• 08/26/2013, 01:55PM ET

Greatest lefty pitchers, (based on a one year performance), since 1995..

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-852-64) vs CuntryBlumpkin (305-247-64)

1. Randy Johnson,
Virtually any of his cy young years..

2. Glavine's cy young year..
He wasn't quite as dominating, as Randy Johnson was..

3. Cliff lee,
Not quite as dominating as Glavine.. ha ha..

4. Johan santana

5. Billy Wagner..

6. Barry zito

7. Andy petite..

8. David Wells

9. John Rocker..

10. Arthur Rhodes

I'm gonna replace John Rocker, Billy Wagner and Arthur Rhodes with Clayton Kershaw.

2011- Cy Young Award Winner. 21-5, 2.28 ERA, 233 innings pitched, sub 1 WHIP

2012- Cy Young runner up. 2.53 ERA, 229 strikeouts, 227 innings pitched

2013- Cy Young favorite. 1.72 ERA, .857 WHIP, 188 strikeouts, 198 innings pitched, and stats still accumulating, and if he continues his pace, he'll have one of the best seasons for a pitcher of all time, not just for a lefty.

Don't know how you missed the best lefty in baseball today and arguably the best pitcher in the Majors period.

And I really don't see how you used a middle relieve, a mediocre closer and a closer ahead of him.

I don't think you have an argument that can make up for excluding Clayton Kershaw from your list.

Ha ha..
Damn I forgot kershaw was a lefty..
Noice stats too..

I wouldn't call Rhodes mediocre..
He has had flashes of brilliance..
And was part of that nasty bullpen that won over 110 games with Seattle..

Rocker too.. For 99, he was flat out nasty..

Billy Wagner is arguably the greatest lefty closer ever..
He definitely deserves to be on this list..

I didn't call Rhodes mediocre, I called him a middle reliever, which he was.

Rocker had some decent years, but never anything worthy of being on this list.

Wagner is arguably one of the top 3 closers of all time, but that's just what he was, a closer. When talking about best seasons for a pitcher, a great year for a starter will beat out a spectacular year for a reliever in my book.

Leaving Clayton Kershaw off this list is simply unforgivable. He's arguably the best pitcher in baseball, not just left handed, but period and he has been for the past 3 seasons, all of which deserve to be on this list.

To my credit..
My order was pretty damn good..
Especially since I guessed it off the top of my head, (and then looked up the stats)..

You forgot price too..
So lets not get carried away..

I don't know how you leave off the most talked about lefty in the bigs today if you were guessing off the top of your head.

Price didn't slip my mind, I just felt that the exclusion of Kershaw from you list needed to be the biggest thing pointed out.

Kershaw 2011>Wagner
Kershaw 2012>Rocker
Kershaw 2013>Rhodes

August 26, 2013  02:00 PM ET

I'll look up the stats now..

August 26, 2013  02:02 PM ET

randy johnson 2.32 ERA 24 wins 5 loses.. arizona 2002

August 26, 2013  02:03 PM ET

tom glavine, 1995, era 2.47, 20 wins 5 loses

August 26, 2013  02:06 PM ET

cliff lee,2008, 22 wins 3 loses, era 2.54

August 26, 2013  02:08 PM ET

5. johan santana.. 2004, 2.61 era, 20 wins 6 loses

August 26, 2013  02:08 PM ET

so far i have guessed my order correctly, ha ha!

August 26, 2013  02:11 PM ET

billy wagner 1.57 era, 39 saves 1999 houston

August 26, 2013  02:13 PM ET

2002 barry zito, 23 wins 5 loses, 2.75 era..
Remember when zito was good?

August 26, 2013  02:15 PM ET

I'd put Johan at #2, mainly because I didn't watch much baseball in the 90s.

August 26, 2013  02:16 PM ET

1995 andy petitte, 21 wins 3.87 era

August 26, 2013  02:17 PM ET

1999 john rocker, 2.49 era and 38 saves

August 26, 2013  02:20 PM ET

The year Rhodes had the 33 scoreless appearances.. a record that lasted a couple of years..

August 26, 2013  02:21 PM ET

The year Rhodes had the 33 scoreless appearances.. a record that lasted a couple of years..

the year 2010

August 26, 2013  02:23 PM ET

The year Rhodes had the 33 scoreless appearances.. a record that lasted a couple of years..

era 2.29 with cinci

August 26, 2013  02:24 PM ET

Based on stats and good guessing I have made the correct order to this list..

August 26, 2013  02:31 PM ET

pettite's era is a little high.. But he did get 21 wins, (which lead the majors that year)..

August 26, 2013  03:31 PM ET

"Greatest lefty pitchers, (based on a one year performance), since 1995.." night on Tuesday's when my Aunt's cousin's cat was constipated.

August 26, 2013  03:47 PM ET

"Greatest lefty pitchers, (based on a one year performance), since 1995.." night on Tuesday's when my Aunt's cousin's cat was constipated.

Ha ha!
I get the point..

1. I was trying to do an original TD..

2. If you have been on this site long enough,
Eventually you have to search for a complex TD every now and then..

3. I have failed many times at putting John rocker on a decent list..
I think I finally did it!

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August 26, 2013  04:31 PM ET

Everything before you started watching is irrelevant.



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