• 10/16/2013, 06:55AM ET

The "Real Deal". Really?? Really????


Those were your words in describing Terrelle Pryor, QB of the Raiders. I have a few thoughts on this.

Are you high comes to mind first, but we'll get back to that.

In one of the threads last Sunday, you were going on and on about how Pryor is the "real deal" because some STAT had his completion percentage around 65%. Then you went and stated that Brady, an actual "real deal", was lower, therefore implying that Pryor is a real deal over Brady. We all know the story with Brady, 3 SB wins, 5 AFC Championships, 7 AFC Championship game visits, game winning drive just last week against the Saints, and on and on the list goes.

AFTER Pryor was sacked 10 times last week, you went to the "excuse bag 'o tricks" and came up with this gem.

One bad games doesn't mean is isn't a "real deal".

Granted, being only 2 games under .500 for a Raiders quarterback in this day and age does qualify as a great success, real dealness isn't achieved there.

One simple question remains.

When did Pryor become the "real deal" or were you just high?

(I strongly suggest saying you were just high....)

I was going to decline this because....quite frankly, I don't TD much anymore....but just couldn't. You're one of the biggest blowhards on this site and just had to refute your BS.

65%? I never said that. Before the Chiefs game he was completing 68.3% of his passes. Good enough for 6th in the NFL at the time and everybody is always talking about how inaccurate he is and comparing him to Tim Tebow. He's improved his accuracy big time.

I never implied he was better than Brady or more of the real deal than Brady.

As far as Pryor is concerned, lets look at some numbers, shall we?

64.5%, 9th
7.69 ypa, 10th

Oh, and he's mobile, Chiefs game aside. He's carried the ball 43 times for 289 yards (6.7 yards per carry), 57.8 yards per game (if he keeps this up he might set a record for rushing yardage by a QB), 14 first downs and has 5 runs of at least 20 yards.

He's making plays and a huge reason the team is headed in the right direction.

His yards per game isn't that great, it's just 212 ypg, but the offense is centered around the running game. The running game sets up their passing game, not the other way around.

List of running QB's winning the Superbowl in the last 15 years.

OK, let's just move on.

I noticed you keep trying to remove games from the STATS to make some sort of cherry picked point. All the games count the same, even in the world of STATS. 13.2 sack %. Holy crap, that's just awful.

"He's making plays". Assumes facts not in evidence. It's such a general statement with no context and bearing. Again, I know that he's "successful" compared to the last few QB's in Oakland, but if there was ever a tallest midget comparison, it's right there.

If you never "implied" that, why'd you bring up Brady's completion percentage?

OK, I'll play the STAT game.

26th in yards passed
27th in TD's
18th in QB %
2nd in sacks. Only 1 worse
1st in SK %, yep, the worst.
25th in Completions
Total QBR (no idea what this means) 29th. Hey, at least he's better than Geno Smith, so you got that going for you.

What's Pryor's signature win? Jacksonville? San Diego? Those are the 2 this year. I'm sure San Diego beat a team that beat a team that beat a team that was pretty good, so you can therefore imply Oakland would beat that team.


Nobody said Pryor was going to lead them to a Super Bowl anytime soon.

"He's making plays". Assumes facts not in evidence. It's such a general statement with no context and bearing."

You can't read, so I'll post bit again. He's carried the ball 43 times for 289 yards (6.7 yards per carry), 57.8 yards per game. That's called making plays.

Pryor is the real deal because has shown the ability to lead a team and make plays when the OL is breaking down. He has taken a lot of sacks because the OL is bad (anybody with vision can see that), 10 of his 21 sacks were against the Chiefs. Just ask Matt Flynn how bad the OL is. His sack % was 17.1%.

Pryor has drawn comparisons to being another Kaepernick and Russell Wilson. The problem is he doesn't have the same amount of talent around him on offense. Not to mention, both teams have a better defense.

Oakland is 9th in running the ball (129.2ypg) and averages 4.7 yards per carry (tied for 4th). I guessed you missed the part about Oakland's offense being a run heavy offense, not a pass heavy offense.

