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Should Steve Nash be the Lakers starting point guard?


When the Lakers former their super team last summer, all eyes were focused on L.A. As everyone remembers, they flamed out in dramatic fashion, thanks largely in part to one of the worst case of injury bugs in recent memory.

One of the premiere names on that list, and one who missed a large majority of games, was Steve Nash. While our minds are filled with the memories of "Run-N-Gun" with Amare, Shawn Marion, and the Phoenix Suns, the Nash that currently plays for the Lakers is a shell of his former self.

Some waved off last season as an anomaly; Nash has always been one of the toughest, injury-free players in the league. But this preseason, Mike D'Antoni dropped a bomb, saying he fully expects Nash to not only miss large chunks of games if he gets nicked up, but multiple games at a time.

Nash's body clearly can't withstand the grind of even 25 minutes a night anymore. The Lakers have set themselves up for the future, which is why Jordan Farmar, not Steve Nash, should be the Lakers starting point guard opening night while Nash takes a Manu-like role off the bench.

Steve Nash has to start as long as he is healthy.

They can monitor his minutes per game and still start him. Limit him to 25mpg, not the 38-40mpg he averaged with the Phoenix Suns. He has to be the starter since Kobe will most likely miss the first part of the season. Nash and Gasol are the 2 veterans they will need to hold things down until Kobe returns.

I disagree he was a shell of his former self, they monitored his mpg last season. He averaged 12.7ppg and 6.7apg while making 49.7% of his FG's, 43.8% on 3-pointers and 92.2% of his FT's.

His career numbers are 49.1%, 42.8% and 90.4%.

His apg were down because Kobe started handling the ball more and the Lakers were more dangerous in the 2nd half of the season with teams having to defend Kobe the scorer and Kobe the passer.

I liked bringing back Farmar because he fits Mike D'Antoni's helter skelter offensive approach more than Phil Jackson's Triangle offense. Oh, and he's still just 26. He can provide a capable backup to Nash.

Congrats on the win. The guys will be here soon to autovote against me, but this was a TD that had to be between you and I.

"Your past is important but it is not nearly as important to your present as the way you see your future " - Tony Campolo

Nash's 50 games played last year was the fewest in his career, save for the lock-out shortened 1998-99 season, where he played all 40 games. On November 1, Nash will turn 40 years old. Your body isn't built to play at such a high level that late in age, and we saw that first-hand last season.

It's not even a case of "if" with Nash and injuries, but "when." He's already sat out nearly a full game once this preseason, leading to D'Antoni's comments about his playing time this season.

Instead of starting, Nash could anchor the Lakers second unit which may be better fit for his play style anyway. With Jodie Meeks, Wes Johnson, Shawne Williams, and Jordan Hill, the Lakers could surround him with a fast-paced unit. Better yet, he gives the Lakers a viable option off the bench, and considering they ranked at the bottom of the pack in bench production last season, that's a big improvement for them.

The season is not a sprint, but a marathon. Losing Nash two weeks into the season is not worth the risk.

You said it yourself, they were snake bitten last year with injuries. Nash has always kept himself in good physical shape (much like Kobe) and anybody can get hurt. I think he'll bounce back and if they monitor his mpg, he'll be fine.

There is very little difference if he plays 25mpg as a starter or off the bench. So, they should start him. Hell, he might get hemorrhoids at his age from starting out the game sitting on the bench.

He sat out this preseason because it's preseason. Not important enough to warrant him playing when they can simply be cautious and rest him. Games aren't won in the preseason.

They'll have a better bench because they went out and signed a proven scorer in Nick Young who can play SG (he'll start at this position until Kobe returns) and SF. Nash would be the PG on the 2nd unit, not a go to scorer.

If Kobe was healthy I could see your point of using him off the bench so Kobe can handle the ball and distribute it as a starter and Nash run the 2nd unit. But, Kobe isn't healthy. They need Nash to begin the season as a starter. Maybe, they use him off the bench once Kobe returns, but not before.

The argument is actually a rather simple one: is a Nash that plays 25-30 minutes over ~60 games more valuable than a Nash that plays 20-25 minutes a game over ~75 games?

In the former scenario, Nash will likely be hurt and banged up and leave the Lakers searching for a play maker more oft then not. The mentality of the team is that Nash is the starter and that effects how everyone thinks when he goes down with injury. The thoughts of "here we go again" creep into their minds and the general mindset of the team suffers.

In the latter scenario, the Lakers and Nash accept the fact he can't play at a level he once could at a younger age, something that isn't much of a stretch. The mentality of Nash being a reserve takes pressure off him and changes the mindset of the whole team. Nash is still an integral part of the squad, but as a bench player, he isn't looked upon in such a valuable role.

Jordan Farmar may or may not be the future for the Lakers, but what do the Lakers have to lose by not starting him? He's young enough to have a future with the team and the Lakers aren't anywhere near title contenders?

Start Farmar. Bench Nash.

5 fewer minutes per game isn't going to help him play 15 more games per season.

The bottom line is if he he plays 10 minutes a game he could still get hurt. It just takes landing on your foot wrong and a twist of the ankle to be sidelined for a few weeks to a month.

I feel the need to repeat myself. If Kobe was healthy, you might have a stronger argument since Kobe ran the offense in the second half of the season last year, but he isn't expected to play before December. Nash has to start and with Gasol provide the veteran presence on a team that added a lot of younger players.

FYI: No chance he plays in 75 games, even if he plays off the bench. Head coach Mike D'Antoni has already stated they will rest Nash in certain situations, like the 2nd of a back to back. So he'll be fortunate to play in 55-60 games, which leaves 22-27 starts for Farmar. Or Blake.

There is no guarantee D'Antoni will even trust Farmar to play major minutes, much less start. D'Antoni is notorious for playing a short rotation of 8, maybe 9 players. That's been a criticism of his for years.

October 14, 2013  06:22 PM ET

My first reaction after reading the TD title was, "Good Lord... no", but if the alternative is Jordan Farmar as the starter, then I guess by default the answer is yes.

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October 14, 2013  06:40 PM ET

This was clearly a TD meant for Mr. Roxalot to accept.


October 14, 2013  06:45 PM ET

My first reaction after reading the TD title was, "Good Lord... no", but if the alternative is Jordan Farmar as the starter, then I guess by default the answer is yes.

I agree more with right, but I'll wait for all arguments before voting.

October 14, 2013  06:46 PM ET

Rudedog vs. DJ in an honest to God throwdown. Why, if I didn't know better I'd think it was business as usual on FN. A blast from the past.

October 14, 2013  06:57 PM ET

Rudedog vs. DJ in an honest to God throwdown. Why, if I didn't know better I'd think it was business as usual on FN. A blast from the past.

Not sure if this "return" will last long. But we'll give it a go for now

October 14, 2013  07:18 PM ET

Have to go Nash over Farmer........



October 14, 2013  08:06 PM ET


October 14, 2013  08:06 PM ET

Not sure if this "return" will last long. But we'll give it a go for now

We're all listed as day to day.

October 14, 2013  08:08 PM ET

Never had Nash show much in the playoffs in the last 7 years.

October 14, 2013  11:43 PM ET

He shouldn't be... but unfortunately he's the best they've got.

October 15, 2013  12:27 AM ET

We're all listed as day to day.

Indeed. Some of us are even questionable, some even doubtful.

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October 15, 2013  11:04 AM ET

Really? I didn't realize your peanut sized brain was capable of thoughts.


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October 15, 2013  11:06 AM ET

IF Farmar was the answer he would have never left the Lakers. Nash's APG average last year even as an old man was still higher than at any point than Farmar's.

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