET

You have Cam the Scam pretty high...

Too high, IMO.

Comment #17 has been removed
July 3, 2013  06:16 PM ET

Your team would su-k-c on defense

July 3, 2013  06:34 PM ET

Why? Do they think he is cute?

He has a first aid kit handy..
To wrap up the wounds to your heart..

Tannenhill is patient and understanding..

July 3, 2013  06:48 PM ET

Cam Newton ahead of RGIII? Really?



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