• 08/02/2013, 10:32PM ET

NFL Divisional winner Pick em

kalbrecht17 (14-11-5) vs DO_WORK_SON (63-27-14)

Who ya got???


East: Skins
West: Niners
North: Packers
South: Falcons


East: Pats (tempted to go fins, but just not quite yet)
West: Broncos
North: Bungles
South: Texans

Definitely some interesting matchups this year inter division so let's do this one.


East: New York Giants
Clearly, you're banking on RGIII, but you and others are quickly forgetting that he already missed an entire college season with a knee injury. Tough to win a division if you can't keep your starting QB healthy.

West: Seattle Seahawks
They dominated the 49ers in the second game of 2012, but first half mistakes against the Falcons kept them out of the NFC Championship Game. They're a better team all-around.

North: Minnesota Vikings
Right now, I'm just offering 2 words: Adrian Peterson.

South: Atlanta Falcons


East: New England Patriots (No temptation to go Dolphins, and I'm a Miami fan.)

West: Denver Broncos

North: Baltimore Ravens
No reason for me to buy into the delusion that the Ravens are going backwards this year. They may not make the Superbowl, but they'll win the AFC North.

South: Indianapolis Colts
Houston was trending down while Indy was trending up at the end of the 2012 season. I expect those trends to continue into 2013.

Good luck.

i'll put this one up tonight but i'm gonna wait on the next one so theres more views. ill just hit each briefly tonight. more in depth based on your counters.

nfc north. the vikes don't have the guns to do it this year in the division and i'm a die hard vikes fan. the secondary is too young for the pass happy div. losing winfield will be a killer. i'd say wild card is their ceiling.

giants vs skins.

this one was the true toss up for me. i love the giants, but think their huge issue is depending on eli and the pass to win. eli is just so inconsistent that the nyg lose some games that they shouldn't and i can see the skins creeping past them. plus all signs are pointing to rgIII being ready. even if he's not, cousins has proved he can do it in the clutch.

hawks are no way going to pass the niners. they won't have the offense to move it especially with harvin going down now. they needed him far more than sf needed crabtree.

ravens- pitta, boldin (with the niners so double whammy to you) gone means this offense struggles bc of choice to depend on flacco. cinci is ready to make the jump.

colts rode the pagono high to a solid finish. can't see it happening so easy again

NFC North
Chicago is the only team in the division with a top 10 secondary against the pass from 2012, so you can't really detract from the Vikings in that regard. The concern is whether or not their offense can answer. As you mentioned, it's a pass happy division, but I believe that's where the Vikings hold the advantage. The other teams focus so heavily on the pass that they neglect the run. In fact, the Packers and Lions both finished outside the top 15 for rushing offense last season and did nothing to improve in that regard. The Vikings were #2 in rushing offense and improved their passing game with the addition of Cassel in case Ponder can't get it done.

NFC East
RGIII could be ready; that's not the point. Can his knees hold up? 2 very serious knee injuries in the past few years is worrisome. Sure, Cousins showed he could get it done, but the offense becomes more limited with him under center. The Giants have been the face of consistency for the NFC East when it comes to Ws and Ls. If I'm betting on a winner, I'm betting on them.

NFC West
Seahawks have just as good a passing offense and better rushing offense. Defense is also slightly better.

AFC next...

the pack will win the north. they improved their ground game through the draft, and rumor has it they still have a guy named aaron rodgers under center who will cause there to be extra running room for franklin and lacy bc of his mere presence. more space=more easy yardage for 2 capable backs. vikes were EXTREMELY lucky to even make the playoffs last year. you think walsh will be damn near perfect again? you think ponder will play out of his mind (positively) to steal a few more games? they caught a lot of breaks just to get to the playoffs. lmao at the cassell comment. if he sees the field the season is over.

giants lack of a defense is going to catch up to them. you can't be 31st in YA and 12th in pts very often. and rgIIIs knees will be just fine. the guy has done it before.

at this point i honestly think its a tossup in the west. but im going niners bc of the man on the headset. ill take harbaugh over carroll any day of the week.

ravens offensive regression plus flacco's fat contract (laziness/SB hangover?)=no division win.

texans added ed reed and hopkins. both game changers. hopkins will light up the division and houston stays on top

AFC North
I guess Ray Rice, Jacoby Jones, and Torrey Smith are chopped liver. Flacco doesn't need to do anymore than he did last year... Win games. The Bengals? Can you even name a WR after AJ Green? Starting RB is Green-Ellis? Dalton isn't even as good as Flacco, but you think he can do more with less?

AFC South
Colts took pressure off of Andrew Luck with the addition of Ahmad Bradshaw. Their offseason moves have only made them better. Houston remains stagnant. It'll be the closest division race, but the Colts will win it.

NFC North
Aaron Rogers was there last year too. Didn't open up any space for the run game... What makes two unproven rookies any different?

NFC East
Giants made huge moves with their defense this off-season. Dan Connor, Damontre Moore, Cullen Jenkins... The 2013 Giants defense will look nothing like the 2012 version...

Good throwdown... Good luck!

August 2, 2013  10:58 PM ET

We got ourselves some slim pickens.

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August 2, 2013  10:59 PM ET


August 2, 2013  11:00 PM ET

What comes after spit?

August 2, 2013  11:00 PM ET

Come on, kalbrick. YOu know what comes after spit.

You tell me.

I want to hear you say it.

August 2, 2013  11:02 PM ET

August 2, 2013  11:03 PM ET

You gotta answer me faster. What do you think this is? You think you get 24 hours to respond to comments too...

August 2, 2013  11:05 PM ET

kalbrecht17 said 08/02, 10:32 PM
Who ya got???

What's this all about?

Three question marks?

Did you copy/paste that from Microsoft Word?

For what - spell check?

You didn't use spell check.

Or grammar check.

Or DJroxalot check.

Or DJ:Shartnado check.

Or DJ:RestInPiece check.

Why waste that kind of effort?

August 2, 2013  11:07 PM ET

And who do you think you are not having an avatar?

You've got 12 or so completed TDs under your left nipple.

Should be about time you figure out how to post a picture.

August 2, 2013  11:08 PM ET

inter division

What does that even mean?

August 2, 2013  11:08 PM ET

You know what inter is?

I mean, besides the main course at your mom's...

August 2, 2013  11:09 PM ET

wtf is wrong with you bro??

August 2, 2013  11:09 PM ET

You know what inter is?I mean, besides the main course at your mom's...

It's soccer, dude.

It's a ----ing soccer club.

From Italy.

August 2, 2013  11:10 PM ET

and i'm typing on my phone. so i end up with some extra punctuation and effed up words. **** happens

August 2, 2013  11:10 PM ET

wtf is wrong with you bro??

I'll be asking the questions here, thank you very much.

August 2, 2013  11:12 PM ET

effed up

You don't even know.

I've got gifs that will scar you for life.

August 2, 2013  11:13 PM ET

I just whip em out.

Like a plantain in a handbasket.

August 2, 2013  11:13 PM ET

You don't even know.I've got gifs that will scar you for life.

3 guys, one hammer. pain olympics. guy who smashed his face on a rock and lived. ya i've seen some effed up stuff as well. the interweb is a fun little tool

August 2, 2013  11:14 PM ET

It's soccer, dude.It's a ----ing soccer club.From Italy.

Why do you know so much about soccer? I'll bet you have a man purse.

August 2, 2013  11:14 PM ET

I just whip em out.Like a plantain in a handbasket.

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