• 10/07/2013, 04:47PM ET

Who should the Red Sox fear the most? Tigers or Oakland?

HighwayCrossingFrog (175-847-63) vs mikeycook (16-6-3)


I am a Red Sox fan..
Have been since 1998..

And although the A's have that scary under dog feel to them, and would be very worthy opponents..
I have to say I fear the tigers significantly more..
There top 3 starters are just flat out nasty..
If those tiger pitchers get on a roll, they can cool the hot Red Sox bats..
And lets face it.. The Red Sox pitching is abit suspect..
How much do you trust a guy like lackey? When he has to make 2 starts..
Lackeys only hope is that he gets tons of run support..
And guys like verlander and Sanchez won't give it to him..

At the moment it looks like we have an excellent chance of sweeping the rays..
And I think we have a good shot at steam rolling Oakland..
But if the tigers come from behind vs the A's..
I might be more scared than a 40er in a skimpy dress on Halloween, you know what I mean..

The Red Sox haven't had a big post season game in a long time..
Detroit were unbelievable last year..
They made every team in the American League, call them DADDY..

My mother always told me, careful what you wish for..
But I never listen to her:)

These are grown men. And you use words like "fear" and "scary"? You might be scared, but I doubt the Red Sox are, seeing as:

1. They tied for the best record in baseball (4 games better than Detroit)
2. They lead the majors in OPS (15 pts higher than the Tigers)
3. Have almost as good a pitching staff as Detroit (3.61 vs 3.79 ERA, 1.25 vs 1.3 WHIP)
4. They have home field advantage in the ALCS.
5. Due to the Oakland series, they don't have to face Verlander or Scherzer in Game 1.
6. They take a lot of walks and steal a lot of bases. And Detroit is a terrible defensive team.

Scared? I think not. It's the Tigers that should be scared.

So grown men don't know fear?
I beg to differ..
I remember Johnny Damon once said, he didn't sleep well the night before he was up against a HORSE! And the Tigers have 3 pretty big HORSES..
Soooooooo verlander and Scherzer won't pitch game 1?
You forgot about Sanchez my amigo..
I'm a Red Sox fan, (we've had this conversation before:), and I would rather have Sanchez over Lester.. Blasphemy I know!

The Red Sox have a good team..
But good pitching beats good hitting..

Did you see verlander on Thursday night?
He looked like a man possessed..
He was LITERALLY unhittable.. I've never seen so many professional batters take so many whifs at the ball.. Oakland was missing the ball by a foot, and it happened 24 times..
Yeah, the Red Sox have better batters than the A's..
But even Boston would have struggled to score a run on the great verlander..

Thanks for making this a fun TD..
Always good to talk baseball..

Grown men fear bullets and being on the wrong end of a grenade. And maybe Randy Johnson's fastball. But not other grown men is matching costumes and a little round ball.

Did you say Verlander was "LITERALLY unhittable"? That's funny, because "literally" means "exactly" and I see no evidence of him pitching a no-hitter. So he's not literally unhittable. He's LITERALLY HITTABLE!

Besides, the Sox scored 4 runs on 7 hits in 5 innings off him last time out, so I doubt they cower in abject fear over the thought of facing him. Not to mention, Fenway is a much more hitter-friendly park than either Oakland Colesium or Comerica Park.

Oh, and the Sox no longer have Damon, so his fears shouldn't pose any problem for them.

Yes it is true..
Grown men do fear war and getting killed..
Thanks for pointing that out:)


Grown men also fear failure..
Especially when it comes to their profession, livelihood and SOUL..
Grown men fear striking out by a foot..
Grown men fear getting embarrassed in front of tens of millions people watching them..

I know failure is part of life..
But that still doesn't make a grown man feel better..

If you fail in April.. Yeah you are right, it's not that big of a deal..
You fail in October.. And then you see 30 year old men have that zombie-1000-yard stare in their eyes.. The stakes are high..

Beating up verlander in the regular season..
That's like kissing a fat chick, no one cares..

That was the greatest curveball I have ever seen vs the A's..
It was so nasty, I had little squirts of diahorrea:)
And I'm 34!

The Red Sox won't say it..
But I guarantee you they are hoping verlander doesn't pitch like that against them..
Cause even they know, there's really not much they can do about it..
It's kind of like in tennis when a guy is serving 80% 130mph first serves..

Looks like Big Papi took all the fear... and ate it.

Now it's time for Detroit to fear... their bullpen.

October 7, 2013  04:51 PM ET

My fantasy is Red Sox vs Pittsburg..
(The dodgers scare me too ha ha)..

October 7, 2013  04:52 PM ET

My fantasy is Red Sox vs Pittsburg..(The dodgers scare me too ha ha)..

But that's another TD:)

October 7, 2013  05:16 PM ET

Pittsburg destroyed the no-hitter!!!!
Come on youuuuu pirates!!!!

October 7, 2013  05:19 PM ET

Man the pirate fans are hungrier than a 40er that goes out on a Monday..

October 7, 2013  05:46 PM ET

Oh damn you pirates damn!
You are jeopardizing my fantasy..

October 7, 2013  06:11 PM ET

My fantasy is Red Sox vs Pittsburg..(The dodgers scare me too ha ha)..

I think the most entertaining Series would be Dodgers-Tigers.

Plenty of star power.

October 8, 2013  11:28 AM ET

I like Oakland as one of my favorite teams. Detroit is downright nasty though. Who would have thought that a staff with Verlander on it would have him as the third best pitcher? Arguably he was the third best pitcher on that staff this year behind Scherezer and Sanchez.

October 8, 2013  01:05 PM ET

I probably should have said dodgers vs tigers..

October 8, 2013  01:38 PM ET

How about the Rays? They should probably complete that series before they worry about one of these other teams.

October 8, 2013  01:38 PM ET

How about the Rays? They should probably complete that series before they worry about one of these other teams.

However, I'd be more worried about the Tigers too.

October 9, 2013  12:10 PM ET

Oaklands offense looks alot better than detroits..

October 9, 2013  12:10 PM ET

How about the Rays? They should probably complete that series before they worry about one of these other teams.

Problem solved:)

October 9, 2013  06:13 PM ET

I think Oakland has a better overall team than Detroit. (Especially with Cabrera hurting).

October 10, 2013  06:28 AM ET

Oakland wins tonight!!

October 10, 2013  12:18 PM ET

Problem solved:)

Haha, that is was!

October 10, 2013  11:29 PM ET

I think Oakland has a better overall team than Detroit. (Especially with Cabrera hurting).


October 11, 2013  09:31 AM ET

Oakland isn't very dangerous anymore:)

October 11, 2013  04:33 PM ET

Ha ha..
I didn't think anyone would take this!

October 11, 2013  05:19 PM ET

Who should the Red Sox fear the most?

The Reaper ??????????

October 12, 2013  12:50 PM ET

Who should the Red Sox fear the most?The Reaper ??????????

Colonel Sanders and the guy who runs the package store (Bobby Valentine, I think.)


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