Saving the best for last.

He can run, therefore he's the "real deal". He's being compared to Kaepernick and Wilson by people, somewhere. I did notice that you didn't mention who was saying this. Saying this to yourself does not make it credible.

BTW, Kaepernick isn't playing well this year. Not sure about making that comparison.

You keep droning on about how he can run. I'm guessing you are going to go to the "bag of excuses" and somehow claim that the WR corps isn't any good and therefore that's why he doesn't pass.

Guess what. "Real Deal" quarterbacks make it happen even without the best receiving corp.

Brady made David Givens a star. He's got rookie WR's and yet still makes plays to beat undefeated teams. That's what a "real deal" does.

These excuses, along with the whole "if you take out games he doesn't play well in, he's good" is pathetic. He's under .500 and has a 1:1 ratio of TD's to INT's. That sucks.

Sorry, a 2-4 starter QB who gets sacked in the double digits against a good team isn't a "real deal". Running QB's in the NFL have a short shelf life.

Play a whole season and be successful, then we'll talk. Until then, you're a QB with some promise, nothing more.

Kaepernick had a couple rough games, but he is still good.

7.6ypa 12th
83.9 PR 19th
8 TD's to 5 INT's

31 carries for 172 yards, 5.5ypc, 28.7ypg.

The problem is Harbaugh, not Kaepernick. Harbaugh is trying to turn him into something he isn't. They aren't running the same offense as much as they did last season. Kaepernick's completion % (55.9) is down a little bit, but he has also been without Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham all season plus Vernon Davis has been banged up.

Brady is completing 56.9% of his passes and is averaging a pathetic 6.2ypa. And he has better WR's than Pryor does. Edelman, Amendola are better than Moore, Streater, and Ford.

The TE? Late round draft pick Mychal Rivera is getting most of the playing time. Jeron Mastrud also has seen time at TE. Who? Yeah, exactly.

Pryor is completing a higher % of passes. He isn't better, but Pryor is doing a lot without having much talent to throw to. And NE has a better D, all these are things to consider.

Comparisons? You might want to start watching football shows, but you won't because you think you know more than anybody (announcers and analysts). But, you don't.

October 16, 2013  07:08 AM ET

<rubs hands together in anticipation>

October 16, 2013  07:54 AM ET

<rubs hands together in anticipation>

I will be paying closer attention to the Quest for 2304923420334 TD. Or is that no longer a thing with the two of them?

October 16, 2013  08:23 AM ET

Oakland's OL is real bad! Just sayin'

October 16, 2013  11:46 AM ET

Yes, he is. Have fun trolling whomever you select today.

October 16, 2013  12:01 PM ET


October 16, 2013  12:21 PM ET

Yes, he is. Have fun trolling whomever you select today.

Is this a wuss out?

October 16, 2013  12:22 PM ET do troll someone with their own words?

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October 16, 2013  02:04 PM ET

I thought Evander Holyfield was the Real Deal.

October 16, 2013  03:05 PM ET

<rubs hands together in anticipation>


October 16, 2013  03:07 PM ET

IMO I'd wait after 2 years of being the starter before calling a QB the Real Deal. Alas I can't say that about Romo, I've been waiting several years for the Real Deal experience to occur, so far its all been fantasy related.

Leaning left for now.


October 16, 2013  03:54 PM ET

I thought Evander Holyfield was the Real Deal.

He turned out to be the Real Meal. Well at least to Tyson.

October 16, 2013  09:59 PM ET

*post it again*

October 17, 2013  12:31 AM ET

Nice debate so far.

October 17, 2013  11:24 AM ET

To the right....I agree nice debate...

October 17, 2013  12:00 PM ET

Matt Flynn will not return my calls.

October 17, 2013  01:12 PM ET

Matt Flynn will not return my calls.

He just signed with the Bills. He's busy getting ready to backup Thad Lewis.

October 17, 2013  01:54 PM ET

what exactly is being argued?

define "real deal". above average QB? superstar? somewhere in between?

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October 17, 2013  04:15 PM ET

Canuck, you voted for me. Schad's on the left.


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