• 10/21/2013, 11:55AM ET

Raiders vs Steelers

DJ: RIP Ultimate Warrior (2-22-1) vs BM. (65-17-11)

The Raiders.

-Pittsburgh's running game is awful this year, averaging 74.3 yards per game (27th) and 3.5 yards per carry (28th). Oakland is improved against the run, they are allowing 99ypg (tied for 9th) and 3.8ypac (tied for 10th).

They are going to force Big Ben to throw the ball. Oakland's pass defense is way better than last year, they are allowing just 241 ypg (15th). The additions of veterans Charles Woodson, Mike McKenzie, and Tracey Porter have paid huge dividends and not just in the stats department. Their experience has been great in the clubhouse and younger players have been learning from them. Not to mention, rookie CB DJ Hayden has shown some definite signs lately that he can be a solid contributor.

-The Raiders pass rush against a bad Pittsburgh OL. Lemarr Houston has been great for Oakland and the Steelers still have issues. Big Ben has been sacked 21 times, tied for 3rd most in the League.

-Oakland is 2-1 and a lot better at home than on the road. They average 20ppg at home and allow just 16.7ppg on defense.

Pittsburgh is 1-2 on the road.


The Steelers win this one, and there are several reasons why.

1. They lost Larry Foote and Maurkice Pouncey for the season in week 1. Their backups have taken a little longer than expected to get in the swing of things, but they are playing great now. Those areas are no longer weak areas. The Steelers have won their last two games despite starting 0-4.

2. Ben Roethlisberger and his receiving core (Brown, Sanders, Miller, Cotchery). Ben is very difficult to take down and is very evasive. The Raiders are around the middle/bottom of the league in all defensive categories. Ben will definitely be able to exploit that fact. Le'Veon Bell is showing some promise as a starting running back, so the running game will be a factor as well (Raiders are 23rd in rushing defense).

3. The Steelers' defense. 6th in total defense, and 4th in passing defense. Their only weak spot is rushing defense (19th in the league right now), but they provide a lot of pressure on the quarterback and make a lot of tackles for negative yardage. Pryor is going to be forced to throw the ball, and that's where the Steelers defense shines.

While this game will be close, the Steelers win 24-17.

"Ben is very difficult to take down and is very evasive."

How evasive is he if he has been sacked the 3rd most in the NFL??? The answer is he isn't evasive at all.

"Le'Veon Bell is showing some promise as a starting running back, so the running game will be a factor as well (Raiders are 23rd in rushing defense)."

Hmmmmm.....trying to bring up false facts to make your point?

The Raiders aren't 23rd at all. Game/position/defense

99ypg on the ground allowed, tied for 9th best, 3.8ypc allowed, 12th.

Earlier, you said they are middle to the bottom of the League in defensive categories. They are tied for 13th in ppg allowed. That's really the only defensive stat that matters. Pittsburgh? Tied for 13th with Oakland. That's why you didn't bring it up, huh?

3-31st in sacks. The Steelers are no longer the Steel Curtain. Like Baltimore, they are getting a little older and have to restructure their defense. I'd take the Ravens defense over the Steelers, though.

Roasted, starched, owned, BM. You're up, Nancy boy.

Isn't evasive at all? You must be high on chili cheese and Steel Reserve.

In the interest of argument space, shown below are 2 videos of Ben. One of him in beast mode, refusing to go down in order to throw the ball away, and the other of him avoiding a sack and throwing a touchdown pass. There are plenty more videos for you to research on your own time.

In conclusion, Ben is extremely evasive for his size, and you're an idiot.

No, the Ravens aren't 23rd in rushing defense. I read the stat sheet incorrectly. I should have known who I was dealing with.

The Steelers are 6th in the league in total defense. Though not the "Steel Curtain" of the 70's, they are still a consistently awesome defense.

The Steelers gave up 287 yards to the Ravens, compared to the Steelers 286 yards of total offense. 1 friggin' yard difference, and that is without Larry Foote in the lineup. Yet you would unarguably take the Ravens defense every time? That's clown logic, bro.

You sure put a lot of faith in Terrelle Pryor. Dude can collapse at any time.

Big Ben is a proven winner and leader.

In the comments, you said Big Ben is evasive....otherwise he'd be sacked the most in the League? He has been sacked the 3rd most in the entire NFL.

Terrelle Pryor is very evasive. He is averaging 6.5 ypc and 57ypg running the ball because his OL is bad. Probably, on par with the Steelers OL.

Oh, and he is completing 64.5% of his passes (despite not having the offensive talent Big Ben has), he has shown a huge improvement in his accuracy.

The Raiders are 6-3 against Pittsburgh in Oakland. Not to mention, they have won 3 of the last 4 games in the head to head series. Oh, and Oakland won 34-31 last year and they are a better team while the Steelers are worse.

"The Steelers are 6th in the league in total defense."

I already mentioned it, but the only real defensive stat that matters is ppg allowed and the 2 teams are tied at 13th.

"No, the Ravens aren't 23rd in rushing defense. I read the stat sheet incorrectly. I should have known who I was dealing with."

This TD is about the Raiders, not the Ravens. Snafu #2.

Good TD, bro.

The Steelers OL is and always has been suspect. That is not Ben's fault.

Rushing yardage for a QB does not imply evasiveness. Evasiveness means being able to avoid sacks and scramble out of the pocket while still providing yourself the opportunity to make a play. I don't care how many QB draws Pryor has done. That doesn't make him evasive.

Point is, Ben is a monster and is tough to bring down, thus allowing himself more passing opportunities under pressure than his peers.

I don't give two squirts of cat piss what the Raiders record is against Pittsburgh in Oakland. Historical stats and records are absolutely meaningless in this argument. The Steelers beat the Raiders in the 1975 Conference Championship game. I guess that means they will beat the Raiders this Sunday.


Oakland won last year against the Steelers so that means they are better this year? I have honestly never heard something so insane in my life. I don't even think you believe that logic.

PPG allowed is not all that matters DJ. You are a stat guy. It shocks me to hear you say this. There are many factors that come into play here that aren't even worth talking about.

October 21, 2013  11:55 AM ET

I'll have an argument up a little later. It's obvious who I am going top pick.

October 21, 2013  11:55 AM ET

*to pick*

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October 21, 2013  01:06 PM ET

Prepare to be 0-8.

that means he's already notified the hockey goons to pay a visit

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October 21, 2013  02:35 PM ET

Already leaning right!

Who am I kidding?

Just waiting for the Steeler argument to be posted so I can vote for it.

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October 21, 2013  05:07 PM ET

The mods didn't like my comment?

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October 21, 2013  05:17 PM ET

What was it?

I'll FM it to you.


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